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Migraine – Launch of new molecules to further enhance treatment opportunities

Added: (Sun Feb 11 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Migraine is a neurological disorder which is often characterized by moderate to severe pain on one side of the head. Migraine attacks can be very intimidating and vary in range and frequency for different patients.

Migraine is known to be one of the three most prevalent diseases in the world. As per the latest report of Pharmascroll, Migraine- A Detailed Overview, the disease is prevalent in around 14% of the entire world population. In the US, the prevalence of Migraine is around 12% of the US population.

There are a range of medications available for Migraine starting from Acute to Prophylactic treatment therapies. Majority of the Migraine patients rely on these medications to relieve themselves of the throbbing pain experienced during the Migraine and to reduce the frequency of occurrence of Migraine attacks.

As per the current scenario in Migraine indication, the Acute therapies capture the majority share of Migraine treated patients. However, the approval and launch of new anti CGRP molecules is expected to shift the momentum towards preventive treatments. There are four major anti CGRP preventive therapies expected to be launched in coming 2-3 years. These include Erenumab by Novartis, Fremanezumab by Teva, Galcanezumab by Lilly and Eptinezumab by Alber. The latest report available at www.pharmascroll.com/product/migraine-detailed-overview indicates that 3 out of 4 anti CGRP molecules are expected to do a sales revenue close to $3 Bn at their peak. The pipeline for Acute Migraine treatments also looks strong with the expected launch of many pipeline molecules including Ubrogepant, Semprana and Lasmiditan.

The report provides an overview of Migraine in detail, highlights the Migraine epidemiology split into Episodic and Chronic Migraine in the key geographies, elaborates on the drugs prescribed and expected to be prescribed in Migraine and covers the detailed market sizing drug wise and country wise in value sales and patient numbers along with forecasts. The drugs included in the sales and patients forecast are Fremanezumab, Erenumab, Galcanezumab, Eptinezumab, Ubrogepant, Lasmiditan, Semprana, Relpax, Botox and only the sales for these products in Migraine indication is included in the forecast.

Why Purchase the report:
The report would help the pharma companies understand the Migraine indication in detail, identify business opportunities for making short term and long term plans, understand the epidemiology of Migraine, identify the triggers of prescription for the physicians in Migraine and make companies aware of the existing and upcoming competition along with their expected sales revenues and patient numbers in key geographies.

Companies Covered:
Eli Lilly
Glaxo Smithkline
Briston Mayers
Allodynic Therapeutics
Pharmalyte Solutions
Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Helsinn Group
Otsuka Holdings
NeurAxon Inc.
Achelios Therapeutics

Geographies covered:

Table of Content:
1. Migraine Definition
2. Types of Migraine
a. Classification based on Symptoms and severity
b. Classification based on frequency of Migraine attacks
3. Causes of Migraine
4. Profile of Migraine Patient
5. Symptoms of Migraine
6. Disease progression and impact on QoL
7. Disease Diagnosis
a. Disease diagnosis through symptoms
b. Disease diagnosis through medical tests
8. Disease Epidemiology in US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan
9. Factors impacting a physician’s prescription decision
a. Efficacy
b. Tolerability and Safety
c. Monitoring Requirements
d. Pricing and Reimbursement
10.Disease Modifying Therapies for Migraine
a. Fremanezumab
b. Erenumab
c. Galcanezumab
d. Eptinezumab
e. Ubrogepant
f. Lasmiditan
g. Semprana
h. Relpax
i. Imitrex
g. Botox
11.Drug Attribute Analysis
12. Other Pipeline Products
13. Migraine Market Sizing
a. Brand wise sales and patient numbers worldwide
b. Brand wise value and patient numbers by key geographies/countries
c. Country wise value sales and patient shares for all brands

The report can be checked at www.pharmascroll.com/product/migraine-detailed-overview

About Pharmascroll:
Pharmascroll is a diligent business consulting and market research firm focused solely towards pharmaceutical markets. The company consults and researches in majorly chronic disease indications prevalent across the globe. The research conducted by Pharmascroll analysts is targeted to provide analytical and logical answers to the key business questions of the pharmaceutical and medical insights teams and to make better informed business decisions with the detailed relevant information available.

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