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Wholesale for Men and Women

Looking for a variety of clothes that you might want to wear if you�re on a date? Or are you just looking for new clothes with a new style? Or maybe you just want to add some more clothes to your cabinet? Well, say no more, wholesale urban wear is the right one for you. Wholesale urban wear ca(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Fashion Trends

Have a trend for fashion? Tired of seeing the same kind of fashion every day? Then ladies, there�s no need to worry about it, you can always look through the internet for wholesale womens clothing and for you will be surprised to see different women�s clothes fashion. Looking for what�s �in(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

The Clothes that Kids Wear

Looking for kid�s clothes? Do you want to give your child a number of clothes that he can choose from whenever the family goes out? Then the answer is simple, wholesale kids clothing. We all know how much expensive wholesale kids clothing are, but a sudden browse through the internet would not(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Shopping for Wholesale Clothing

Ever ran out of clothes to wear? Are you getting tired of wearing the same old clothes you have? Maybe it�s time for you to shop for wholesale clothing. Of course, you�d be searching the most favorable fashion of our present time, what�s in and what�s not, wholesale clothing has a lot of(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Street Fashion Evolution

At the turn of the century street fashion was just as plain as ever, almost all of the people wore the same old clothes like gangs in uniform but with little taste. When the turn passed, most of the brand name clothes namely the rapper turned designer owned took up the challenge and made sure that s(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Gifts Galore

It�s hard to find a shop that has something for everyone, especially one that delivers on the spot here in the Philippines. This goes double for the shoppers abroad who are buying presents for their family, friends and partners here in the Philippines. Most of the shops you see either lack the cap(Added: Sat Jul 21 2007)

Full service creative agency Paligap wins Doig and Smith account

Ayrshire, Scotland, Saturday 21 July 2007--Award-winning Doig & Smith, one of the UK�s biggest and most successful construction consultancy practices, has appointed Ayr-based creative agency Paligap to take over its marketing communications strategy. Established 70 years ago, Doig & Smith has(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

The Flea Ties Up With UK Viral Marketing Agency Rubber Republic

The Flea has teamed up with UK viral marketing agency Rubber Republic to share their expertise and presence within their respective markets. Rubber Republic is one of the UK's leading viral marketing agencies, providing creative production seeding and tracking services. Established for over 5 yea(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Vietnam to be amongst the World�s preferred Tourist Destinations

The total number of foreign visitors to Vietnam in June rose by 23.4% in 2007 over 2006 and by 4.6% in June 2007 over June 2006 totaling 335,000, according to a recent report by Vietnamese government. As per the Government Statistical Office, during the period of January-June, the majority of (Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

Turbo Photo Releases Stock Photo Explosion 75 CD Bundle

Portland, OR, USA (Press Release) June 19, 2007 � Turbo Photo (www.turbophoto.com) today released the �Stock Photo Explosion� � a large collection of stock photography on 75 CD-ROMs. The library contains 3,700 hi-res stock photos spread across 75 CD titles, or categories. Users may choose(Added: Fri Jul 20 2007)

MyHoliday.com - No-Cure-No-Pay vacation rentals website is launched

MyHoliday.com offers the revolutionary concept of �No cure, no pay� for holiday homeowners. MyHoliday.com announces the launch of the first and only on-line holiday home rental site to truly dispense with upfront fees for listings. In-stead of fees, MyHoliday.com offers a revolutionary con(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

bbi Displays Mobile Billboards On Water Debut at Several Coastal Locations

bbi Display's on-water billboards are popping up in several new locations this summer. bbi Displays new mobile form of advertising on water is now offered by recently established operations in Ocean City, Maryland; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Stuart, Florida; San Diego, California and Los Angeles, Cal(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Wealth Magnet System is a hot topic online

When you set out on yourself to accomplish something you better be ready for what obstacles you are going to encounter. Many people attempt the internet marketing road alone and that is the first mistake.

As with any internet marketing opportunity you should due your part and check out th(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

The Right R�s in Business Card Printing

High quality business card is a must for entrepreneurs and private individuals alike. It is one of the most popular print materials in demand in today�s market. Business card printing serves both the interest of the businesses and those of their clients. Business cards are easily recognizable.(Added: Thu Jul 19 2007)

Blue Robin Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

Waltham, MA July 2007�c.Blue Robin, Inc., a leading developer of eBusiness Infrastructures and customized Business Intelligence software, continues its rapid growth by hiring Mr. Nick Allen as Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Allen comes to Blue Robin with over 10 years experience as the Vice Presiden(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)

Manual Directory Submission

Why Directory Submission: Whenever you are searching for something specific on a Search Engine like google, yahoo etc, you will receive a number of different pages that may contain possible answers to what you want to search for. There are probably a lot of results on this page. Well, more than l(Added: Wed Jul 18 2007)


Planet Platforms has taken a new step in their marketing initiatives by producing and releasing a TP9000� video. A first in the industry, the video follows a tongue-in-cheek storyboard, and features professional actors to ultimately convey the product advantages of TP9000�, which is a mobile tr(Added: Tue Jul 17 2007)

Million Dollar PPC Super Affiliate Mark Roth Releases "Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Solution"

Million Dollar PPC Super Affiliate Mark Roth Releases "Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Solution" For Immediate Release Mark Roth http://www.affiliateradar.com/index-arid-83.htm Upper Saddle River, NJ July 10, 2007 After more than two years of perfecting a Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing system(Added: Tue Jul 17 2007)

An Entirely New Use for Your Ipod, MP3 Player, Smart Phone and Computer

With the exciting launch of Leisure Audio Books (LAB), the entire Audio Book industry is about to explode with a whole new spectrum of listening device options. Until now, audio books have been generally relegated to a small area in the back of some bookstores. Non-competitive pricing and lack(Added: Mon Jul 16 2007)

Eric Wipper announced on Wednesday that he endorses Kristina Pihokker's intensive direct sales coach

"I spent 17 years in corporate America and they sent me to a lot of different trainings on sales and how to be more effective - and I received more value from my first 30-minute coaching with Kristina as part of the Kristina Pihokker Coaching Program I would've paid $50,000 to have had this informat(Added: Sun Jul 15 2007)

Jollibee Website

What do you do when you're hungry and there's nothing to eat and there's no one to cook for you? Have you thought about eating in a fast food restaurant? But what if there aren't any near fast food restaurant? A good idea would be to have these restaurants deliver the food to your house, but wait, w(Added: Sat Jul 14 2007)

Viral Marketing Pushes Anger Management over the Top

The simplest definition of �viral marketing� is word of mouth or telling someone else about a product or service via e-mail, fax or phone. Viral marketing is currently one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet and a blessing for small businesses of all types. Branding is an import(Added: Sat Jul 14 2007)

Wealth Magnet System - Choosing Your Wealth Magnet System Team

Wealth Magnet System - Choosing your Wealth Magnet System sponsor Wealth Magnet System offers something that is lacking in other systems and that is the opportunity to profit immediately. What is also great about the Wealth Magnet System is that your sponsor wants you to succeed because every ti(Added: Fri Jul 13 2007)

Blue River Marketing talks about combating the desensitizing of mainstream advertising.

Boynton Beach, Fla. (July 12, 2007) Everyday we are subjected to advertising from television, radios, and billboards. But are these tools still as effective as when they were first utilized? Mainstream advertising used to be one of the most power ways to get your name, brand, or product out to the(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Anthony Richardson - OverVoice Announces NEW Voice Over Website

London, United Kingdom, July 12, 2007 --(PressBox.co.uk)-- Anthony Richardson is a leading British professional voice over artist specialising in cost effective, Received Pronunciation (accent-free), voice overs for film, television and radio. He also provides character voices for animation proje(Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Perfect Wealth Formula Truths & Pitfalls

There is a real stir in the Home Based Business arena that is shaking up the Internet right now with a program called the Perfect Wealth Formula. The Perfect Wealth Formula has a very unique marketing approach both in compensation and product but there is a very big pitfall that no one is talking (Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

The Perfect Wealth Formula Thruths & Pitfalls

There is a real stir in the Home Based Business arena that is shaking up the Internet right now with a program called the Perfect Wealth Formula. The Perfect Wealth Formula has a very unique marketing approach both in compensation and product but there is a very big pitfall that no one is talking (Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

What�s this? Fashionable kids clothes now affordable?

When it comes to fashion for our kids, you�d be amaze at how designers price their products; you�d think that the threads they used might be made of gold. Truly, it�s ridiculous to buy clothes that are more expensive than the ones you wear, overpricing is unacceptable so what are you going to (Added: Thu Jul 12 2007)

Poster Printing Profile: Create a Winning Poster

Poster printing is one of the most used advertising campaigns by companies, small businesses, and other organizations. Posters are effectively used in the fields of marketing, advertising, business, and the like. First off, business establishments use posters to successfully deliver their message(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)

Sizzling hot in bargain clothes

What�s the prize of hot clothes for women? A lot of women out there would answer �a lot� and most of women who are also internet shoppers would answer �not much.� Both of them are right but where do you want to side? You don�t need to be a rocket scientist to know which choice is better;(Added: Wed Jul 11 2007)
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