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Univenture’s USPS Approved EnvyPak Envelopes & Mailers to be Featured at NPF08

High Impact Visibility for Clear Marketing Message Communication Marysville, OH, May 16, 2008 -- Univenture, Inc., is an award winning inventor and manufacturer of a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging, document storage and marketing mailers. This year the company will showcase its polypropyl(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

The Rises of Affiliate Marketing

Millions of people in the world getting online each day to buy so many things they need. More than thousands of people spend their money online each day. For several other people, this is very big opportunity to sell their products online and earn big profit doing this because selling products and (Added: Fri May 16 2008)

Clothing- Enhance your looks

In today's times of fashion and style, clothing plays an important role in establishing our social status. It is very important to wear clothes that are highly fashionable and stylish. There is such a wide variety of range available in the attires that one can try different styles of clothes almost (Added: Fri May 16 2008)


Online video marketing company Digital Visitor has been commissioned by ‘The Science of...’ to cover the launch of a new interactive exhibition, ‘The Science of Survival’, which recently opened at the Science Museum, London. Digital Visitor has been asked to produce a series of three videos, each(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

Decorative Laminates – A Great Idea for Interiors

Trends in interior decoration are ever changing. New patterns keep emerging in the market at all times. However certain concepts are so ingenious that they create a long term impact on the market. Decorative Laminates is one such trend that has remained a favourite with interior decorators and homem(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

Giving it to our Love

Ever wanted to provide the best kind of clothes for you children? Every parent, normal parents, would love nothing more than providing the best for their children. Providing the best education, the best environment, the best home, and sometimes the best set of clothes. As they say, our children ref(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

Cap on the New Generation

When it comes to sport caps, the new era is considered to be the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of the official on-field cap worn by every Major League Baseball team and their minor league affiliates, and maintains agreements with other licensed entities including NHL, NBA and over 200 colleges(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

How and When to Present Your Business Cards

In the world of business where corporate image is very important, the first impression you make on prospective business partners or clients will make or break your chances on getting the project that you want. So just how important are business cards? Go ask any businessman attending business mee(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

Fusionbox Recognized for Search Engine Marketing Work with Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Fusionbox has received a 2008 Gold Key Award from the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association for their work with Adolfson & Peterson Construction, in the category of Search Engine Marketing. The awards banquet took place on Saturday, May 3, 2008, at the Cable Center at the University(Added: Fri May 16 2008)

Stepping Stones to Custom Size Brochure Printing

Brochures play a role in giving you faster and even better return on investment. Direct mailing with custom size brochures is an effective way of stretching out across to your desired audience - but then it would all depend on how you make them. Good brochures are one of the key factors that can(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

The 'Make me Safer' gift from Love My Car

Love My Car supports the view, articulated by the government in its proposals for more stringent driving tests, and by Brake, the road safety charity, that the majority of young drivers are ill prepared for the risks that driving entails. We believe that to reduce the risk of accident, they need (Added: Thu May 15 2008)

Why It Makes Sense to Deploy Retail Software

The retail industry is growing at a breath-taking pace the world over. Stores are getting bigger and better each day. Even the third-world countries are gradually waking up to the benefits of organized retail and are witnessing the mushrooming of mega malls and hyper malls each passing day.

(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

Utilize Market Analysis for Direct Response Marketing

“Determine if Chosen Market is a Worthwhile Niche in Before Beginning Direct Response Marketing” Marketing and printing expert J.R. Durruthy of PrintRite shares information with business owners regarding direct response marketing campaigns. J.R. Durruthy cautions entrepreneurs to take time to d(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

BuyMyWreck.com - Launches Nationwide Vehicle Purchasing Service.

BuyMyWreck.com is different from the old ways of selling a car because the whole process takes place over the phone which makes the sales process much quicker, instead of taking time to bring a car to a dealership to be inspected. Once an offer is accepted by the customer, BuyMyWreck.com picks up th(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

DocXpertZ DocxpertZ: Pdf file converter – Releases New Ver 5.0

Docxpert is an Expert PDF Converter that provides PDF to Word, PDF to RTF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF and PowerPoint to PDF conversion solutions. It preserves the original layout and formatting. DocGuruZ provides useful, reliable and efficient PDF file tool conversion tool kit which supports all type(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

Four Ways to Unblock Creative Flow through Rush Printing Services

Creativity is a must for your advertisements. It is the source of all good concepts. But what if you have to avail rush printing services and suddenly you cannot think of anything new? This is a scenario that you wouldn't want to be in if you will be venturing into something big and the risks are hi(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

A Handful of Pointers for your Logo Making and Custom Printing

Custom printing your own logo could be both a tedious and enjoyable task. As you have fun experimenting with possible designs and adjusting templates to your desired logo, you must not fail to remember that there is a process which you have to follow in order for you to have an effective and meaning(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

Three Ways to Sell Weddings through Postcard Design

Wedding is a big business. So make sure that you utilize every avenue, including postcard design, to let the word out about you. What's your specialty? The designs for your cards will rely a lot on this aspect. But be careful though. Here are some reminders that you must think about when concept(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

The Three Vital Attributes of Your Postcard Printing Project

Are you good at what you do? Are you the best in the industry? If so, keep on working hard. People will not always remember how great you are. So you have to remind them all the time. Postcard printing is one of the best ways that you can do to bring back to people's memories how great you are. D(Added: Thu May 15 2008)

TheRichestBanner.com project has started. This new amazing site can exceed milliondollarhomepage suc

New amazing project has started. The programmer, who do not divulge his name created very interesting site named as TheRichestBanner.com. The official idea of this site is to know which is the richest in the world. Yes, sounds like a regular promotion slogan. But! Actually this is the try to repeat(Added: Wed May 14 2008)

Map Acquired Mailing Lists

NEW TOOL CHANGING DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING Dan Hessburg has owned his own building company, Hessburg Homes, for 35 years. He’s also been a Remax Realtor for that length of time. When he’s looking for his customer, he’s extremely picky. “I want people who have higher incomes and are interested(Added: Wed May 14 2008)

Worldwide Advertising Industry Software Launches New Brand

Creative Manager Pro Becomes Workamajig Creative Manager Pro, the leading worldwide software program for ad agencies and others in the creative and design industries, has launched a new brand to match the creativity of its clients. Throughout the next twelve months, Creative Manager Pro’s almost (Added: Wed May 14 2008)

A Helping Hand from an Apple

They say that finding the right size of clothes can be hard sometimes. Well this hardship can be double to a plus sized woman. Plus sized people are among the most oppressed and discriminated kind of people on earth. Oppressed because they endure the endless beatings, not physically, but with demo(Added: Wed May 14 2008)

Hole In One International Gives Away Free Golf Bags

/1888PressRelease/ Hole in one insurance provider, Hole In One International, is offering certificates for free golf bags for tournament organizers, directors and sponsors to distribute at golf events during the 2008 golf season. Hole In One International, the country’s largest hole-in-one insura(Added: Wed May 14 2008)

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sticker Printing

Do you want to try something new and unconventional for your marketing campaign? Are you tired of using posters, postcards and catalogs again and again? Try sticker printing instead. Stickers are unappreciated and undervalued in terms of what it can contribute to the marketing strategy of your bu(Added: Wed May 14 2008)

The Importance of Printing Services and Five Other Business Must Haves

Whatever your business is, you must not be new to the world of printing services. Yes, there are other ways to promote your stuff. But this medium is still effective so you must not look beyond that. Aside from printing services, here are some things that your business must not be caught without(Added: Wed May 14 2008)

Hiring Ad Paste "M Faheem"

Aucoc silver,Antique French silver toilet set made by Aucoc in Paris, This antique "French toilet set" is with out a doubt the best one we have ever seen. This Sterling silver "toilet set" measures 27 inches wide by 19 and one half inches deep by 10 inches high.There are four blown glass decanters c(Added: Tue May 13 2008)

Best Business Card Displays Voted #1 on the web

Come see the largest selection of business card displays online today! My Name is Kyle Fultz I’m the founder of AdPockets.com Whether your are just venturing out into the world wide web looking for business card displays for the first time or you’re a seasoned business card display owner. You’l(Added: Tue May 13 2008)

Housing the most Stylish and Fashionable

When it comes to stylish clothing lines for women, the house of dereon always comes on top. Its fashionable and style-setting collection of clothing lines has created a revolution of clothes for women throughout the world. But aside from its unique capability of bringing the best, what else do we kn(Added: Tue May 13 2008)

Quality Designer Shirts, Next Successful Promotion Trend

The recent expansion of the online custom shirt maker, ShirtsMyWay.biz, into custom company dress shirts (shirts with logos), paves the way for an upcoming trend; quality and designer company shirts. ShirtsMyWay.biz is launching their international website today based on this idea and with free desi(Added: Mon May 12 2008)
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