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The power of Liquid Magnets

Added: (Sat Mar 18 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Sounding like a concept straight from a science fiction movie, Ferrofluid, or Liquid Magnets and a black metal liquid that changes shape, forming peaks in magnetic fields. In modern times, this product is real, and is considered one of the most exciting materials to emerge in the market!

Created by NASA for the first time in the 1960s, when investigating methods of using liquids in space, ferrofluid became the feel of the 21st century many thanks to youtube, due to the fantastic shapes that can be created using only a magnetic field. But do not be fooled into thinking that ferrofluid is just a feeling of the internet because having great flexibility opens up a range of applications that are still being discussed today.

Where did the term ferrofluids come from?

The term ferrofluid is used to describe a fluid that is strongly magnetized by a magnetic field. This is because the fluid is composed of very small magnetic particles, which are up to 100 times smaller than the visible length of the light!

These particles are usually suspended in a carrier liquid which may be water or another organic solvent. Once a magnetic field is applied to a ferrofluid, the nanoparticles are attracted and pulling all the liquid into the magnetic field. However, if exposed to a strong magnetic force, some of the nanoparticles can be plucked from the carrier fluid, forming an incredibly fine dust.

Where and what are they applied?

Before investing in a Ferrofluid, it must be where it can be applied!

Ferrofluid can be applied in large real-world applications. One of the examples is that ferrofluid can reduce friction, making them very useful in a wide variety of applications and transport applications, such as computer hard disks, and even in the speakers, to improve their performance. Ferrofluids also have medical applications and it is expected that these will increase in the future. Currently, research on the use of ferrofluids to create an artificial heart without mechanical parts. By surrounding the heart with magnets, the ferrofluid attached to the heart structure will expand and contract when necessary, mimicking the pumping of the real thing. If developed properly this system may be a better option than the current heart care devices because they have no moving parts which mean there will be less stress on the heart and they will also be cheaper.

Ferrofluids are a good bet for the future since they can be used in various applications and it becomes cheap in the long run, so do not miss this opportunity!

Submitted by:chris jenkin
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