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Peterborough based software company SmoothSigns, bring cost affective digital signage for all.

Added: (Tue Oct 10 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - SmoothSigns Head Office is based in Peterborough UK, along with the support specialists team to help you with your digital signage player and software.

The SmoothSigns player is built on the Android operating system that takes away the complexity of running your own servers for a digital smart signage service.

The cloud based SmoothSigns Studio lets you update your digital signage presentations whether in-establishment or across remote sites with a touch of a button.Digital signage is a powerful tool, especially in the retail world. Digital information signage displays can be used throughout the store / businesses for branding, merchandising, promotion of products and entertaining your customers. Not only are they visually appealing, but they give retailers the opportunity to improve a customer’s shopping experience subconsciously with HD vibrant presentations.
Dynamic digital signage could grab a customer’s attention and thus may influence their purchasing decisions whilst in store.

Advantages we believe digital signage has in retail:

Digital signage is instant – SmoothSigns provide software for you to change information immediately on your digital signage presentations.

Raising brand awareness & sales – Digital signage can complement your current marketing strategies to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, build loyalty, and increase sales. By providing relevant information near the point of purchase has allowed stores to generate higher awareness of their brand and uplift sales.

Employee training & skills management – Retailers will typically face high levels of employee turnover. Digital signage can raise awareness about current job vacancies or provide staff training, improving employee competence and job satisfaction.

Attention-Grabbing Displays – Customers and consumers are bombarded with ads all day; every day. Make yours stand out with SmoothSigns technology which allows you to create eye-catching displays that can be tailored to your unique audience.

Dynamic Feed and Bespoke Commissioned Jobs – Many systems can be the source of a dynamic feed since they have a special programming API. If there is a feed you would like to integrate into your signage we can give a quote for the integration.

Better Brand Awareness – In retail stores, quality displays often boost sales in every department even when they're not targeted to a specific product or buyer. Digital signs can display a far greater variety of content than paper, allowing you to convey a strong, consistent brand message to shoppers.

Impulse Purchases – Increased sales volume is the most important metric for any type of signage, and digital could help you to deliver! Instantly updated displays are perfect for enticing people to make impulse purchases. Instead of waiting for your customers to happen upon a particular item, you can effectively merchandise and cross-merchandise throughout your store.
In today's digital environment, customers are far more likely to respond to eye-catching, interactive displays than old-fashioned posters and brochures.

Benefits found:
• Live dynamic feeds.
• Live up-to-date content.
• Present a wider range of products and services.
• Engage with more staff, clients, customers and may attract a wider audience.
• Boost awareness with Digital Signs.
• Quick and easy to update and schedule content.
• Low Cost Android SmoothSigns Player.
• Cut down on expensive development and printing costs.
• Can be used in conjunction with traditional signage.

Are you looking for a solution that keeps your costs down and lets you create, edit and publish presentations with the easy to control cloud based digital editing studio? Well it is here with www.smoothsigns.co.uk. SmoothSigns Android device player software along with cloud based Studio software is cost effective and simple to use for creating digital presentations and publishing them to any single or multiple display devices that you may have, from wherever you are in the world.

For a one-off fee of £159 + VAT for the SmoothSigns player which comes with Lifetime tech support for SmoothSigns Studio and Player with an Extended warranty for the SmoothSigns Player which is available for an annual charge of £30 per device.

Android player device
 SmoothSigns Player - Android Wi-Fi device to attach to any size display screen (HDMI 16:9 aspect ratio) 32”, 40”, 50”, 55” and more
 Update adverts/presentations from SmoothSigns Studio online.
 Horizontal and vertical modes supported.
 Timed running of adverts and presentations.
 Fully working off-line mode.
 SmoothSigns Studio drag and drop designer available for Android player lifetime.
 Add Text, Video, Images, Shapes, RSS Feeds and Dynamic feeds to your presentations.

Other Options Available
 Presentation building and advert customisation Price on application

Smoothsigns UK are the specialists in Digital Signage. One of the bespoke products they offer is Smoothsigns studio. This allows you to control all your digital presentations from any of the devices. You can get more information on their website www.smoothsigns.co.uk and can also send an email to markwareing@smoothsigns.co.uk or can call them on: +44 (0) 8444 821835.

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