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Why Rebuild New Orleans

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Human Utilities Whole Armour® www.huwholearmour.com www.jazzhu.com Phone: 1-318-227-8005 Fax: 1-318-675-0101 Email: huwhole@huwholearmour.com WHY REBUILD NEW ORLEANS? On THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS Mr. Stephanopoulos noted a “cold shoulder from fe(Added: Sun Dec 04 2005)

Gary Beaver, Archbishop of the Old Catholic Church warns of the growing tide of Occultism

Witchcraft, concocting spells, contacting spirits and the dead, mediums, tarots. paganism, satanism and many other forms of Occult activity forms the entertainment of the modern world. Archbishop Gary Beaver warned of a serious threat to mental health and called it “a growing attack on global Ch(Added: Sun Dec 04 2005)

Small Town Poker Tour

Small Town Poker Tour (STPT) will be feartured on the radio this weekend. Mark Fracalossi creator and executive producer will be interviewed about the tour on the Michigan Gaming and Casino Show. Host Ron Pritchard discussed various aspects of the tour and Mark releases some new and exciting informa(Added: Sun Dec 04 2005)

Archbishop Gary Beaver Urges for the Release of Iraqi Hostages

Old Catholic Church Leader calls upon The Swords of Righteousness Brigade to show mercy and release their hostages A previously unknown militant group called The Swords of Righteousness Brigade has released a harrowing statement demanding the release of all prisoners in U.S. and Iraqi detention (Added: Sat Dec 03 2005)

DJI Takes a Look Behind the Bush At the Clinton

Today, leading presidential candidate Daniel “DJI” Imperato, expressed his interesting views on the real explanation behind our tensions with al-Qaeda and why the United States is in Iraq. “First of all I would like to say that we must support our president and we must allow our president(Added: Sat Dec 03 2005)

rome airport: getting out from Rome airports

Rome airport: getting out from Rome airports. Reaching Rome downtown from Rome airports. Getting to and from the main airport, Leonardo da Vinci, commonly known as Fiumicino, about 30 miles southwest of the city center is quite easy. But getting to and from Ciampino airport, 20 miles southeast(Added: Sat Dec 03 2005)

3 stars hotel in Rome

Rome is a reality. For Rome, more than for most cities, this always has been the central dilemma of city life:how to maintain its priceless heritage while improving the lot of its cheerfully inhabitants. Certainly the 2000 year Jubilee inspired efforts of recent years and have made a difference. Tra(Added: Sat Dec 03 2005)

Headline News: What is victory? Blinded By The Bush? Mark My Words.

December 1, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - As headline news surfaced this morning, 2008 White House contender Daniel Imperato woke up to have his words echoed through the voices of politicians and media around the globe, ‘What is Victory’. “It was great to see AOL Headline News on my computer thi(Added: Thu Dec 01 2005)


Yvonne Rogers, Founder of the Islamic Humane Society for Animals, is trying to organise a Concert in London where Muslim and non-Muslim Singers, Songwriters and celebrities will be asked to give their services for free, so that funds can be raised for Veterinary Hospitals and Mobile Veterinary Units(Added: Thu Dec 01 2005)

Call for earthquake resistant buildings

In light of recent events in Pakistan, Rollo Reid, Director of Reid Steel, has been looking at the need for earthquake resistant buildings. Mr Reid has written an article on the company’s website about why buildings fail during earthquakes and how companies, like Reid Steel, have been able to overc(Added: Thu Dec 01 2005)

A Call to Worldwide Awareness

A Call to Worldwide Awareness By: Scott Bruno – Dec 01, 2005 They say that for every end there is a new beginning. Perhaps no such ending and re-beginning has ever been greater then what is dawning upon civilization at this moment. The Mayan civilization developed a calendar system that starte(Added: Thu Dec 01 2005)

China-AsiaStocks.com Reports: China’s Fast Growth Causes Water Shortage Crisis

China-AsiaStocks.com Reports: China’s Fast Growth Causes Water Shortage Crisis Water Technology Creates Viable Solutions for China POINT ROBERTS, Wash., November 30th, 2005 - www.China-AsiaStocks.com (CAS), an investor and industry news portal for the China-Asia sector reports on China’s economic (Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)


CAN WE PREPARE FOR THE THREATENED PANDEMIC INFLUENZA THAT WILL MUTATE FROM BIRD FLU? Flu and Cold viruses have always been the scourge of the winter months. No cure and once caught one was destined for an extremely unpleasant time. But is there no cure? Drug companies make a fortune out of co(Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

Flying Saucer Cult near Trementina, New Mexico

Deep in the lonely, isolated wilderness of New Mexico resides a secret cult compound built and maintained by a flying saucer cult. The United States Department of Internal Revenue calls the organization a for-profit business and the United States Supreme Court agrees; "Time" Magazine called the orga(Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

Christmas Forum

Hohoho! Finally we have big news now - the christmas community XMas-Board is starting into action immediately after a long time "sleeping". We had our focus on the German Weihnachtsforum in the past year and now the German XMas-Forum is running very well and we had the time to start off the E(Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

Unión de Fuerzas / Joined Forces popular

Unión de Fuerzas En el mundo de hoy, las corporaciones se enfrentan a una gran cantidad de retos de seguridad. Las compañías pueden ser vulnerables a una alta variedad de ataques, amenazas y antagonismos. Estas incluyen violencia en el lugar de trabajo, amenazas de ex-empleados, militantes de grupo(Added: Mon Nov 28 2005)

George W Bush is America's #1 Enemy

A friend of mine, who died 98 years before I was born, wrote a book called Walden. Within its pages, Henry exposed Truth about the world of Concord, Massachusetts as observed in the years 1845 to 1847. One great Truth he lived among was slavery: the pretended ownership by human beings of other human(Added: Mon Nov 28 2005)

Registro de marca en Estados Unidos>> REGISTRAR MARCA en Norteamerica - Proteja su marca en USA

Registro de marca en Estados Unidos>> REGISTRAR MARCA en Norteamerica - Como Proteger su marca en USA .- Por ExportingToUsa.com Construya una marca fuerte desde el principio. - Las empresas más exitosas en Norteamérica son las que se preocupan por fortalecer y protejer la marca de sus prod(Added: Sun Nov 27 2005)

The Number Grows Missing Persons Runaways Human Trafficking And Police Resources

If your a trying to locate a missing person, family member, friend or even maybe a business partner who got cold feet, and you've left this daunting task up to the police or other civil authorities ... then good luck! Unless the person your looking for is under age, has been abducted, kidnapped(Added: Sun Nov 27 2005)

Hot Stock Tip … Hot stock market … Hot Stock Trading

Hot Stock Tip … Hot stock market … Hot Stock Trading .- By HotInPlayStocks.com The stock market can present you with a lot of hot stocks every day. Many of them are new technology stocks that come from the nanotech, biotech, voip, healthcare, homeland defense or internet sectors. Most of(Added: Sat Nov 26 2005)

Dolphin assisted therapy – a multi million dollar sham?

IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Dolphin assisted therapy – a multi million dollar sham? Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) has been used by the captivity industry since the 1980s to sell expensive ‘treatments’ to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Allan Whaley, Captivity Officer with th(Added: Sat Nov 26 2005)

Saint Paul Of Tarsus Heals Author

Britain’s most remarkable spiritual healer, Ray Brown, demonstrated his “miraculous” healing powers at an evening of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Surgery, on Saturday 19th November 2005, at The Circle Of Light, Uckington. This was one of many of the events being organised by Peter Marsland to hel(Added: Sat Nov 26 2005)


WITCHES and pagans yesterday cursed the Bracks Government for asking all Victorian schools to celebrate Christmas with carols, nativity scenes and other Christian traditions. But the Government's decree has been strongly supported and welcomed by schools and religious leaders. The Pagan Awarenes(Added: Sat Nov 26 2005)

Volunteer Nepal in Mountain

From the placement: - Jan , Dana and Micheal Hello’ Here we are again after three wonderful weeks volunteering that we have spent in Goljung village in Langtang.After very useful two training weeks ( that we could fully appreciate just when we lost contact with any English speaking people) Surendra(Added: Fri Nov 25 2005)

Inaugural Vince Neil’s “Off the Strip” Poker Tournament a Success!

Vince Neil’s “Off the Strip” Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament held inside the Joint at Peter Morton’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on November 11th was a smashing success. The tournament and charity auction raised over $150,000.00 for the Skylar Neil and T. J. Martell foundations. I(Added: Fri Nov 25 2005)

Archbishop Gary Beaver Supports South China Church Communication to President Bush

A letter from the elders of the South China Church addressed to "to all the seniors within the Lord, elders, servants of the Lord, pastors, saints and friends from various circles of life” called for support and recognition of the situation of churches in China. The SCC wish for the Chinese governme(Added: Fri Nov 25 2005)

Tenth Anniversary of brutal homicide recognized with protest march

December fifth, 2005, marks the ten-year anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson in Clearwater Florida. Ms. McPherson died after being denied the right to health care that would have saved her life. The tenth anniversary will be recognized by protests and pickets in the United States and parts of(Added: Fri Nov 25 2005)

New Timeshare Staff Magazine launched at OTE Conference in Prague get the ‘Thumbs Up!” from Industr

Produced by Timeshare Staff Ltd, the industry’s leading recruitment company, who are best known for their website www.timesharestaff.com - the new Timeshare Staff Magazine has become an instant hit and now has a two month waiting list for featured articles after its first print release just two week(Added: Tue Nov 22 2005)

Universal Guardian's Cobra StunLight(TM) Shipped to Nation's Presidential Security Detail

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 22 -- Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: UGHO - News), an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products, integrated transportation security systems and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and security threats t(Added: Tue Nov 22 2005)

Bostonian Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato Mourns Kennedy on Anniversary

November 22, 2005 – West Palm Beach, FL - Today, in a reverent tone, Daniel Imperato expressed his deep sympathy's for the Kennedy family and our country who 32 years ago lost a great father, brother, uncle, and leader. "I would like to take the opportunity to reach out for the Kennedy Family(Added: Tue Nov 22 2005)
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