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Marketing your brand with a personalised calendar

No other product can compete with a customised branded corporate calendar, which will be used and seen each day by your customers & prospects. Have your logos and business messages subconsciously reaching your audience with each glance of the calendar. A useful marketing product and corporate gift r(Added: Thu Sep 06 2007)

sweatyBetty appoints Harvest Digital for search engine marketing

sweatyBetty appoints Harvest Digital for search engine marketing • First digital marketing activity for online sportswear retailer LONDON 6 September, 2007 Fashion retailer sweatyBetty has appointed online marketing agency Harvest Digital to manage search engine marketing for the sportswea(Added: Thu Sep 06 2007)

Retail Eyes Breaks Into UK Top 40 Research Agencies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Dan Brown or Chris Klopper Mulberry PR 0207 928 7676 dbrown@mulberrymc.com or cklopper@mulberrymc.com Retail Eyes Breaks Into UK Top 40 Research Agencies MK-Based Firm Also Remains Fastest Growing Mystery Shopping Company MILTON KEYNES (Added: Thu Sep 06 2007)

One Day Deliveries

Most internet shoppers out there know the rules when it comes to online purchases, especially the one where you have to wait two to three weeks before your product arrives, this is only topped off when you get the "more than three weeks notice" but what else can you do since you really want the (Added: Thu Sep 06 2007)

The Best Kind of Ice Breaker

Have you guys out there ever been to a date with a new girl and you know nothing about her, the date I'm saying is the one with all the formalities of dinner in a fancy restaurant the long talk and nice walk afterwards, well if you want to get past the formalities without the awkward silence a b(Added: Wed Sep 05 2007)

You've Got Flowers

Back in the day when the internet was still unknown to most of the populous, mail were sent through the post office and took days to reach its destination. But today with everyone going in and out of the world wide web everything is done with just a click of a mouse and voila their done. When I (Added: Wed Sep 05 2007)

At Home Money

We all want to do it, don`t we? We all want to make what I call "At Home Money". Money earnt whilst working from home. If you have been around the internet for any length of time you will realise that it is no walk in the park. It takes time and commitment. Do you have time to create your own (Added: Tue Sep 04 2007)

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf just got a whole lot better! Independent News and Media are proud to announce the launch this week of a new job board to their portfolio of online products, www.CanaryWharfCareers.co.uk. It specifically targets professionals in the Canary Wharf area, who wish to improve their careers(Added: Mon Sep 03 2007)

Real Estate 101: First Time Homebuyer's Guide

Real Estate 101: First Time Homebuyer's Guide If you are going to be buying real estate for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. Indeed, there's a lot to learn. "If you are going to be buying real estate for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. Indeed, there's a(Added: Mon Sep 03 2007)

Kiddie clothes at the click of the mouse

Ever been to a mall on a Sunday with your kid trying to look for outfits only to find them more interested in the neighboring toy store than how they look? Isn't it frustrating going through all that trouble and end up not getting to buy anything for them because you're too busy running after the(Added: Fri Aug 31 2007)

Smart way to shop

Blooming Dales, Barney's, Rodeo Drive, all known shopping hot spots yet what do they all have in common? Can't guess what it is? They all sell designer products and all have sky high prices. Here comes part of the dilemma, you're going gaga over these designer clothes but how can you get them wi(Added: Fri Aug 31 2007)

Adding Creative Strokes to Club Flyers

Club flyers are essential tools for marketing your product, services and most notably, events. Be it for parties, concerts, product launches, or sale, you’re sure to reel the right people in with club card flyers. Specifics As a print material, you can easily design club flyers any way you want (Added: Fri Aug 31 2007)

Digital agency ‘Midas Collective’ becomes ‘Collective’ to push benefits of collaboration

Boutique digital creative agency Midas Collective has changed its name to Collective to demonstrate its commitment to a collaborative work ethic. Collective has developed an increasingly collaborative approach to its working practises and firmly believes that this approach delivers not only bette(Added: Thu Aug 30 2007)

The Language of Roses

A picture is worth a thousand words, this is also true for roses and their colors. Each color has a unique meaning and when given at the right time can spark into a beautiful flame for you and your lady. Without further adieu here's your crash course on rose color meanings. Red, the color of roma(Added: Thu Aug 30 2007)

Giftsnideas comes up with a new look..

August 30, 2007 Giftsnideas, an excellent online gift shop that makes sending a gift to your dear ones a pleasure, has now emerged in the online (Added: Thu Aug 30 2007)

Catalog Printing: The Areas of Improvement in Catalogs

Catalog printing does a lot for businesses and commercial establishments. Catalogs are a salesperson and business owner’s best friend. Without catalogs, an ordinary salesperson might find it too problematic and troublesome memorizing different specifications for different products without a single (Added: Thu Aug 30 2007)

icallpro's revolutionary on demand live caller takes market by storm

Marketers rejoice! The much anticipated release of iCallPro's renegade on demand live caller has proven to Bring It On. iBuzzPro, LLC announced the launch of iCallPro.com, featuring the CitaLink™ Live Caller personal calling assistant on August 8, 2007. The CitaLink™ Live Caller was designed to (Added: Wed Aug 29 2007)

A blogger tired from Adsense creates a new Ad concept to monetize his half-million daily visitors

A Swiss Blogger unsatisfied by the Adsense earnings of his blog decided to create his own advertising concept. He made an initial public offering for everyone to invest in the 300.000 visitors that he is receiving daily. By offering 100.000 permanent redirection spots the blogger aims to redir(Added: Wed Aug 29 2007)

The new "Random Customer" marketing concept created by a blogger

A Swiss Blogger have created a unique marketing concept called " Random customer " to exploit the huge traffic of his blog ( 300.000 visitors per day ) . He is offering 100.000 spots to permanently redirect his traffic to the advertisers sites so that every visitor that hits the homepage (animat(Added: Wed Aug 29 2007)

A taste of spring even when it's raining

The rainy season is coming, dull tones and gray skies will probably dominate your sight whether you like it or not. When it comes to flowers, dull colours simply won't do, especially if those flowers are for your special someone. With that, Flower Gift Philippines present their spring collection (Added: Wed Aug 29 2007)

Sunil Shibad's Copywriting Services

My freelance copywriting services include: Advertising copywriting: Creative, marketing-driven ads that build brands, and grab market share. Advertising campaign strategy: Cross-media advertising concepts and copy that work together to leverage your media buy - and each other. Branding: 15 (Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

SkillPath Seminars appoints RSA Direct

RSA Direct, a leading UK-based list, data and direct-marketing consultancy -- announced an addition to their growing portfolio with the appointment by one of the world’s leading training companies: SkillPath Seminars. Operating in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, SkillPath Seminars pe(Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

Flowers for the season

*Imagine holding the four seasons on the palm of your hand and you have the power of letting your loved ones experience this wonderful feeling. Philippine Flower Delivery gives you the warm sun, the blue sky and that big smile from the one receiving your gift. Starting with spring, pure romance (Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

A Beautiful Arrangement

When you hail from a country as beautiful as the Philippines it's not hard to find raw beauty from all over the place, but raw beauty also needs a helping hand to guide it to the right path to perfections, this is true for all things especially when it comes to flowers. Flowers are truly beautifu(Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

Brochure Printing Services and Time-tested Advertising Ideas

Brochures have a certain credibility unlike other prints. This is most probable due to the nature they are made since most brochures are designed to be informative with factual data and figures. Through brochure printing services, you and your business can have the ability to make clients more infor(Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

Calendars Printing and the 7 Benefits You Should Enjoy

Make your calendars printing one that you would remember for the whole year. Calendar printing can be an ambitious task as to how others have described it, but it is nevertheless, a worthwhile activity that you can proudly show off. Whether you intend to use calendar printing for your own persona(Added: Tue Aug 28 2007)

Ireland's Best Known Witch Rochelle Moore

Rochelle Moore Self help author, herbalist, aromatherapist, healer is Ireland's best known witch. Aromatherapy & Herbalism: www.amazon.com this book combines both ancient recipies for cures from Anxiety to Warts by using both aromatherapy treatments and herbal treatments. It is so easy to (Added: Mon Aug 27 2007)

The CuteKid ™ launches iPhone Giveaway Contest for its Affiliates

The CuteKid™ - a leading online child photo contest – has launched a contest to bolster its fast growing affiliate marketing channel. With this contest, The CuteKid™’s team expects to promote exclusive features of its affiliate program like 120 day cookie, strong brand name, and fast payment system.(Added: Mon Aug 27 2007)

online advertising

Online advertising and Internet marketing that gives your information higher search relevance. This new wiki web 2.0 online advertising and Internet marketing portal allows users to place free web pages. Its ‘smart’ programming puts the information at higher search relevance in search engine l(Added: Sun Aug 26 2007)

Make Quick Money Online

Hot Info Products has officially been launches. Your search for quality internet marketing product has came screeching to a halt. Your thirst for knowledge should take you to Hot Info Products.(Added: Sat Aug 25 2007)
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