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Thermo Fisher Scientific Increases Immunoassay Specificity and Accuracy

Thermo Scientific Nunc and Microtiter Plates Undergo Strict Approval Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, employs strict approval criteria for all of its Thermo Scientific Nunc immunoassay plates. For such sensitive assays, it is imperative that the immunoassay plat(Added: Fri Dec 23 2011)

IDT further optimizes ZEN™ probes for qPCR

ZEN double-quenched probes can now be combined with a range of fluorescent dyes Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, has expanded its ZEN™ double-quencher probe portfolio to offer a new range of quencher/dye combinations. The probes are now available w(Added: Fri Dec 23 2011)

From sample to sequence to insight

OGT’s targeted DNA sequencing service provides clinicians with easy-to-use results rather than mountains of data Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), provider of innovative clinical genetics and diagnostic solutions to advance molecular medicine, has responded to recent news items and government reports(Added: Fri Dec 23 2011)

Successful North American Product Launch Prompts Saw Instruments to Extend sam®X Early Adopter Price

Bonn, Germany – 15th December 2011: SAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free assays using living cells, has extended the price promotion surrounding the launch of its new sam®X biosensor. The promotion was so successfully received at the recent(Added: Fri Dec 23 2011)

Alere Pima™ CD4 Test receives prequalification from the World Health Organization

New prequalification establishes the Alere Pima™ Test as the first CD4 system to receive this distinction and will help improve access to testing The World Health Organization (WHO) has prequalified the Alere Pima™ CD4 Test as part of an effort to increase access to rapid and accurate HIV/AIDS mo(Added: Fri Dec 23 2011)

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Maybridge HitFinder-Plus Screening Compound Library

New 3000-Molecule Add-on Complements the Industry Leading Maybridge HitFinder Collection of Drug-Like Screening Compounds TINTAGEL, England (Dec.15, 2011) – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced Maybridge HitFinder™-Plus, a collection of 3,000 pre-pla(Added: Fri Dec 23 2011)

3rd Annual Clinical Trials Asia Summit 2012

3rd Annual Clinical Trials Asia Summit 2012 "A critical guide for successfully conducting clinical trials” Feb 9th 2012, ITC Maratha, Sahar, Mumbai, India. Book your seats online here – Register now while seats last – Book here Key Themes Discussed at this Summit: • Overview of In(Added: Thu Dec 22 2011)

Archaeological Discoveries on Mount Ararat Confront Attacks and Bias

In November of 2011, archaeologist and director of the Paleontological Research Corporation, Joel Klenck, reported there was archaeological merit to a large wood structure and cave discovered near the summit of Mount Ararat by a Kurdish guide, Ahmet Ertugrul. In 2010, Oktay Belli, Professor of Euras(Added: Wed Dec 21 2011)

100% Risk-Free Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test Launched by easyDNA in the United Kingdom

International DNA testing company, easyDNA Ltd, announces the launch of a new, non-invasive and 100% risk-free prenatal paternity test in United Kingdom. easyDNA, a leading DNA testing company has announced the launch of its risk-free prenatal paternity test in United Kingdom. This test is based (Added: Tue Dec 20 2011)

AnaSpec Highlights Its Proprietary HiLyte Fluor™ Dye Collection

AnaSpec, EGT Group’s proprietary HiLyte Fluor™ dyes are a series of excellent fluorescent labeling dyes with fluorescence emissions that span the full visible and near infrared spectrum. The hydrophilic property of most of the HiLyte Fluor™ dyes makes conjugations to protein easier, minimizing the u(Added: Mon Dec 19 2011)

AnaSpec Highlights HiLyte Fluor™ dyes Collection - for Labeling Amine and Thiol-Modified Oligos

AnaSpec is pleased to highlight our wide collection of amine and thiol reactive 6-isomeric dyes of fluoresceins and rhodamines, and AnaSpec’s own proprietary HiLyte Fluor™ dyes for labeling amine and thiol modified oligonucleotides. Fluorescent dye-labeled oligos are widely used as primers for sequ(Added: Mon Dec 19 2011)

Biosimilars Congregation 2012

Biosimilars Congregation 2012 “Uniting industry leaders to analyse advanced commercial developments & to identify successful management strategies of Biosimilars” February 24th 2012, Hilton London Euston Hotel, London UK For more info on the event and for event brochure kindly visit – http(Added: Mon Dec 19 2011)

Launch of new evidence based medicine website titled OrthoEvidence

OrthoEvidence was developed to provide an efficient regularly update resource for best evidence in orthopaedics worldwide. Evidence-based orthopaedics requires a conscientious use of the best available evidence to guide surgical decision-making. Keeping up with mounting evidence has become a near im(Added: Fri Dec 16 2011)

SAW Instruments and ACOBIO K.K. Sign Exclusive Agreement to Distribute sam® Biosensors in Japan

SAW Instruments, a developer of innovative biosensor technology for life sciences research, and ACOBIO K.K., have signed an exclusive agreement to allow ACOBIO K.K. to distribute SAW’s innovative sam® range of acoustic biosensors in Japan. The news ties in with the Japanese launch of the newest memb(Added: Wed Dec 14 2011)

Seward Stomacher® 400 used for reindeer meat quality research

Seward, the manufacturer and developer of the patented Stomacher® Paddle Blender range, today highlighted a seasonal application for this world leading sample preparation range concerning the assessment of reindeer meat quality. This is in addition to a broad array of familiar applications in prepa(Added: Wed Dec 14 2011)

Cresset Launches Flexible Chemistry Service Program: CompChem on Demand

Cresset, innovative provider of software and services for molecule designers has launched a new service program that will enable scientists to outsource computational chemistry work at a high value daily rate. With the introduction of CompChem on Demand, Cresset’s services division will now provide (Added: Wed Dec 14 2011)

AIJU Researches the Factors that have an Influence on the Properties of Playground Surfacing

The project “SAFESURFACE. Children’s Playgrounds: correlation between physicochemical parameters and the high-impact capacity of surfaces. Requirements guide for the business sector”, funded by the Institute for Small and Medium Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana (IMPIVA) within the R & D progra(Added: Wed Dec 14 2011)

Global standards for authors and editors tackle thorny issues such as research bias and misleading p

Research bias, misleading publicity, confidentiality and embargoes are just some of the controversial issues covered by international standards for academic journal editors and authors, developed with the help of worldwide experts and co-ordinated by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Th(Added: Mon Dec 12 2011)


Noida, INDIA, 6th December 2011 As on today Nanoscale procedures have become prerequisite to Pharmaceutical and its related industries. According to market research resource, the market for Nanopharmaceuticals has grown from $406 million in 2004 to $3 billion in 2009 and will be $16.6 billion in 2(Added: Wed Dec 07 2011)

TISSUE SEALANTS - An Exclusive Market Insight Report from RI Technologies

November 9, 2011 - RI Technologies’ (www.researchimpact.com) market insight report on Tissue Sealants provides an in depth analysis of the global Tissue Sealants market including various sources of Sealants and the various applications. The Sources of Tissue Sealants covered include Homologous Se(Added: Tue Dec 06 2011)

Ukraine to tap into its extensive alternative energy potential

‘Energy of Nature’, is a project of strategic national importance that will ensure energy security for the country while offering investors unparalleled incentives to encourage the construction and operation of renewable energy power stations 2 December 2011; Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukraine is diversify(Added: Mon Dec 05 2011)

Believe in what’s not there yet - World Communication Forum, Davos’12

The 3rd edition of “Communication on Top” (www.forumdavos.com) will try to find the answers to several major questions of the new digital reality (Privacy vs. Publicity, Professional Ethics in the era of transparency and authenticity, Is corporate confidentiality still kept today, Communications’ mi(Added: Thu Dec 01 2011)

Olympus releases the multi-purpose DP73 and DP73WDR digital cameras for brightfield and fluorescence

Olympus has today released the new ultra resolution DP73 and DP73WDR digital cameras, for quality without compromise in brightfield and fluorescence imaging. The new multi-purpose cameras leverage Olympus’s expertise in pixel shift sensors and high-end consumer DSLR camera design to generate extreme(Added: Wed Nov 30 2011)

Superior Orlando powers up on new transmission repair gear

(Orlando, FL) 29 November 2011 – Superior Transmission and Auto Repair, central Florida's premier one-stop car care center has rolled out its newly acquired transmission repair equipment for manual and automatic vehicles.

The latest-technology system is in line with the company's all-(Added: Tue Nov 29 2011)

Binding Site wins prestigious manufacturing award

BINDING SITE WINS PRESTIGIOUS MANUFACTURING AWARD Winners announced in the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2011 Binding Site has shown what it’s made of by winning the EEF Midlands Outstanding Export Award, sponsored by UKTI. The Birmingham-based healthcare manufacturer develops and produces l(Added: Fri Nov 25 2011)

SCM Secures site at University

Northumberland-based drug maker SCM Pharma has acquired a new facility as part of a collaborative deal with the University of Sunderland to support the launch of a new service. The development and contract manufacturing organisation (CDMO), which specialises in making sterile drug products, will(Added: Fri Nov 25 2011)

Raleigh International Shows Its Support For World Toilet Day

In the run up to World Toilet Day, Raleigh International is highlighting the important issue of sanitation in marginalised communities. In India, 69% of people do not have access to a toilet. Every day more than 2,000 people die from water related illnesses. To address this issue, Raleigh Internatio(Added: Tue Nov 15 2011)

Imaging expert Bruce Zuckerman and Biblical Archaeology Society Showcase RTI Imaging of Ancient Insc

On the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Web site, Bible History Daily (BHD), Biblical scholar and digital imaging expert Bruce Zuckerman introduces readers to RTI imaging, a revolutionary photographic technology that is changing the way scholars read and interpret ancient inscriptions. With the RTI im(Added: Mon Nov 14 2011)

New Support for Alleged Noah’s Ark Discovery

In 2010, the Hong Kong organization Noah’s Ark Ministries International or NAMI announced they had discovered the legendary vessel on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey and were subsequently accused of perpetrating a hoax. Now, a professional archaeologist states there is significant merit to their disc(Added: Sun Nov 13 2011)

easyDNA South Africa launches KnowtheGender - its New Urine Based Baby Gender Prediction DNA Test

easyDNA United Kingdom offers a new gender prediction test using a simple urine sample from the expectant mother. The test is a highly accurate DNA test that is fruit of years of research by the company’s partner laboratories. The gender prediction test is being marketed under its own brand name: Kn(Added: Thu Nov 03 2011)
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