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7 ways to avoid food waste

Added: (Thu Jun 07 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Food is an essential component for human survival. It is the basic need which we fulfill each and every day. This means that the average human being consumes around 2500 calories of food each day and over trillions of calories of food are consumed by people all around the world within a month. It is not a surprise that most people waste a lot of food which they do not eat or is just simply wasted due to over cooking. Essentially wasting food is becoming problematic for the world. Not only is this food thrown into waste but also this food loses all of its nutrition which it possesses and it could have been given to someone who was more deserving.

So it is better to save food and try to minimize the wastage of it, so that we donít cause unnecessary budget on our heads or even waste it for those who are more deserving.

Here are 7 ways to avoid the food waste:

1). Shop realistically
Most people who go to the supermarket or even any other store, they would start to buy whatever they see is eye catching or something which they havenít tried. But the problem is that when a person buys these things, they donít think to consider whether or not they would consume or utilize this. Hence, in often situations those unneeded items or grocery goes to waste. So itís better to avoid buying those items which you know you wonít use so that you do not take someone elseís food.

In some situations, however, a person does not properly budget their own food. Meaning they buy necessary things and due to abundance of that food they arenít able to finish it before it becomes smelly and starts to rot. So it is also better to know how much food you are able to consume and how much you would need for a certain amount of time. Budgeting could potentially save you from the unnecessary shopping and also provide you with the exact amount of food you require for your personal consumption.

2). Avoid Over cooking
Some people often have the habit to cook a lot of variety of food and then also try that new exotic variety or sometimes a person simply makes too much food which they canít fully eat. So both these situations cause a lot of good and delicious food to go to waste. In order to avoid this food wastage it is better that you should cook the food only to that exact amount which you require. Also by making sure that you do not overcook anything which might in the end goes to waste. All this food is precious and deserves all the quality protection and respect which it deserves.

3). Save Leftovers
The best way to avoid food wastage is to properly save the leftover food. Even if you have cooked some food more than required then make sure that you properly refrigerate it so that you can eat it later. A good refrigerated food is healthy to eat even after four to five days. So make sure you save all the leftovers and properly refrigerate them so that they wonít rot.

4). Check for expiration
Some food goes to waste because it got expired before it was even used. So when shopping for food which have quicker expiration date, make sure that you consume them as earliest as possible so that they wonít be thrown in the trash. Expiration date mostly suggests the nutrients of the food which are sealed within it and not the packet itself. So be sure to buy precise amount of food which you need so that you can avoid throwing them in the trash.

5). Giving food
If you think that your food wonít be finished by you in time before it turns rot then give the food to some poor or homeless person to avoid it from being thrown. Those people are the real deserving people who need the food because they starve all day. Also do not give them expired food or food that is rot out since they are also humans just like you. So it is better that you provide them food which you think you have excess in and is still fresh to eat to avoid it from being thrown.

6). Store food in right place
Make sure that you store all the food in the right place which it has. Some foods are reactive and cause other food around it to lose its freshness more quickly. Some foods do not require refrigeration and refrigerating them would cause them to rot much quickly. So place the right food in its right place to avoid wastage.

7). Send the food back
If you have bought additional food and you have figured out that you wonít eat it then give it back to the store people or the people who you bought from them. This significantly places an impact of quickly realizing the need for something and saves the food without going to waste. For more information visit www.sukhiservices.com

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