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Started from Scratch

As a famous American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, actress, and a dancer, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles became the biggest thing in the music industry. As the lead singer of a creative R&B girl group called the Destiny's Child, Beyoncé Knowles first came into light. But a(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

A Guide For Life

Magazine are the next best thing when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Providing concrete and comprehensive information about the latest trends in fashion and guidline in lifestyle. Fashions Magazine are one of the most informational medium used other than the internet. Fashion Magazines also se(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

Tealeaf To Help Rightmove Deliver More Leads To Estate Agents By Increasing Consumer Conversions Onl

Tealeaf To Help Rightmove Deliver More Leads To Estate Agents By Increasing Consumer Conversions Online London, UK – 21 February 2008 – Tealeaf®, the leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM), has today announced that Rightmove, the UK’s largest property website, has selected the Tealeaf CX s(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

Study Highlights Retailers’ Email Marketing Shortcomings

Study Highlights Retailers’ Email Marketing Shortcomings • 46% of retailers fail to follow legal best practice in emails • Topshop, STA Travel and ASDA top email effectiveness index • H&M, Lidl and Office languish at the bottom of table 21 February 2008, London: A new retail benchmark study, H(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

England and Wales Cricket Board Appoints Locker Room Sports To Develop Digital Marketing Initiatives

England and Wales Cricket Board Appoints Locker Room Sports To Develop Digital Marketing Initiatives Leading sports marketing agency to optimise digital communications for the England and Wales Cricket Board London, 21st February, 2008 – Locker Room Sports, a leading UK digital sports mar(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

Room For Rent Beijing - Rent apartments and houses Beijing

Beijing Room for Rent. Room for Rent Beijing, rent apartments homes houses.(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

Authors: A New Ebook on Writing and Marketing Your Book

Authors: A New Ebook on Writing and Marketing Your Book From Blank Page to Book Shelves--How to Successfully Create and Market Your Book is a new ebook, which shares writing tips, and marketing strategies, which will make your publishing experience more successful. The marketing information (Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

A Ticket to Sean John

Ever wanted to belong to the biggest club in town, the urban community? Well the only ticket that can get you in would none other than the sean john urban clothing lines. The sean john clothing line is the only clothing line that the urban community speaks highly. But what is a sean john you ask? We(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

An Option for Everybody

They say that when it comes to clothing, a woman is always ahead of things. To a woman, clothes are among of the essential piece of their femininity. It defines their beauty and their true nature. It also serves as a way for them to show their style and fashion statement. That’s why clothes became s(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

An Apple Bottom of Joys

When it comes to the biggest problem of a plus sized woman, it would always be the clothes. Well clothes, as we all know, comes in a variety of sizes which are small, medium, and large. But the thing about famous and fashionable clothing lines is that some of it only offers the sizes small and mediu(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

Setting up a marketing system

Did you know that there is a taboo word in business? That word begins with “M” and it’s a word that every small business owner knows they should do, but so many don’t. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, the word is “Marketing”. Small business owners don’t really like that word. It brings up too many b(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

The Philippine Flower Pride

When we want flowers, where do we usually go? Well to a flower shop of course. Well what if we want convenience in buying flowers, where do go then? Well that’s easy too, on an online flower shop of course. Well why it that flower is are very popular among us that it even invaded the international (Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

Designing Posters that Target Women without Alienating Men

Wrap your heads around this idea, women account for as much as 80% of sales of all consumer goods. If you want to maintain a competitive edge, design your 27x39 poster printing to actively and effectively seek out women without alienating men.
Assumptions about what women buy and the decisio(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

Questions to Ask when Planning Your Postcard Printing

Marketing may be more art than science, but postcard designs do follow certain guidelines to maximize their effectiveness. When planning your postcard design, use the following questions to help you in your conceptualization.
1. Can you afford to hire a professional graphic designer?
(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

Why Send Out Save-the-date-Postcards for Your Events?

Successful events require a lot of planning both on your part and on the part of your guests. Make sure you invest a small amount in save-the-date cards with postcard printing. It is an elegant and inexpensive way to get your guests planning and scheduling your special day in advance.
Save-t(Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

Basic Specs and What It Means for Your Online Printing Jobs

Do you really want to bother with all the aspects of print specifications? When all you care about is having your advertising materials printed with photographic quality, fast, cheap, and conveniently, then your best option is to get acquire a customer and user friendly online printing company. (Added: Wed Feb 20 2008)

Make money while online - Profit Lance Review

If you are like me you are probably looking for a way to make money online. After all, why wouldn't you, everyone else is making money online, or are they? I came across several make money products claiming that you can set up a website and start making money in the next 15 minutes. While this ma(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

Boston-based travel and lifestyle marketing agency ISM deepens its industry expertise and global exp

ISM, a Boston-based marketing and advertising firm that specializes in working with premier travel and lifestyle brands, has announced the appointment of Kevin Nicholas, as Director of Business Development. Mr. Nicholas was most recently managing director of London-based KN Consulting Group and ha(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

innovative Promotional product My Bag Hanger

My Bag Hanger is a new and innovative way to promote a business to women. A Bag Hanger is a small device for women to carry in their handbags. When out at the restaurant simply hook the Bag Hanger to the table and hang your handbag to it. we offer to customize our bag hangers with any company(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

Increase Your Profits with Online Video Marketing

With the Video Marketing sector booming, VideoWildfire.com has released a 98 page report that gives marketers everywhere the information they need to set up powerful viral campaigns. Titled “The Video Ads Blueprint”, it explains, with step by step simplicity, how short promotional video ads can be (Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

A Business of Clothes

When it comes to wholesale clothing shop, Seven Wholesale is the perfect place to start your own business of clothing shop. As all the business man or woman knows, suppliers play an important role in the success of their businesses. Suppliers serve as the foundation for businesses such as a clothin(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

A Popular Choice

When it comes to styles of the urban community, there is only one clothing line that speaks the true language of fashion, rocawear. The rocawear clothing line is considered to be the most popular choice of clothing line among the urban community and the hip hop nation. Rocawear rocawear is an urba(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

Room For Rent Bangkok - Rent apartments and houses Bangkok

Bangkok Room for Rent. Room for Rent Bangkok, rent apartments homes houses.(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

Making MONEY is really EASY with 1on40! Free SEO : Get No. 1 position

Revolutionary web site submission service. Guaranteed 1st result on Google & Yahoo. Earn Millions from your existing web site. FREE service for a limited period. Make 10’s of 1000’s from introducing clients. Get paid HUGE commissions. Try it for FREE -(Added: Mon Feb 18 2008)

Ideal Shopping opt for MIG’s ‘Intelligent Marketing’ Suite

Ideal Shopping plc, the UK’s leading television shopping channel company, have signed up to use The Marketing Innovation Group’s (MIG) ‘Intelligent Marketing’ suite. The agreement sees Ideal taking licences for MIG’s Database Tools (Data Innovator and Data Interrogator), and eCommunications Tools (i(Added: Mon Feb 18 2008)

Bigmouthmedia attracts new people person

As part of its strategy for continued growth, bigmouthmedia has appointed Nicola McGouldrick as Head of Human Resources.

A talented HR professional whose past experience includes working for major international brands such as Gap and Arcadia, Nicola joins the company from the Global Elect(Added: Mon Feb 18 2008)

Personallyyours.co.uk has the Car Numbers (2008 Edition) on sale now.

Personally Yours Registrations, Private Number Plates, http://www.personallyyours.co.uk/ P.O. Box 444, Wolverhampton. WV10 7XA, UK. Tel: 08700 111 911. Fax: 08700 115 911. Personallyyours.co.uk has the Car Numbers (2008 Edition) on sale now. Staffordshire, UK. 11th February 2008. Th(Added: Sun Feb 17 2008)


Tallahassee, Florida – Real Estate Broker and Co-Owner Joe Manausa of CENTURY 21 First Realty proudly announces the new voice for Tallahassee real estate is now live. The Tallahassee Real Estate blog portal at www.Manuasa.com/Blog is the culmination of a masterfully designed and developed creation b(Added: Sat Feb 16 2008)


Tallahassee, Florida – Providing complete online transparency to Tallahassee home buying and selling consumers, Tallahassee Real Estate Broker and Co-owner Joe Manausa with CENTURY 21 First Realty recently launched his new Web site at www.Manausa.com. Tastefully designed and developed to provide con(Added: Sat Feb 16 2008)

Consultants - Writing Articles for the Internet Blankets the World with your Expertise and Style

A Consultant could be an Expert about Absolutely Anything calling you a “consultant” demands further clarification. A consultant who… What specific problems do you handle? And who needs what you know? Everyone? (Never true) Businesses selling to seniors? (A precisely defined niche) Success depend(Added: Sat Feb 16 2008)
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