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Directory Service Delhi simplifies every search

Delhi, the heart of India, could be a confusing city for first time visitors and sometimes even for the citizens who are not used to traveling around the city. Localities in the divided city of Old Delhi and New Delhi could have a person going round in circles when trying to locate a specific restau(Added: Wed Jul 25 2007)

Foreign Currency Direct launches Property Line a new overseas property portal

Foreign Currency Direct, the leading UK currency broker, has launched a new overseas property portal for UK buyers looking overseas. The portal is at www.Propertyline.co.uk and is part of the Eataz Network, with traffic of over 300,000 users per month and 17,000 properties around the world already o(Added: Tue Jul 24 2007)

eMail is Dead! - Google eLert Gadget is Launched

"Email is Dead!" Google eLerts Are a NEW And Unique Line of Communication Enabling YOU to Receive FREE Information on a Myriad of Subjects, From Fishing to Car Racing, and From Hot Stocks to... Google eLert Gadget is Rapidly, Efficiently Changing the Way We Send And Receive Essential Information(Added: Tue Jul 24 2007)

Premier community for anonymous herpes dating/friends, hpv dating/support, HIV/AIDS dating/blog

Nowadays, 70 million are afflicted with STDs in the U.S. alone and an estimated 200-400 million worldwide. When you have Herpes, HIV/AIDS, HPV, or any other STD, it can feel like you are all alone in the world. http://www.PozGroup.com is dedicated to providing the premier community for anonymous (Added: Tue Jul 24 2007)

Chris Bergstrom lauds AuroIN’s effort

Bhubaneswar, India, 16th May: One of the most trusted and satisfied customers of AuroIN, Chris Bergstrom has appreciated the effort of AuroIN after its company witnessed a dramatic improvement in its clients’ ranking in the SERPs of major search engines within a short span of time. AuroIN(http://www(Added: Tue Jul 24 2007)

Find missing pages and cached copies of web pages

While a lot of effort is spent on web site development, search engine optimization (SEO), generating traffic etc., little or no effort is taken to maintain the URLs . External links on a website gets broken over time - a process known as link rot. This can result in lower search engine rankings, poo(Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

MyBST - Online Marketplace

MyBST is an online marketplace which brings users from around the world together to buy, sell and trade items. MyBST is completely different from your typical online auction site where users bid for items that are listed from sellers, actually MyBST isn�t even an auction site. On MyBST there ar(Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

Bigmouthmedia research shows the public want Google to succeed

A survey conducted by bigmouthmedia shows that the majority of British internet users want Google to maintain its stance as the leading search engine in five years time. Women are more supportive of the search engine than men, with only 5% of women rooting for Google to lose pole position.

Zen launches multi-site IP VPN solution

23 July 2007: Today Zen Internet launches an IP VPN Wide Area Networking solution to meet the requirements of multi-site business customers. Zen IP VPN offers a secure, reliable and cost effective way for organisations looking to connect offices, remote workers and partners. It provides complete(Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

VALyou Software GmbH relaunches Website

The Munich-based specialist for CRM and digital marketing showcases the models of the agency MUNICH MODELS on the internet. Fashion labels can now choose on the site www.munich-models.de among more than 500 female models the most suitable profiles for their national and international campaigns. (Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

Get Walking This Summer with Free Maps from Carrentals.co.uk

Price comparison site launches new range of 56 FREE walking maps, available to download as part of its summer Family Active programme 23 July 2007 � Families are being encouraged to explore the British countryside on foot this summer, with car hire price comparison site Carrentals.co.uk teaming(Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

Stampede You Can't Afford to Miss...

Stampede You Can't Afford to Miss... http://adcurl.com/n70 Dear Wealth Seeker, Every once in a while somebody comes up with a new formula for a business. When the business is launched, nobody really knows whether people will like it or not. The available statistics show that people L(Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

Super SAVER Domain Reseller Program from MindGenies (ICANN Accredited)

For those whose business is associated to web designing & website development etc, DotcomGenie (http://www.dotcomgenie.com) has something that will add more value to the range of their services and generate extra profits. Rather than drive your customers to somewhere else to register their domain na(Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

New Website Helps Investors Sell Mortgage Notes

Owners of stocks and bonds traditionally have had a great advantage over mortgage note investors when selling their investments. They can quickly sell their investments on the stock exchange. Investors in real estate backed promissory notes traditionally haven't had it so easy. There is no exchange (Added: Mon Jul 23 2007)

How To Create Meta Tags in Seconds

The early stages of internet and the search engines have seen the power of Meta Tags in ranking a website on the top of the search engine results. Meta Tags refer to the keyword rich text inserted into an HTML page. It is visible to the search engine spiders yet remains hidden through a browser.<(Added: Sun Jul 22 2007)

Shizzville.com Passes 200,000 Visitors

Date: July 20, 2007 - For Immediate Release Media Contact: Nick D�Amato Company: Shizzville.com Email: shizz@shizzville.com Shizzville.com Passes 200,000 Visitors (Bradenton, Florida) On June 1, 2007, Shizzville.com opened it�s doors and has already made a name for itself by reachi(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

3D City - A Second Life of your Dating or Community Site Visitors!

3D City is an online virtual world that can be used on ANY site that has members. All you have to do is to puchase 3D City software, and we will install it for you seamlessly. You will have one more menu item - 3D City. Your member comes to the site, logs in as usual and then see a new menu item(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Team Profit Infinity is a combination of 4 heavy hitting teams. With this much resources and access

Jimmy T., the founder of Team Profit Infinity, says, "This is the team that no one would ever thought of being made. I signed up under 4 heavy hitting teams and now have access to their back offices. This only means that whoever I bring in under me, will have access to my back office and the others.(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Analytics: A Table for Your Traffic Gauging Feast

Allison Hope So you�ve launched your website and you�re happy with the content, the design, and with its placement in cyberspace. Now, it�s time to track your traffic. How many people visit your site each month? Where are they coming from? What do you need to know to be an informed analyze(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

GlobalMedia Announces New CEO

Heading up the company's 11 offices worldwide and over 200 staff, Leach will replace Thomas Gerteis as group CEO.

Speaking about the move, Gerteis commented:

"The past few months have been an exciting time for GlobalMedia with rapid expansion and amazing growth. It's been (Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

EasyDate launches community site to chat and flirt worldwide

Edinburgh, UK, July 19, 2007 Cheeky and flirtatious singles from all corners of the globe can meet each other on EasyDate�s new community chat website. This playful dating site promises lots of fun for people who find traditional dating sites a bit too formal and geared towards marriage. On(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Job Listing / Recruitment Site Script

For immediate release July 19, 2007 Press Contact:INTOEX Solutions INTOEX Solutions . AZ .. United States E-Mail: info@intoex.com Job Listing / Recruitment Site Script v1.1 - Web Development / ASP & PHP Software -----------------------------------------------------------------(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Apatar to Officially Launch World�s First Open Source On-Demand Data Integration Company at the Re

Apatar to Officially Launch World�s First Open Source On-Demand Data Integration Company at the Red Herring East Conference, June 26-28, 2007, in Boston, MA June 28, 2007, Chicopee, MA - Apatar, Inc., today announced Apatar Enterprise Data Mashups�, the world�s first open source on-demand d(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

make money at home,Enjoy your live using adsenselover.com and make yourself rich

Make money with Google Adsense program, it is for everyone who want to make money at home without doing anything, it�s a perfect homebased business to become rich and a perfect answer of your question �how to earn money at home� or how to become rich online�. Well-written content for human r(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

MMS File Sharing Solution for Web 2.0 Social Communities

Unilabplus UK today announced their latest solution for Web 2.0 social communities. Using Unilabplus� MMS software solution, companies implementing a Web 2.0 social community can easily integrate picture messaging (MMS) into their current platforms. Unilabplus has built an innovative platfor(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)


For immediate release July 18, 2007 Press Contact:Bogdan Bucura Clarisoft Technologies, LLC 79 Bramhall Street, Suite 2C 04102 Portland USA E-Mail: support@clarisofttechnologies.com Phone: 207-514-7586 iMonitorPC v1.2.0 - Security & Privacy / Covert Surveillance Software ----(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Patenting to Lose Value in World of Website Development and Promotion

The specialists of DesktopMoney LTD have done a research about shift in legal behavior of Internet marketers and big online brands and came to the conclusion that the idea of not patenting inventions is becoming more popular in the minds of online business community.
The idea of not patenting(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

ResellerClub�s Mega Bargains Month is BACK!!

This year, the Mega Bargains Month will see many more amazing offers and huge discounts on all ResellerClub products Wednesday, 18th July 2007: ResellerClub- (http://www.resellerclub.com) one of the largest Web service providers in the world, announced the re-launch of the MEGA BARGAINS MONTH fo(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Get creative with your photography at Magic Boomerang.com!

~Website allows users to design totally unique photo products ~ Magic Boomerang.com today announces the launch of its website to the media. It allows photographers of all ages to upload their photos, edit them with a simple to use online program, then have them printed as a book, poster, canvas, (Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Arzoo.com launches �Monsoon Masti�

Mumbai, July 18, 2007: Arzoo.com recently launched �Monsoon Masti�, a wide range of holiday packages for the beautiful season of monsoon. �Monsoon Masti� comprises of two different packages �Monsoon Weekend Breaks� and �Monsoon Holidays� to cater to the various needs of customers. Mo(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)
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