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Mazafati Dates Benefits

Added: (Sun Jul 16 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - It has a low fat content 1 to 1.5 percent. There are about 15 minerals and salts in dates and about 6 vitamins. The protein level is 3 to 5.6 percent. It has high fiber content of 6.4 to 11.5 percent depending upon the different type of dates. And if you realize, because of the high carbohydrate content, it is very good source of energy. The moment you have date, immediately it gives you energy. It is far better than any other instant energy booster like glucose powder etc. A person can survive only on dates and water for days and months; and our Prophet (peace be upon him), used to survive only dates and water as there would be no food in his house for days and months. Sometime he would take date and sometime milk. So, date is wholesome food. The fat content in date is hardly any, so there is no risk if increased weight.

Some high-quality dates are picked individually by hand, but most are harvested by cutting off the entire cluster. In North Africa, the harvesters climb the palms, use forked sticks or ropes to lower the fruit clusters, or they may pass the clusters carefully down from hand to hand. Growers in California and Saudi Arabia use various mechanized means to bam.a dividend dates expedite harvesting—saddles, extension ladders, or mobile steel towers with catwalks for pickers. All fruits in a cluster and all clusters on a palm do not ripen at the same time. A number of pickings may have to be made over a period of several weeks. In the Coachella Valley, dates ripen from late September through December and there are 6 to 8 pickings per palm.

Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) has long been one of the most important fruit crops in the arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and the Middle East. During the past three centuries, dates were also introduced to new production areas in Australia, India/Pakistan, Mexico, southern Africa, South America, and the United States. Dates are a main income source and staple food for local populations in many countries in which they are cultivated, and have played significant roles in the economy, society, and Mazafati Dates environment of those countries.

The date palm is dioecious , having separate male and female plants. They can be easily grown from seed, but only 50% of seedlings will be female and hence fruit bearing, and dates from seedling plants are often smaller and of poorer quality. Most commercial plantations thus use cuttings of heavily cropping cultivars. Plants grown from cuttings will fruit 2-3 years earlier than seedling plants.

Pregnancy is really a time period whenever a lady suffers from excessive bloatedness, bowel problems along with other intestinal tract difficulties. Dates are generally an outstanding treatment for these kinds of intestinal disruptions. In addition, being abundant with iron, dates avoid anemia in mother as well as child. Dates assist improve the uterus muscles, allowing it to enlarge in the smooth manner in the course of delivery. Dates in addition improve the mother's milk by giving it along with nutrition very therapeutic for the newborn's overall health.

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