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New Free Social Media Management Platform

Added: (Wed Jan 04 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - We have an amazing tool that can help you manage and leverage your campaigns on social media. In fact, we have reasons to believe this is arguably one of the best free social media management dashboards out there. But first, what is social media management? Why does every social media marketer need one?

To understand this we first need to look at social media in general. We need to look at the power of social media on human trends and practices. Recent studies indicate that social media has quite a profound influence on the decision-making trends of consumers in various sectors. The world over, more and more people are using social media for a variety of reasons.

Hundreds of millions of accounts have been created so far. Millions are created every day. More than half of these accounts are used daily. The combined reach of the social channels presents a huge medium where business and community can meet over a cup of coffee and share a small talk.

Something that started as a way for people to connect and communicate has become a powerful tool that every business should be taking advantage of. This has made it all so simple for even small start-up companies to reach their targeted market segments.

Thanks to social media the markets are all perched up there for harvest. Or are they?

It is not as simple as it sounds. Social media has grown so big and so complicated. Building and maintaining a social media audience on several channels requires hard word, maintained hard work. First, you need to post content on a regular basis. You need to post regularly not for the sake of regular posting but post regular, engaging content. You need this to keep your audience happy.

You need to consider trending issues. You need a good balance between what is trending and issues relevant to your core business. It does not have to be ‘business business business’ at every turn. People don’t like to be cajoled at all times. Concentrate mostly on what everybody is shouting for, then squeeze in your business wares.

All these need more investment in time. Some organizations employ full-time social media marketers. Others go for independent social media management individuals or organizations. Both these options may prove costly for small companies. This is where our new, free social media management dashboard comes in.

At Alifeinfo Digitals we have a social management tool that works wonders. AlifeInfo Digitals Social Media Management Tool comes in two versions: the basic and pro version. The rest of this article discusses the benefits of using the free, basic version. If you are a small company and serious about building a branding and marketing strategy on social platforms, read on.

For starters, social media tools cost far less than the two options mentioned above. On average, a social media management expert will charge not less than $20 a month to manage your commercial social accounts. Generally, companies charge even more. You will pay far less than this for social media tools.


One thing I personally like about social media tools is their ability to allow you to schedule posts. For those not aware, even big social media management companies use tools to schedule posts. Think of an individual taking care of social accounts from a hundred clients. Obviously, they won’t be able to manage them effectively without using a scheduling tool. In fact, all of the social management companies and individuals use one social management tool or the other.

Now, the scheduling function allows you to line up posts once every week or two (or even a month). For this, you need to have good, engaging content. Our tool allows you to search for this content (we will get to that in a moment). You will want to be practical and crafty when creating your posts.

The next step is to determine the best times to post. This depends on a lot of factors, and to a larger extent on the demographics of your target audience. For obvious reasons, demographics remain the most compelling reason.

Studies have shown that the best time to post is mid-week around lunch time. Our social management dashboard will over time give you statistics showing the best interaction times for your campaigns. Remember, thousands of posts are uploaded onto social channels every minute. It is so easy for your posts to be swallowed among these multitudes before anyone sees them. You need to schedule them carefully or all your hard work will come and go unnoticed. I would not need that, you don’t need it either.

Content search

Do you need ideas for content, up to date industry news, blogs, and articles? You want to treat your fans and followers to the best content available? Content search is the darling feature of this free social media management dashboard. Use this feature to search for relevant, valuable articles from Google, posts from Facebook. RSS feeds or alerts, and trending issues.

The Google search function is how you will be able to provide value for your fans. You can search for the most up to date articles relevant to your business. All you need to do is type in your keyword in the search field. The next window reveals a list of the most recent, niche-relevant articles. You really need to visit the pages and go through each of them to be sure the content is what it says on the title. You don’t need to post anything that jeopardizes relations with your fans.

Choose those that you think will be valuable to your audience and schedule or post-schedule them. That’s all.

We have said it is a good social practice to have both business and casual posts in your feeds. The Facebook and Trending search functions are suitable for this purpose. Search for interesting content on Facebook and share with your friends and fans.

Just like in the Google news search, you type in your keyword and hit ‘search Facebook’. The tool will pull out all relevant, current posts with high engagement and share volume onto this platform. All you need to do is read them through and choose those that you think can delight your fans and maybe, prompt a share or two. We all love to be creators of viral content, or at least to be part thereof.

Remember, this tool populates the post text field for you, though you can customize it as you wish. This is the case with Google news search too.

The trending feature. You need to entertain and keep your fans refreshed? This is the feature for that. Comes so handy when you want to spice up your posts and at the same time impress your fans. Here you have a field of search choices. You can search trending issues by country, subjects or sections. Sections include LOL, OMG, quiz, pictures, videos and a lot more.


This is a feature that enables you to know how your posts are doing. The post metrics feature is best and extensively provided for in the pro version. Most of the features and benefits we are discussing here are basic. They are found in the basic version.

This version, though, has a few metrics that can guide you in your campaigns. The metrics are but basic and only give a sneak preview of what you are missing in the pro version.

‘Clicks-Platform Share’ shows how your posts are performing in different channels. You will be so surprised how the channels outperform one another based on different post types. For statistics in this version, I have come to love the ‘Most Successful Content’ feature. Makes it so easy for identifying well-performing content for re-targeting and up-scaling.

This is the lot I can say about the metrics. After using this version for some time, I suspect you’ll want to upgrade to the pro version primarily to access the complete set of statistics.

Channel Streams

This feature provides streams for two of your platforms, the choice is yours. Streams allow you to see content from your contacts and make updates to your news feeds within the tool. In fact, it allows you access to two of your channels simultaneously, logging in only once. You can comment, reply and share content on the streams as much as you do on the platform walls.

The Visual Composer

The visual composer enables you to add images to your posts, or even lay text over your images. Great, isn’t it?

You need to upload your own images onto the tool, though. The image library with over a million stock images is reserved for the paid version.

This is all I have to say about this free social media management dashboard today.

Submitted by:Jim Ramontja
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