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Daring To Commit To Corporate Sustainability by Going Green

Three-day strategic business forum will focus on how corporations can successfully implement environmental strategies to improve profitability, increase productivity, and build brand image. San Francisco, CA, March 11, 2008 -- From Capitol Hill to China, multi-national companies are under press(Added: Thu Mar 13 2008)


Summary: The hair extension tool is one of the most beauty adding material to the hair. It carries out the function of a lock of hair to be extended so that the extension made looks very similar to the original hair. Some tools involved in this technique are the poly extension, hai(Added: Thu Mar 06 2008)

GIS AMPHIBIA to present research projects at Oceanology 2008

GIS AMPHIBIA, a scientific research group, will be part of the French Pavilion at the Oceanology International 2008 trade show, which will be held in London from 11 to 13 March. The group comprises two units – MALTAE, which mainly covers issue relating to global heritage, through the preservation an(Added: Wed Mar 05 2008)

Exciting New Initiatives Outlined For Burren In 2008

4th March 2008 - A number of initiatives aimed at delivering a coordinated approach to visitor management and environmental protection in the Burren will be unveiled over the coming months, the Burren Connect Project has announced. The developments include the provision of information hubs at var(Added: Tue Mar 04 2008)

International figures suggest UK is regaining lost ground in innovation, say patent attorneys

The UK and other EU member states are showing signs of fighting back against the tidal wave of innovation and patenting in China and Korea, says the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA). According to Matt Dixon, a patent attorney and spokesman for the Institute, figures for 2007 just (Added: Fri Feb 29 2008)

Labs are Vital(TM) Program Targets Science-Minded Students Through Facebook Social Media Network

Facebook social media strategy addresses severe labor shortage in the clinical laboratory profession ABBOTT PARK, Ill., Feb. 25 Summary Facts: * Labs Are Vital(TM) launched a Facebook group and student-focused Web site, http://www.LabScienceCareers(Added: Tue Feb 26 2008)

Safege and Actimar’s water-quality solutions on display at Oceanology 2008

Safege and Actimar of France will be presenting Qualicôte, their new operational oceanography application, at the Oceanology International trade show to be held in London from 11 to 13 March 2008. Qualicôte is an innovative real-time system for actively managing the quality of coastal waters in bath(Added: Mon Feb 25 2008)

CREOCEAN measures up for success at Oceanology 2008

CREOCEAN of France, a specialist in taking measurements at sea, will be part of the French Pavilion at Oceanology 2008, which will be held in London from 11 to 13 March. The company, which is part of the SCE Group, has 60 years’ experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), mapping and model(Added: Mon Feb 25 2008)

Aitken Scientific announces agreement with ThalesNano to license software package for new H-Cube Aut

Thame, UK – Aitken Scientific Ltd announces an agreement with ThalesNano to license automation software for the newly launched H-Cube Autosampler. This product combines a standalone hydrogenation reactor, H-Cube, with an industry recognized automated liquid handler to increase throughput in the deve(Added: Mon Feb 25 2008)


I am proud to announce the release of the website: IntellectToday.com IntellectToday is a website focused on Science and Technology, Philosophy, and related subjects. The site is clean and easy to navigate - and is definitely filled with a ton of useful information! The community is friendly (Added: Sat Feb 23 2008)

Aitken Scientific announces completion of custom software for NLG Analytical’s v:kit.

Thame, UK – Aitken Scientific has successfully produced specialist custom software for NLG Analytical’s v:kit series of fully traceable and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant validation kits for HPLC and GC in analytical laboratories. NLG’s Business Development Manager Stephen Luke explained, "Aitken Scie(Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

Asia-Pacific research networking boosted by new €18 million investment

Tender process begins for next generation 30 million user TEIN3 network Thursday 21 February 2008, Cambridge, UK - Collaboration between researchers in the Asia-Pacific region and their peers across the globe has been extended by an €18 million investment in the new TEIN3 high speed research and (Added: Thu Feb 21 2008)

Bioscience Purification kills MRSA in One Hour, says Tri-Air Developments

A bioscience medical device invented in Britain can eradicate the MRSA ‘superbug’ and other bacteria and viruses on surfaces in just one hour by purifying the air within any enclosed living area, according to a new report by scientists at independent testing laboratories. Unlike air filtration sy(Added: Tue Feb 19 2008)

Body Armor For Gasoline Powered Insanity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONOVER, NORTH CAROLINA, February 18, 2008 Textile Research and Development company, Supreme Corporation®, of Conover North Carolina introduced a new cut, slash and abrasion protective apparel to the motorcycle industry. The product, Tuff-n-Lite® is presently one of the s(Added: Mon Feb 18 2008)

French maritime clusters to showcase innovation at Oceanology 2008

Pôle Mer Bretagne (Brittany Maritime Cluster) and Pôle Mer PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Maritime Cluster), along with around 20 of their members, will be presenting their innovative projects at Oceanology International 2008, which will be held in London from 11 to 13 March. These projects in(Added: Mon Feb 18 2008)

Quantum Engineering, Practical Applications of Quantum Physics and How these Might Transform Society

Cardiff, Wales, UK, 8th March 2008 -- A lecture on the fundamentals of quantum physics with hands-on demonstrations and a discussion of the potential impact of quantum technology on everyone's life. Venue: Saturday, 8th March 2008, 14:00-17:00, Queen's Buildings, School of Computer Science, Cardi(Added: Sun Feb 17 2008)

4ecotips helps to fight global warming

Global warming is by far the greatest threat facing our planet today and a major responsibility with which we all must come to terms. Indeed the serious repercussions of climate change are shaping all of our lives and the website www.4ecotips.com provides an important insight into how governments, i(Added: Sat Feb 16 2008)

Common Guide For DNA Testing Beginners - Free Ebook

Malaysia (Press box.co.uk) February 13, 2008 -- One of the great benefits of being DNA testing literate is the ability to understand DNA testing basics much faster and easier than ever before. However, going faster and making your learning easier are not the only considerations. That’s where this(Added: Wed Feb 13 2008)

Stratlab to sell Adams analytical laboratory balances

Stratlab Ltd of March Cambridgeshire is to sell a range of analytical balances from Adam. With a capacity ranging from 120g to 250g there is a balance to suit all needs. The Adam PW analytical balances have features you want at a price you'll love including: * Internal motorised calibrat(Added: Wed Feb 13 2008)

The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE®, on STN® provides patent sequence data within 3 days of

SequenceBase Corporation and FIZ Karlsruhe announce significant improvement to the timeliness of USGENE to within only 3 days of publication by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) – up to 10 days faster than any other comparable resource. ________________________________________ Ed(Added: Tue Feb 12 2008)

CAS Offers Testing to Detect Phthalate Levels

A recent article in the journal Pediatrics has raised further questions about the presence of phthalates in the environment. They note that certain phthalates, found in numerous baby care products, may lead to developmental and reproductive toxicity in infants. Phthalates are synthetic chemicals(Added: Thu Feb 07 2008)

Don't kill Garden Birds with Kindness popular

Be Careful where you stick your beak! Bird feeding is a popular outdoor activity, allowing people to learn about nature while they enjoying helping wild birds. Winter bird feeding can allow birds to reproduce earlier in the year and to raise more chicks than they would without the additional food(Added: Wed Feb 06 2008)

French marine technology to put in strong showing at Oceanology 2008

As part of Oceanology 2008, the French national pavilion organised by UBIFRANCE (the French Agency for International Business Development) will showcase the best of French marine technology. Oceanology 2008, the largest international exhibition of marine science and ocean technologies, will be held (Added: Wed Feb 06 2008)

Annular Solar Eclipse on 7th Feb,2008

One of the First eclipses of year “Annular Solar Eclipse” will occur on 7th February, 2008. "This eclipse will be visible only in the region covering most of Antarctica, New Zealand, The south-eastern parts of Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Western Samoa". - N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar, Founder Secret(Added: Wed Feb 06 2008)

Eagleman 'Time Slowing' Experiment Invalidated

R&D engineer, technologist, and conceptual theorist Marshall Barnes has now published a digital article that completely invalidates the celebrated findings of Baylor College professor David M. Eagleman, showing the perception of time slowing down during a crisis event is a function of enhanced memor(Added: Wed Feb 06 2008)

Rotech Laboratories Chooses WinLIMS Rental

Rotech Laboratories, the metallurgical testing and consultancy services operation based in Wednesbury, UK, is the latest company to take advantage of WinLIMS Rental from QSI. Part of the Rubery Owen group, their laboratories provide a diverse range of testing services including metallurgy, chemical (Added: Tue Feb 05 2008)

Scientists See WTC - Hutchison Effect Parallel

14th and 18th January 2008, Washington DC, USA - In two appearances on a Washington DC Pacifica Radio Station, WPFW, on a show hosted by Author and Political Commentator Ambrose I. Lane, Sr., Dr. Judy Wood, a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and John Hutchison, experimental scientist, dis(Added: Wed Jan 30 2008)

Drug-resistant Bacteria Found in Tundra

Scientists have found bacteria resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Most likely people are to blame for this.(Added: Mon Jan 28 2008)

Kickstarting Your Creative Attitude

Visiting Dr Louise Aznavour's website you will find her brief articles on Creativity, Communication Skllls, Stress Management, Humor, Brain Power and alike. Readers contribute information generously to further strengthen Winning Attitudes. Consider Your mindset: • Are you a creative person? (Added: Fri Jan 25 2008)

Texas UFO and Jets May Have Entered Restricted Presidential Airspace

Texas UFO and Jets May Have Entered Restricted Presidential Airspace Texas UFO Sightings involve Bush Ranch. The laundry list of strangeness surrounding the Stephenville, Texas, UFO sightings is growing. Despite efforts by a military spokesperson to attribute the sightings to F-16 training man(Added: Fri Jan 25 2008)
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