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Understanding the rights of the woman in marriage with Lahiri & Associates

Added: (Fri Aug 17 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - India marriage is considered as a sacred ritual, which binds two people into an unbreakable bond. Many women embark into this relationship with faith and high hopes of everlasting happiness. Since a girl is born, the society start preaching the duties of a woman towards her husband, and how she should be able to be support him in all his relation. However, no one discusses the rights of a woman in the marriage. According to a national survey, nearly 1 in every 4 women has been the victim of domestic violence at some point of their marriage.
These are just the official numbers, the reality might be worse than that. Many women are turned out of their home in the middle of the night, are brutally abused both physically and verbally, and some of them take a life threatening decision to end all the brutalities they have been enduring in their marriage. According a prominent Matrimonial lawyer in Kolkata, the negligence of the society in educating the woman about their rights in the marriage is one of the main reasons why woman suffer in a toxic marriage or relationship. The law entitles the woman equal rights over husbandís moveable and immovable property and they can claim a monthly maintenance for themselves and the children from the marriage.
Women mostly seek the council of a Good divorce lawyer in Kolkata when the things become unbearable. However, the decision to end the relationship might come after several years of procrastination, dilemma and fear of social stigma. Woman never understands that continuing a toxic relationship would only create a much deeper emotional scare. In most cases, these scars can never be healed.
A good Advocate in Kolkata can help woman addressing the issues associated getting their dues. A qualified lawyer can educate her about her rights and the procedure to achieve them. Filling for the divorce and claiming the maintenance would require extensive paperwork. Missing out an important document, might rule the case in favour of the opponent. A qualified advocate would be required to handle the paperwork and case filling for the womanís benefit.
One of the best legal firms qualified to handle such cases is Lahiri and Associates. Their extensive legal team with an experience of handling several complicated cases can surely help a woman in getting her rights. In a friendly and open discussion forum, the clients can discuss their case in ease. The firm believes in protecting the clientís privacy and information. And, follows a strict confidentiality policy.
For future acquaintance, one can visit the site www.lahiriassociates.com or even send an email to deblina.lahiri@gmail.com. For setting up a consultation, call to the number 9831155553.
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