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Save your loved ones from Electro Pollution

King BioPro cell chip to make mobile handset usage safer • King Multitech has brought up King BioPro Cell Chip with Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) • Only biologically proven way to virtually eliminate damaging effects caused by electro-pollution. New Delhi, November 20t(Added: Mon Nov 24 2008)

Remarkable growth is expected in the Organic Food Market Worldwide - distribution of new report by B

The global organic food market is growing rapidly, with the growth rate of about 19% in 2007. Increasing health and environmental awareness among consumers is the major reason for the stupendous growth in the market. Demand for organic food is concentrated in North America and Europe, these two regi(Added: Sat Nov 22 2008)


‘Pick ‘n’ Mix Seeds’, is an innovative new website offering individual cannabis seeds from all the top seed banks for a unique growing experience – but how do you know which weed to choose? With some many different brands of cannabis seeds and all that fancy packaging, are the different types all th(Added: Fri Nov 21 2008)

Ten Steps to Going Green, Save money, Conserve Energy & Save our planet

1. Consider an exterior solar lighting system for night security. Exterior lights are important for those wanting that extra layer of security at night. Why not have a lighting system that will do its job without putting a hole in your pocket. 2. Get a power strip cord for your computer “blob”. B(Added: Thu Nov 20 2008)

GenScript Upgrades Plasmid Preparation Service Concurrent with 25% Discount

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Nov. 19, 2008-International life science contract research organization (CRO) GenScript Corporation has upgraded its plasmid preparation platform and launched a 25% discount on all plasmid prep services. The discount is to last from Nov, 15th, 2008, to Jan, 15th, 2009.

(Added: Thu Nov 20 2008)

FDA Opens Floodgates to Genetically Engineered Animals

Jenkintown, PA⎯ The FDA can now, in theory, allow meat and milk from genetically engineered animals onto grocery store shelves at any time. The FDA rushed ahead today to pave the way for genetically engineered (GE) animals to enter commerce, closing the comment period during which the public (Added: Wed Nov 19 2008)

It’s good to share – Britain’s bosses urged to disclose bills to save thousands

Sustainable business experts Envirowise are calling on Britain’s bosses to disclose gas, electricity, water and recycling bills with employees to encourage them to take more responsibility for reducing company outgoings and lessen their environmental inpact. Envirowise says that the more transpa(Added: Wed Nov 19 2008)

Bharatbook.com is glad to promote "Nuclear Energy - A New Hope for India" report

High demand and low production pushed the power deficit in India to around 10% of the total requirement in the FY 2008. And this deficit is expected to widen further in future as India’s power requirement is growing faster than generation. This can put breaks on the seamless economic growth of the c(Added: Wed Nov 19 2008)

China Botanical Azaleas Tour to China Huaxi Sichuan West China Subalpine Botanical Garden

Huaxi West China Subalpine Botanical Garden, locates at Dujiangyan, about 30KM to Dujiangyan city, about 90KM to Chengdu, covers an area of 100 hectares, established in 1986 by both Dujiangyan City and China Institute of Botany (affiliated of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS). Lies at between east l(Added: Mon Nov 17 2008)

Interview with Ricard Pardell, president and R&D director, Sol3g

"We may be at 30 percent module efficiency by the end of 2009": Sol3g CPVToday.com Special The current technology of the crystalline silicon panel does not allow the photovoltaic generation to reach competitive prices of electrical generation due to the great amount of silicon needed and to(Added: Fri Nov 14 2008)

Poultry Meat Farming in Australia

Bharat Book.com presents a new business market report on the poultry farming in Australia. [http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=81440] This Industry Market Research report provides a detailed analysis of the Poultry Meat Farming in Australia industry, including key growth trends, statistic(Added: Fri Nov 14 2008)

Gleeds win role in new ‘Centre of Excellence’ Laboratory

Gleeds, the International Management and Construction Consultancy, has been appointed by the Medical Research Council to provide Cost Management services to the new £200 million development of the internationally renowned Laboratory for Molecular Biology (LMB), in Cambridge.

Given the go(Added: Fri Nov 14 2008)


Every woman on the planet worries about getting breast cancer. Until recently women and physicians alike have looked to the mammogram to detect cancerous tissue. Mammography is a painful procedure for a woman to endure in order to find possible cancerous tissue. A woman’s breast must be temp(Added: Thu Nov 13 2008)

Ultrasonic determination of on-line rheological properties

Household products are becoming increasingly complex as “Generation X” consumers demand superior product quality and function. Manufacturers seeking developing these products must carefully consider storage, dispensing and application properties. Flowability is strongly correlated to perceived(Added: Thu Nov 13 2008)

Aurora Nephelometer: Measuring Global Warming

Global warming has implications for every society on the planet. The Aurora Nephelometer is the ideal instrument for the analysis of backscatter, a part of gobal warming. Victoria, Australia, November 10, 2008 -- Global warming has implications for every society on the planet. The Aurora Nephelom(Added: Tue Nov 11 2008)

Don’t Pay For IVF Fertility Treatment --

“Don’t Pay For IVF Fertility Treatment” This is the exciting new claim made by UK "Doctor's Wife", Tina Richards. She explains that IVF treatment is simply too expensive for most couples and her claims appear to be echoed by several fertility experts. British fertility specialist Professor (Added: Mon Nov 10 2008)

Expansion of Mystic Management Systems’ Quality Management Software ensur in Californian Clinical Re

Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc. has expanded their current deployment to include Corrective/Preventive Action (CAPA), Employee Training Management System (TMS), and automated PDF rendering of their content to the ensur document control software. These additional modules give Profil a c(Added: Wed Nov 05 2008)

YASH Technologies Recognized as Development Partner of SAP Chemical Best Practices

INDORE, India (Nov 03, 2008) – As the chemical industry in India is experiencing rapid expansion, SAP recently released a Chemical Industry Best Practices, V1.603, a product of the most refined solution modules designed to cover up to 80% of the chemical industry requirements. These SAP Best Practi(Added: Wed Nov 05 2008)

Holliday Pigments Makes a Stand at Chinacoat 2008

Following Holliday Pigments’ takeover by US-based Group Rockwood Pigments, the company will again be showcasing its ultramarines at Chinacoat 2008. As part of a long term strategy to combat rising energy and manufacturing costs, Holliday Pigments welcomed the move – which saw Rockwood acquire the(Added: Mon Nov 03 2008)

Scientists warn of increased deer collision risk

Scientists warn of increased Deer collision risk to drivers. Biologists from Microbee warn that this time of the year can lead to a potential problem situation with deer resulting in vehicle collisions. The deer may have learned that it’s safer to cross roads at certain times. However, they prob(Added: Mon Nov 03 2008)

After the Election, The Pisco Sours are on US Peru Grand Tasting Fall 2008 New York City, Wednesday

Entrepreneur Edgar Perez and New York celebrities hosting Peru Grand Tasting Fall 2008, a fabulous display of Peruvian cuisine and dances, in the heart of New York City New York, NY, November 03, 2008 -- Entrepreneur Edgar Perez and his team are ready to take the best of Peruvian cuisine and trad(Added: Mon Nov 03 2008)

The reputation of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is in shambles

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 31, 2008) -- The reputation of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is in shambles. After a nearly four-year trial (and still counting), 75 witnesses and more than 5000 pages of testimony, what has been billed as the "forgery trial of the century" is about to collapse. Th(Added: Fri Oct 31 2008)

Recent Rat population numbers over-inflated says expert

Recent Press reports of the UK rat population exceeding the human population are likely to be gross over-estimates says London expert Dr David Channon. He says the more reliable estimates centre on the figure of about 25 Million give or take a few million. The 60 Million figure often quoted co(Added: Fri Oct 31 2008)

Dr. Carol Tavris On The Psychology Of Skeptics

Dr. Carol Tavris, author of Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me), discuss how skeptics and paranormal believers develop polarized views. Del Mar, CA, October 30, 2008 -- Join Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Dr. Carol Tavris, author of Mistakes Were (But Not By Me). Dr. Tavris is a writer, teac(Added: Thu Oct 30 2008)

Astronomy fieldbook new edition announcement

Objects in the Heavens, 4th edition by Peter Birren 22 photos by Naoyuki Kurita 118 pages, digest size, black coil bound, $29.95 ISBN: 15536 9662-X FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fully revised pocket-size astronomy field guide features all known brighter deep-sky objects visible from the northern (Added: Sat Oct 25 2008)

Do-Coop Technologies Ltd. - Neowater®

Pathogens evolve every day, and hence challenges met by the worldwide health care centers are tremendous. Therefore, one has to keep up with these fast and efficient techniques to identify infections as early as possible. Do-coop Technologies Ltd. is a private company established in 1997 in Israe(Added: Mon Oct 20 2008)

Andy Thornton at The Royal Institution

In 1999 Sir Terry Farrell, of London-based architects Terry Farrell and Partners, won the commission to design and refurbish the interior of the Grade I listed Georgian building which has been home to The Royal Institution since 1799. The Royal Institution of Great Britain is a unique and indepen(Added: Mon Oct 20 2008)


Introducing the New Rinnai Solar Range Without argument, the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat water is using sun light. However, relying on the sun alone using simple solar panels, especially in the New Zealand climate, does not give us the guarantee of hot water al(Added: Mon Oct 20 2008)

Stem Cell Directory

Stem Cell Directory is a Fully Searchable, Human-edited Directory for the entire Stem Cell Industry. Categories include: Academic, Associations, Corporations, Ethics, Grants, News, Products, Research, Treatments, etc. Also publishes the Stem Cell Directory Stock Index, a portfolio of 41 public compa(Added: Fri Oct 17 2008)

Over 100 Employees Called in Sick Due to Hangovers Reports Aral Distributing

In the recent survey of a major local employer, over 100 employees admitted to have taken at least one sick day in the last six months due to a hangover. Increasing productivity loss that could have been avoided. Seattle, WA, October 17, 2008 -- Alcohol and hangovers often take the blame for an i(Added: Fri Oct 17 2008)
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