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Bangladesh: Seeds of militancy spreading fast in the prisons!

Added: (Sun May 13 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - For past 14 years governments in Bangladesh are wholeheartedly trying to combat and eliminate radical Islamic terrorism. But unfortunately, for past 6-7 years, the poisonous seeds of militancy are being spread like bonfire in most of the orisons - especially in those, where members of Jama'atul Mujahidin Bangladesh (JMB), Harkat Ul Jihad (HuJi), Hizbut Tahrir (HT), Ansar Al Islam (AAI) etcetera are being housed. Such alarming spread of rasicalization and jihadist indoctrination are already taking an volatile shape due to desparate activities of JMB in particular.

In most of the prisons, JMB militants (including those condemned militant prisoners) are passing misinterpreted copies of religious books alongside the wrongly [purposefully done by individuals like Hafez Munir and others] translated copies of the holy Quran with the nefarious agenda of radicalizing various proson inmates. They are mostly targeting the youths and imprisoned members of the Bangladesh Armed Forces and Bangladesh Riffles (the paramilitary border guatd), and the professional terrorists.

Prison authorities are surprisingly reluctant on this crucial issue as many of the prison guards even had already been radicalized.

JMB member Arif, Nizam. Khalil, and their kingpin Saidur Rahman are already receiving donations from some of the radicalized and affluent prisoners for meeti operational activities and buying weapons. They also are maintaining communication with the JMB men outside the prisoner through these raficalized individuals.

A recently released terrorist named Masud alias Masud Rana, son of Chan Mia, hailing from Manikganj district in Bangladesh has been assigned by an ex member of the paramilitary border guard member (now a condemned prisoner) to procure small weapons for JMB. Masud eas a condemned prisoner for many years and was released on bail in January 2018. He is one of the top accuseds in a gruesome murder case in Manikganj.

Before his arrest, Masud had been actively involved in drug trade and various types of criminal activities. He is listed as a professional criminal in the databank of the Rapid Action Battalion.

Top brasaes in the Bangladeshi home ministry are totally reluctant on the issue of the spread of militancy within the prisons. The inspector general of prison, Brig Gen Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed seems to be in complete dark on this serious issue.

Counterterrorism unit of the Bangladesh Police and the intelligence agencies need to immediately look into this matter before it goes beyond control.

The author is a freelance columnist writing on diversified issues in Bangladeshi and international newspapers.

Submitted by:M U Ahmed
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