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I`ll do it when....

Added: (Wed Mar 15 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - What stops us from taking action?

Lots of things, but one of the most common we hear when we ask people whether they want to move forward is, “I’ll do it when…”

…10 new contracts come in
… I’ve moved house
… I’ve had my holiday
… I get five minutes to clear some space
… I’ve got time to devote to it

And so on…
I do often wonder how many times the “when” actually happens.
I came across an interesting technique at a seminar I attended a few years ago. They asked us to write three things on a piece of paper. They were “Y”, “N’” and “TIO”.
Y stood for Yes.
N stood for No.
TIO stood for Think It Over.
We were asked to cross the TIO out.
We were then asked this question, “Do you want to have a further meeting to discuss this proposal further?”
We could answer, “Yes” or “No”, and either of these were fine, but we couldn’t answer, “Think It Over”. The trainer argued that we would never “Think It Over” – in other words “when” never happens.

So when you’re thinking about making a decision, remember that “when” never happens and answer “Yes” or “No” – everyone: yourself and the supplier concerned will always appreciate it!

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