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Advocate Mahalakshmi

Added: (Mon Sep 03 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Sun News reader Mahalakshmi is an epitome of humility. Having worked in the small screen sector for over 25 years, she exudes an aura of positivity and wisdom.

While she developed a clear insight into her career goals pretty early in life, even as a child she showed keen interest in acting and performance. During her stint with Raj TV, she envisioned multi-tasking as a lawyer as well as an artist. During her younger years, she was often questioned if she would be able to aggregate both the professions. But she was determined to excel in both and that she did.

Advocate Mahalakshmi has been a successful practicing lawyer for over a decade now, along with her artistic achievements reflecting from the small screen as well.

She has also dwelled on the societal differentiations between men and women and how women are easily discriminated against by society. Her reasoning, stemming from her life experiences, concludes that one of the predominant contributors to a woman’s inequitable status emerges from family feuds. The bond between a husband and a wife is very sensitive. It is basically due to a disruption in this relationship that leads to a ripple of issues that eventually culminate into character-tarnishing and unwanted arguments. Advocate Mahalakshmi, through her exposure, knows that when couples argue, they invariably express the same sentiments about a situation except from different angles. And if we, as mortals, were to understand this, a lot of issues would be resolved immediately.

Besides being a Newsreader and Advocate, Mahalakshmi is extremely passionate about dance. As a multi-faceted artist, she also paints and considers exercising more as a hobby than a routine. As a book-lover and a person who loves to read, she is ever-willing to explore new subjects each day. She stays updated about all the day-to-day events and as an advocate she loves to read judgements. At times, she has stayed awake till 3 AM devouring pages and pages of interesting judgements.

Advocate Mahalakshmi is an all-rounder who loves life and believes that everybody should discover their true passion and goal.

Submitted by:Vidhyanivas
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