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Thermo Fisher Scientific Hosts Workshop ‘Advances in Column Technology’

Celebrating 20 years of Thermo Scientific Hypercarb Columns at HPLC 2009 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, will be holding a workshop on Advances in Column Technology – Thermo Scientific Hypercarb, in Dresden, Germany on Sunday the 28th of June, preceding HPLC 20(Added: Tue Jun 23 2009)

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Novel Heating and Stirring Modules

Thermo Scientific Reacti-Therm Sample Derivitization Systems for GC and HPLC MILFORD, MA. - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has introduced the Thermo Scientific Reacti-Therm Heating and Stirring Modules for GC and HPLC derivitization, as well as other small sc(Added: Mon Jun 22 2009)

What can we do to Prevent Climate Change?

“Glasswool insulation saves over 1500 times the energy used in its manufacture over the lifetime of a building.” Unfortunately, we cannot stop climate change in the short term, but we can immediately contribute to the solution. The concentration of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere means(Added: Sat Jun 20 2009)

New website for MKG Astrologer

MKG Astrologer, a New Delhi-based organisation, has launched a new website offering astrological and tantrik services. Appointments for personal consultations can be made with MKG Astrologer online for a horde of services related family discords, divorce, love related problems, warding off evil (Added: Sat Jun 20 2009)

Top Reasons Why You Must Install Cavity Wall Insulation

If you are planning to move to a new location or a new house – do not. Instead change the way the walls of your house effect in movement of heat. Cavity wall insulation is the name of the process that is espoused to fill in insulation materials between brick walls making walls capable to hinder heat(Added: Fri Jun 19 2009)

Loft Insulation Grants – For Potential Savings On Energy Bill

Did you know that if every household in the would apply loft insulation with the recommended thickness of 270mm, then total savings would accumulate around 520 million a year and 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year? And this is adequate enough to fill up as huge space as Wembly Stadium for a(Added: Fri Jun 19 2009)

Universal Programmer with USB Port Supports More Than 19000

Toronto, Canada ¨C GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has rolled out this universal programmer offering a 48 Pin ZiF socket with universal pin-driver. The programmer supports more than 19000 devices to meet the various needs for device programming and IC testing. It automatically identifies the manu(Added: Fri Jun 19 2009)

Bharatbook.com : Market analysis on Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Markets Antibodies are proteins in the immune system that help the body defend against foreign invasion, particularly from pathogens and toxins. As such, a human-engineered therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) is protein derived from the immune system through re(Added: Fri Jun 19 2009)

Flamingos who won’t think pink

Two baby flamingos are causing zookeepers problems at ZSL London Zoo…because they don’t like the colour pink. Even though flamingos don’t see colours like people, Little and Large, who are being hand reared by keepers, are not fans of a certain shade of pink. Keepers found that the fluffy wh(Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Butyl Pharmaceutical Rubber Plug/Closure Puncture Testers

Butyl rubber plug has good sealability and chemical reagent resistance, and is the bottle seal for medicine contact plugging in prevailing medical and pharmaceutical packaging lines. With the popularization of intravenous injection bag (IV bag), pharmaceutical rubber closure has broader applications(Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Cosmetic Packaging Testing Items, Methods and Instruments

Cosmetic packaging testing is of great importance to cosmetic package design and protection during distribution, circulation and shelf-life time. Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd. (www.labthink.cn), the world famous testing instrument and service provider integrates testing items and instruments as foll(Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Barrier Property Testing of Plastic Cosmetic Packages

Barrier property testing of packages is one of the vital testing items for cosmetic packages. Barrier property is the definition for barrier effect of packaging materials against gas, liquid and other permeable substances. Barrier property is the important factor affecting product quality during she(Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Transit Package Testing for Cosmetics

As fashionable products, cosmetics need exquisite packages and best protection during Transit and shelf-life time. Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd. (www.labthink.cn), the world famous testing instrument and service provider, meets the demands for cosmetics packaging and application, integrates testing (Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Beverage and Wine Plastic PET Bottle Safety Testing Instrument- Torque Tester

With the wider application of plastic PET bottle in beverage and wine packaging, the quality of soft drinks, soda, wine and many other products depends on the quality of their packages. Digital torque tester is applicable in the test of open and lock forces of bottle caps. The open and lock forces o(Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Labthink Introduces Packaging Material Barrier Property Testing Instrument for Food, Beverage and Wi

Packaging material barrier quality for food, beverage and wine industries has direct influence on the quality of food, beverage and wine as well as the shelf-life of those products. When evaluating the packaging material for food, beverage, wine and relevant industries, gas transmission rate (GTR) i(Added: Thu Jun 18 2009)

Labthink Barrier Property Lab for Plastic Package OTR/WVTR Testing

Abstract: this article briefs on the necessity of package barrier property (transmission/permeation/permeability) test against water vapor (moisture), gas (oxygen, nitrogen) and other indexes. It also presents the functions and services of Labthink Lab. Keywords: barrier property, lab, package, and(Added: Wed Jun 17 2009)

British invention destroys H1N1 Swine Flu virus in enclosed spaces in minutes says Tri-Air Developme

British scientists have developed an air purifier, patented in 36 jurisdictions around the world, which according to independent research can kill the viruses H1N1 Swine Flu and H5N1 Bird Flu within minutes in any room or other enclosed space. It is also effective against the MRSA ‘superbug’ and oth(Added: Tue Jun 16 2009)

Top 10 Stocks> Best Hot Stocks to Buy Right Now - Good Stocks for 2009

Top 10 Stocks> Best Hot Stocks to Buy Right Now - Good Stocks for 2009 By.- http://www.MomentumStockPick.com Experienced stock traders and investors recognize that trading strong stocks with momentum is among the fastest & most effective ways to harvest BIG piles of cash in the stock mark(Added: Mon Jun 15 2009)

Oxygen Permeability, OTR of Contact Lenses Materials

Abstract: oxygen permeability, OTR of contact lens, which has a direct influence on wearer amenity, is an important index of contact lens. This article deals with the importance, influencing factors and testing method of oxygen permeability of contact lens Keywords: contact lens, oxygen permeabili(Added: Mon Jun 15 2009)

Stellarwind Bio Energy and BioAlternative LLC Sign Letters of Intent for Annual Sale of Up To Twelve

Indianapolis, IN — Stellarwind Bio Energy, LLC, a producer of fuel oil from algae, and BioAlternative LLC, an Illinois based company building a new biodiesel refinery in Covington, Indiana and a leader in catalytic-based biofuel refining technology, have signed mutual letters of intent for the re(Added: Fri Jun 12 2009)

ZSL London Zoo : World Oceans Day Celebrations

Despite starting in 1992, this year’s World Oceans Day celebrations were very special, as they the first to be officially recognised by the United Nations. This is a major breakthrough in conserving and protecting the marine environment. The oceans are an essential part of the world we live in, (Added: Thu Jun 11 2009)

Space 2009 to show animal breeding sector at its best

The SPACE 2009 trade fair will play host to the cattle (dairy and meat), pig, poultry, sheep, goat and rabbit breeding sectors, both French and international, from 15 to 18 September 2009. The event will be held in Rennes, in western France, in one of Europe’s major multi-species breeding regions. T(Added: Thu Jun 11 2009)

Who will look out for the future of tuna?

PRESS STATEMENT Press Statement from International and National Conservation, Animal Protection, Research and Recreational Fisheries Organizations Demanding Action from Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) Who will look out for the future of tuna? WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 10, 2009)(Added: Thu Jun 11 2009)

ENGINEERING.com Announces MyEngineering Network

June 10, 2009, Toronto, ON – ENGINEERING.com Inc. [TSXV:EGN], the world’s leading online community of engineers, today announced a new network service called MyEngineering. This online service allows engineers to post profiles, join groups and post messages to each other. Members can manage their(Added: Tue Jun 09 2009)

Loft Insulation Grants – Wallet Friendly Ways To Keep Home Warm & Insulated

When the energy bills are going out of your control and the heat is going out of your house through roofs – it is the time for resorting to loft insulation grants. Loft insulation grants are financial aids provided by governmental and non-governmental sources to cover up the cost of installing insul(Added: Mon Jun 08 2009)

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants – The Cheapest Way To Keep Wall Energy Efficient

Do you blame it on nature that heat tends to traverse from warmer regions to cooler regions? But, this will not save you from conserving heat and money in your pocket. However, if you shift your focus to the brick walls of your house, you may come up with some functional way outs. You cannot change (Added: Mon Jun 08 2009)

REACHforLIFE calls for science to take centre stage in the new European Parliament

Brussels, 5 June 2009: REACHforLIFE appeals to the incoming MEPs to ensure that science takes centre stage in policy-making during the next 5-year term. The European Parliament’s role in legislating on scientific issues is ever-increasing and, during the next mandate, amongst its many criti(Added: Fri Jun 05 2009)

Pamela Love Recently Launched Her Latest Book “Zodiac Love Match” On MyDreamLoveMatch.com

June 2009 - Pamela Love, an Australian national who is not only an accomplished teacher but also a published writer that has experienced a great deal of success with her books, has now decided to add new information to My Dream Love Match, a website on which web surfers interested in love horosc(Added: Fri Jun 05 2009)

Energetics Technologies Highlight of "Cold Fusion" Seminar

According to Rob Duncan, Vice Chancellor of Research Seminar Series at University of Missouri, “It’s simply too convenient to dismiss [cold fusion] as junk science. As scientists, we should go after what we don’t understand.” Distinguished researchers in the field historically referred(Added: Thu Jun 04 2009)

Love Matching And Astrology Star Signs Readings Provided By Pamela Love

June 2009 - My Dream Love Match is a Sydney, Australia based website that is offering astrology star signs readings, love match readings, and creates love horoscopes. The owner of MyDreamLoveMatch.com, Pamela Love, is an accomplished teacher with numerous published writings. Based on her love fo(Added: Thu Jun 04 2009)
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