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Accessing Pasco County Divorce Records

Added: (Sun Jan 08 2017)

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Divorce records like Pasco County Divorce Records are some of the most requested for records at both the local and the county level because these official government records are the best evidence that one could present in order to prove the happening of the event, and in the case of these records, the event that is sought to be proven is the granting of the divorce to the formerly married couple. One may ask why there is a need to know and ascertain if the divorce was truly granted, and the reason for that would lie in the fact that divorce is something that dissolves marriage, and marriage is something that the whole world, in theory, is interested in as it is something that changes the status of a person.

Status is something that would follow the person no matter where he or she may go in his or her life. This is the reason why a person who is already married and whose marriage is still in existence could not get married again to a person other than his or her spouse. He could, of course, still get married, but the choice is limited to his or her spouse. Marriage is also something that would attach upon a person certain rights and responsibilities, thus, it is but natural that when the marriage is dissolved, those rights and responsibilities are no longer attached upon said person. One could not just claim that his or her divorce had been granted, however, for it must first be proven.

Luckily, divorce records, because of their nature could easily prove the existence of the divorce. There is, after all, no reason to issue the divorce record if the divorce had not been granted, and because divorce records are government records that enjoy the presumption of regularity, the mere fact that the records exists could be taken as prima facie evidence of the validity of the divorce. Of course, the presumption is disputable.

Copies of the divorce records are available at both the state level and the county level. At the state level, the department where the records may be requested from would be the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Florida Department of Health, and the procedure in making the request would be through mail. Note that the records are not public records and only those who are included in an exclusive list as provided for by law may make the request. The usual processing time for the request is anywhere between six to eight weeks, and the fee for the copy would be five dollars plus an additional two dollars for every year that would be searched for a maximum of fifty dollars while additional copies requested for at the same time would be four dollars each.

Copies of Pasco County Court Records may also be obtained online through the use of online databases. Faster and more efficient, the online databases could present information that is substantially the same as that of the various official archives at a fraction of the cost that it would take to conduct a regular search.

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