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HP sued by Journalists and family members are spying scheme

An assembly of reporters, together with members of their family, filed charges against Hewlett-Packard Co. and its two former executives. These journalists and their families have been subject to the technological giant's boardroom surveillance system. As part of the spying scheme, HP obtained their(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Judge awards county man $1.1M damages for 2003 accident

On Monday, August 13, 2007, a federal judge awarded a man from Aroostook County the amount of $1.1M in damages as compensation for the injuries he had suffered in an accident that happened four years or more before. The accident involved a patrol agent for the U.S. Border.

Los Angeles, Califor(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Parents cautioned by U.S. government as to cough and cold medications for children

Parents all over the United States is cautioned by the government to avoid giving cough and cold medications to their children especially those under 2 years old without doctor's prescriptions. This warning has been part of general review regarding the cough and cold medicine products' effectiveness(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Sedan of BMW worst performer in Crash Test conducted

Among the luxury sedans that were subject to the latest Side-Impact Crash Tests conducted by the car insurance industry, the 2008 BMW 5 Series came up as the worst performer. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released results of the series of crash tests on Thursday. The Volvo S80, Kia Aman(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Low Cost Auto Insurance Program Expansion, Targeted in California

In his statement released yesterday, California Department of Insurance chief, Commissioner Steve Poizner affirmed that the state government is planning to extend its Low Cost Automobile Insurance program in other areas in California. The said expansion is being arranged to be implemented in the cou(Added: Tue Aug 21 2007)

Australia Opens its Doors to Britain's Key Workers

The Australian Government has announced another round of sweeping changes to its immigration policies which will make it easier for young, English speaking skilled workers to emigrate to Australia. The Australian Government has significantly altered its points-based system because it is looking (Added: Thu Aug 16 2007)

Joseph D. Schleimer to moderate CLE program for Beverly Hills Bar Association on legal regulation of

Entertainment lawyer Joseph D. Schleimer will moderate a Continuing Legal Education program for the Beverly Hills Bar Association concerning the legal regulation of talent managers on September 19, 2007 at Lawry's restaurant in Beverly Hills. The program will be available worldwide through a web cas(Added: Thu Aug 16 2007)

Jehovah's Witnesses in CRISIS popular

Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion, Jehovah's Witnesses in Crisis,by Barbara Anderson Child abuse is abhorrent to us, is a commendable statement, and one Jehovah's Witnesses repeat often. Knowing there were documents that would prove their secret actions spoke louder than their publ(Added: Thu Aug 16 2007)

Epoxy supplier indicted in fatal tunnel collapse

The lone supplier of epoxy used in the construction of the Big Dig tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts was finally charged in court last Wednesday. This is for providing inadequate adhesives used on bolts to secure the tunnel ceiling of the most ambitious and costly road project in the history of the Un(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

50 Million Americans and more have disability on different levels

The United States Census Bureau reported on August 6, 2007 that during the year 2002, around 18 percent of the American people claim of having a disability. On the other hand, about 12 percent have severe or serious disability. Based on this data, more than half with ages 21 to 64 years old had held(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

9/11 Testimonies of FBI & CIA sought by U.S. Airlines

In an attempt to engender the federal government's liability in its failure to prevent the September 11 terrorist attacks, the airline companies being sued by victims filed complaints seeking testimonies from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Seven airl(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

Jobless claims among U.S. workers increase

The United States Labor Department reported last week, Thursday that the number of workers who were recently laid off from their jobs increased. This suggests the even if the employment condition in the country is softening a bit, it still remains on good standing. The newly jobless people are prese(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

States cautioned in the aftermath of Minnesota bridge collapse

Federal government officials, particularly Mary Peters, the U.S. transportation secretary cautioned the transportation authorities of each state in the country of the need to re-examine their bridges. This admonition was declared after investigations that probed into the devastating collapse of the (Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

Victims burned during steam pipe explosion sue public utility

Tow-truck driver Gregory McCullough and his passenger, Judith Bailey were burned during the catastrophic explosion of a steam-pipe that blew up a crater in a street along Manhattan district of New York City. McCullough and Bailey filed charges against New York City's utility provider with allegation(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

“Vatican takes care of its victims”….unless they are Serbs, Jews, and Roma.

Immediate Release August 15, 2007 http://www.vaticanbankclaims.com/august15.htm Vatican Bank Lawsuit Plaintiffs www.vaticanbankclaims.com resistk@yahoo.com 202-318-2406 Cardinal Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State: “Vatican takes care of its victims”….unless they are Serbs, Jews, and Rom(Added: Wed Aug 15 2007)

Change registered office by Modern Water plc

London (smallfirmsservices) 13 August 2007: Following the dictation of company law, many of the companies in the UK have reported that they have changed the addresses of their registered offices. The law says that a change in address of the registered office must be informed to the Companies House i(Added: Tue Aug 14 2007)

Investor Lawyer, Hartley Bernstein: Unsuitable Stock Trades May Fuel Investor Arbitrations

Uneasy investors are beginning to ask whether their stockbrokers have guided them towards appropriate investments, according to Hartley Bernstein, a New York lawyer who represents individual investors who have claims against their brokers or investment advisers. Hartley Bernstein noted that "recent (Added: Tue Aug 14 2007)

U.K,s legal service

The world leader Net Lawman U.K is now providing legal documents, legal drafting service, legal forms, legal advice etc. on U.K,s jurisdiction in simple English with reasonable price so buy download and customize (Added: Fri Aug 10 2007)

Whistle-blowing lawsuit between neurosurgeon and Miami hospital, settled

In a whistle-blowing case in Miami, Florida, certified neurosurgeon, Linda I. Bland and the hospital administration where she was employed agreed to reimburse the government with the outstanding amount of $1.275 million for their illicit medical performances on several Medicare patients. Bland (Added: Wed Aug 08 2007)

Social Security Administration sets up Backlog Record

As of this date, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has set a record backlog on disability appeals filed by members. It is said that an outstanding number of unresolved cases has reached 745,000. Moreover, the waiting period for the approval of a disability claim has increased to 17 months p(Added: Wed Aug 08 2007)

Multi-Million Settlement reached by Brown with California Corinthian School

On Monday, California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced that the Corinthian Schools, Inc. and Titan Schools, Inc. would pay the amount of $6.5 million as a lawsuit settlement. This amount includes a $5.8million amount for consumer restitution. The lawsuit involves allegations that the p(Added: Wed Aug 08 2007)

Cases of dog bites multiply in Hawaii

A steady increase in the number of accounted dog bite incidents has been noted during the recent years in Hawaii. The number has reached up to more than 1,000 dog bite cases annually. This condition raised the potential of more lawsuits to be filed against citizens who are dog owners. It is not(Added: Tue Aug 07 2007)

AG Brown warns California of unsafe vehicle tires

In his statement released yesterday, California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. asked the public to examine their vehicle tires carefully and see if there are damages on it. He said that a Chinese tire manufacturing company, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd., have distributed their allegedly sub(Added: Tue Aug 07 2007)

Jehovah's Witnesses child abuse pedophile cover-up crisis.

COMPARE-Catholics Payout $2 Billion - Jehovah’s Witnesses $ ZERO Catholics child abuse settlements July 2007: Report all allegations of abuse to authorities Reveal internal church records about abusers Compensate victims Allow settlement victims to speak about their abuse Apologize to victi(Added: Sat Aug 04 2007)

BAFL Bring Smiles To Hundreds of Couples

California, August 2, 2007: Married couples in California can breathe easy now, and the credit goes to BAFL (www.bay-area-family-law.com), the leading non-attorney service provider, for bringing smiles to hundreds of couples across the state. Prior to the establishment of BAFL, most couples used to (Added: Fri Aug 03 2007)

Latest Study on Results of Antidepressant Use during Pregnancy

A new study on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was released by the New England Journal of Medicine or NEJM showing results in the use of some antidepressants in the course of pregnancy. According to the study, the use of these antidepressants during certain stages in pregnancy, like(Added: Wed Aug 01 2007)

Former Roman Catholic Priest in LA charged with Molestation

The issue of clergy sexual abuse was again fired up in Los Angeles after a former priest of the Roman Catholic sect was arrested on charges of child molestation last Tuesday. This is incidentally five years after the previous allegations of sexual abuse have been thrown out due to a ruling from the (Added: Wed Aug 01 2007)

Dependency to Social Security Benefits more prevalent among Women

According to the Committee on American Academy Actuaries Social Insurance, women are receiving lower Social Security benefits due to the differences concerning gender in the work culture of America. The said actuaries committee issued these observations in their brief's new issue, "Women and Social (Added: Wed Aug 01 2007)

Cigarette Packs to Issue More Harsh Warnings

As an additional provision to the Tobacco Legislation waiting for approval in the tables of the Senate Committee, cigarette packs need to display more harsh warnings regarding the risks to our health that smoking induces. The warnings must be as graphically issued as possible in order to convey a vi(Added: Wed Aug 01 2007)

AG of Louisiana demands to Open Files on Katrina's Death Toll

Charles Foti, attorney general of Louisiana, on Wednesday, requested a judge to issue an official permission for hospital documents to be unsealed in order to support his claims on the patient murder by a doctor of a New Orleans hospital. As alleged by Foti, the doctor has murdered patients of his a(Added: Wed Aug 01 2007)
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