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Hot Water Systems: Electric, Gas, Solar Or Heat Pump?

Added: (Sun May 14 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - So read more threw in the towel after years of serving you faithfully. You do have the option of giving up the luxury of hot water altogether or you could get your system replaced. The most likely option would be the second one.

Unless you want to replace your system with the exact same version, that may be outdated, then you are faced with the dilemma of having to choose from the variety of hot water systems that is currently on the market.

There are electric and gas versions. Then there are also heat pumps or solar versions. How then can you choose which one is best suited for you? You would also have to choose from systems that run on or off-peak. Off-peak is when appliances are not in use, mostly during the night. Off-peak systems tend to be cheaper but do require a large water tank in order to store all the water that was heated during the night.

You will need to decide whether you want a gas, electric, heat pump or solar system.

Electric systems are the cheapest to buy and install, but the most expensive to run. You can also install this system both indoors and outdoors. Electric systems are available in both on and off-peak versions. You can pay anywhere between $300 to $1500 and this does not include the cost of installation.

Gas systems are your best bet if you can get connected to it. It is less expensive than electricity, and you can generally heat water whenever you want without worrying about the rates varying because gas rates remain constant throughout the day. It is best to install gas systems outside because of all the vents that are required, although it is not impossible to install indoors if need be. Gas systems are also the most energy efficient. They cost $800 to $2000 without the installation fee.

Solar systems are a great option of you can afford the installation fee. These systems use solar panels that collect energy and use that energy to heat water. It is the best option if you live in an ideal area with a lot of direct sunshine. The tanks that are used with solar panels usually have a gas or an electric booster to help heat the water when there is less sunlight to do so. It is more expensive to install, costing up to $7000 but it will serve you better in the long run. Governments offer incentives to anyone who’s willing to install solar panels.

Heat pump systems work in the same way that an air conditioner does. They extract heat from air and use that to heat your water. Most of these systems come with an integrated compressor and tank. You must be in a well-ventilated area, and it is for this reason that this particular system must be installed outside. Because of the amount of noise the compressor makes, it is best that this system be installed a few feet away from your house.

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