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Is North Korea being trap?

Added: (Wed May 09 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is committed to bring peace in Korea Peninsula. From the historic meeting between South Korean President Moon Jae In and North's Kim Jong Un both pledged to improve ties. China the most important economic and diplomatic acolyte to North has also welcomed moves by North Korea to improve ties with South Korea and the United States. Kim surprised the world before the Kim-Moon summit by declaring he would dismantle nuclear test site and stop all nuclear and missile test.

In the mid of June, the landmark summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are likely to be held in Singapore. There is a strong anticipation, North Korea may release three American detainees as a goodwill gesture ahead of this summit. Reports said Pyongyang has moved three Americans detained in North Korea from labour camp to a hotel. North has already adjusted its time with South Korean standard time. These all decisive decisions made by Kim Jong Un to bring positive changes and exhibit transparent guarantee for peaceful resolution in Korean Peninsula.

But, what North will get in exchange of its positive changes are not cleared by the US and South Korea. Still there is no commitments from the US President Donald Trump rather makes the situation fishy by reiterating more sanctions on North Korea. At this moment, this peace process does not seem to be reciprocal from counter part of North Korea.

We must not forget, 23,000 US troops are stationed in South Korea to protect it from North. USA is selling billions dollars weapons to South Korea and Japan because of threat from North Korea. Moreover from South Korea US can keep its arch-foe China under surveillance. Now it is almost clear that Mr. Trump is not going to compromise with this present scenario and get his administration involved in the withdrawal proposal of the US troops from Korean Peninsula.

On the other hand, John Bolton, security adviser to Mr. Trump had emanated "Gaddafi model" regarding Korean Peninsula. It is clearly perceived that Trump-Kim summit is going to be successful. But that is not the dead end. After the summit, Kim Jong Un again will visit South Korea. I will not be surprised, people of North Korea might be juggled after hearing their leader is kidnapped from South Korea or on the way to South Korea. Kim may be hanged by a kangaroo court or may die in a drone attack by US army during his tour. There is a saying, nothing is unfair in love and politics.

So, it is a very crucial time for Kim and his nation to take every step carefully and diplomatically. Kim Jong Un must senses the foreboding of every future consequence.

Submitted by:M A Hossain
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