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CarRentOnline launches its online car rental booking system, giving customers an option to book a ca popular

CarRentOnline, a US company, has recently launched www.carrentonline.com to enable all travellers search for a car at their desired location and book it safely via Internet online. CarRentOnline is actually not a newcomer to travel industry. For a few years, this company has already operated as(Added: Sat May 31 2003)


Introduces Emergency Office Support For Business Consultants Traveling In Europe PARIS, May 30, 2003 - Weary, English-speaking business travelers can rest easier now that MotionTemps, LLC, today has announced new services that will provide emergency support to busy consultants who find themselve(Added: Fri May 30 2003)

Petrified Wood bathtub popular

Mega Gem Sarl Petrified Wood Bathtub Mega Gem Sarl is pleased to announce that it has completed a bathtub made from a single tree trunk of Petrified Wood. This unique bathtub, believed to be the only one of its kind in the world, was created with the highest quality standards in mind and will be (Added: Wed May 28 2003)

Antolini Luigi & Mega Gem Sarl popular

Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.A Exclusive Distribution agreement June 01, 2003 -- Mega Gem Sarl is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement for our Semi-Precious Stone Slabs with Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.A. Mega Gem Sarl Manufacturer of Semi – Precious mineral Slabs, Tile(Added: Wed May 28 2003)

Mad Cow Disease in Canada Stampedes Beef Consumers To Buy Wild Game & Exotic Meat popular

CANADA - The alarming discovery of Mad Cow Disease in Canada has beef eaters everywhere in North America worried about the health hazards. As a result, many beef consumers are turning to wild game and exotic meats such as northern elk as a safe alternative to eating BSE-tainted meat. The Mad C(Added: Mon May 26 2003)

Immigrating to Canada? Obtain a Canadian secured VISA Credit Card popular

ATT: IMMIGRANTS – NEW TO CANADA If you are planning to immigrate to Canada from Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia or any other parts of Europe, South America or Asia, you will need to establish your Canadian credit history in your new homeland. Unfortunately, you w(Added: Mon May 26 2003)

PARIS -> FONTAINEBLEAU Summer Holiday Opportunity

FRANCE (Region of Fontainebleau) Exceptional 200+ year old country house with all comforts. 40 minutes drive south of Paris at edge of Fontainebleau Forest. This was a weekend retreat of Picasso and is offering an activity-rich holiday in the region of castles and culture (next to the painter’s vill(Added: Mon May 26 2003)

Oil Bond Issue for Reconstructing Iraq

Sterling-Bond, a private UK-based escrow services company has made a radical proposal to the debate on how best to pay for and undertake the reconstruction of the post-war Iraq economy and national infrastructure. At its heart is the suggestion of issuing an Oil Bond to pre-sell a portion of the nat(Added: Fri May 23 2003)

What can offshore outsourcing can offer the UK recruitment industry?

BT has just opened call centres in New Delhi and Bangalore; BA’s back office administration is handled in New Delhi and Mumbai; and HSBC, Barclays, EDS, Channel 4, and GE all outsource some ‘business processes’ to the country. Yet, the benefits of outsourcing are not just a privilege of the large co(Added: Thu May 22 2003)

Fountainhead Tanz Theatre/ Black International Cinema popular

FOUNTAINHEAD® TANZ THEATRE e – LETTER, Berlin/Germany May 2003 http://members.aol.com/bicdance www.fountainhead-tanz-theatre.de www.black-international-cinema.com Please send replies to / Bitte senden Sie Antworten an bicdance@aol.com XVIII. BLACK INTERNATIONAL CINEMA Interdisc(Added: Mon May 19 2003)

Helen Yarmak to be Honored at the USA International Fashion ShowsHelen Yarmak to be Honored at the U

When the new fashion event USA International Fashion Shows set out to select a designer who has had a positive influence on business, the media, women and the fashion industry as its first international fashion designer honoree, it was drawn to talented Russian designer Helen Yarmak. In addition (Added: Mon May 19 2003)

Youthandasia Jeans are the Hottest Trend in Tokyo popular

Two months ago youthandasia burst into the Japanese casual fashion world with its trendy C20s jeans. The entire shipment sold out immediately. Now youthandasia is counting on its new C270s and C290 jeans to satisfy the customers who were not quick enough to buy the initial generation of denim. (Added: Fri May 16 2003)


Russell Bedford International, the London-based worldwide accountancy group, has announced the further expansion of its Pacific Rim network by the addition of a member firm in Jakarta, Indonesia. The new member firm is PT. Multi Utama International (MUC Consulting Group) - an integrated multi-dis(Added: Thu May 15 2003)

Dutch International Guarantees for Housing foundation approves second loan agreement with Own Haven popular

DIGH foundation and OHHA signed a second loan agreement for 8,154,203 Rand (955,944 Euro). The foundation DIGH has been set up as an initiative of several Dutch housing associations with the aim to stimulate social housing in developing and transition countries. DIGH is providing affordable loans(Added: Tue May 13 2003)

Carratu International and D-Quest Tokyo Create Fraud Investigation Partnership popular

LONDON, Carratu International Plc, the UK’s leading corporate investigation company, announced today the formation of an international partnership with Tokyo-based D-Quest Inc., the corporate investigation arm of Japan’s leading investigations agency, I.I. Services. The new venture, the first of its(Added: Mon May 12 2003)

Expertrating.com launches typing test and typing certification in alliance with Typingmaster Inc.

ExpertRating.com, a global skills assessment provider has launched a typing test and typing certification in alliance with Typingmaster Inc. This certification has generated a lot of excitement amoung the Steno/ dataentry and SOHO communities, as it offers a proof of typing skills at the time of job(Added: Wed May 07 2003)

New Zealand "Passmark" Report Updated to Beat Revised Immigration Points System popular

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, May 6, 2003 – The right to live in New Zealand is fast becoming a hot commodity as people from around the world flood the pacific island nation with tens of thousands of applications for residency. As a result, the New Zealand Immigration Service recently made a series of ma(Added: Sat May 03 2003)

Gaiacomm:Regime change in the United States of America?

Gaiacomm: Regime change needed in the United States of America? United Nations should impose economic sanctions against the United States of America? United States of America should dispose of its Weapons of Mass Destruction! “Strange times are those in which we live when old and young are taugh(Added: Fri May 02 2003)

Manhattan Hotels At Affordable Prices popular

MANHATTAN HOTELS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. The New York Inns Hotel Group -"Boutique Hotels for the Budget Minded" - quality hotel accommodation at affordable rates in Manhattan - New York. New York Inns growing popularity is attributed to the installation of the real time booking engine on their new web(Added: Tue Apr 29 2003)

Hotels4asia.com ties ups with 5000 hotels in Asia popular

New Delhi, India - hotels4asia.com, a leading online hotel reservation network, today announced that its net rate hotel supply has grown to more than 5,000 hotels, bed & breakfasts, inns and resorts. On and offline consumers and travel agents can easily find and book these accommodations through the(Added: Sun Apr 27 2003)

Markland Technologies Expands Cargo Inspection Capabilities With Automated Container Sensor (ACS) Te

News Release For Immediate Release: April 22, 2003 Markland Technologies Expands Cargo Inspection Capabilities With Automated Container Sensor (ACS) Technology Primary Screening technology automatically detects illicit materials within containers and signals authorities RIDGEFIELD, C(Added: Tue Apr 22 2003)

What is your spouse really doing when they are away on those “business” trips?

What is your spouse really doing when they are away on those “business” trips? Check your mate with a sexy decoy There’s an old investigators adage when a man’s away on business the first call he will make is to his wife, the next call he makes is to the one he loves. You’re away on a bus(Added: Sat Apr 19 2003)

What your spouse is really doing when they are away on those “business” trips? Check your mate with

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Robert Pac PO Box 508 Southampton, MA 01073 Phone: (413) 527-6990 What your spouse is really doing when they are away on those “business” trips? Check your mate with a sexy decoy You’re away on a business trip and its business as usual after a hard da(Added: Tue Apr 15 2003)

Synthetic Lubricants Market in Asia – Malaysia, the rising star

Recently published by the Chemicals Group of Frost & Sullivan, a new analysis of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Synthetic Lubricants Market from 1998 to 2008. The report reveals that the total synthetic lubricant market for Southeast Asia was worth $819 million in 2001 and is forecast to reach $1044.2 m(Added: Wed Jul 24 2002)

Famine crises deepens in southern Africa popular

Famine Crises Deepens in Southern Africa Andy Cole Children’s Foundation (ACCF) and Hope for Children have today issued a joint statement voicing their concerns over the famine situation in Southern Africa. Three months ago both charities warned that the deteriorating situation within t(Added: Fri Jul 19 2002)


The Chicken Rescue Centre, Temporary Address C/o 25 Grange Road, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. LE9 6PH (07752) 147937 http://www.chickenrescue.org.uk martin@chickenrescue.org.uk Dear Sir / Madam, My name is Martin Hudspeth and I am the soul founder of The Chicken Rescue Centre which(Added: Thu Jul 18 2002)

Source International to Premiere Jan. 12-14, 2003 in New York popular

PRINCETON, N.J. (April 18, 2002) — Source International (Si), the global sourcing and supply chain management trade fair, is slated to premiere January 12-14, 2003, at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. Servicing the North American market, the show is designed to bring together all sectors(Added: Thu Jul 11 2002)

Change - Curse or Blessing?

“What more appropriate book than (The Land of I Can) for all New Yorkers and all Americans at this time? It is perfect.”~ Jack Canfield, CEO, Chicken Soup for the Soul Take Charge of Change Week (July 7-13) is dedicated to making change a positive force in your life and reduci(Added: Wed Jul 10 2002)

To escape from high-rise building disaster is a right, a common sense that concerns everyone. popular

Lerma, Mexico. Gerard Zephinie the French inventor the vertical high-rise building escape technology (ZEC) says: alternative technologies that disrupt declared official impossibility always has been a matter of great troubles. For the inventor and those by the way have been the victims of official (Added: Mon Jul 08 2002)
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