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Dan Jensen Shows How to Increase Gas Mileage (MPG) While Reducing Emissions!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/7/2005 Dan Jensen Shows How to Increase Gas Mileage (MPG) While Reducing Emissions!! Dan Jensen and Extreme Research are proud to announce the newest technology in the automotive world, Enviro-Max Plus. A revolutionary fuel catalyst endorsed by racing legend Johnny R(Added: Thu Dec 08 2005)

World's First Patient-specific Pluripotent Stem Cell Company, Utilizing RGI`s Patient-somatic Cell R

Tokyo, Japan.-Chicago based RGI and Japanese Cell Therapy company JIG establish Asclepius Therapeutics, to develop and commercialize the breakthrough gStembridh Platform Technology, the Worlds first success in Somatic cell reprogramming technology to create genetically matched pluripotent stem c(Added: Wed Dec 07 2005)


Far from showing global leadership, mixed messages from the UK Government have led to confusion, the International Institute for Environment and Development has warned as politicians gather in Montreal for the second week of the UN Climate Change Conference 2005. Far from showing global leadershi(Added: Mon Dec 05 2005)

Pioneering invention for efficiently transmitting energy for effective overall results

Pioneering invention for efficiently transmitting energy for effective overall results FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A pioneering invention which proposes to efficiently transmit energy to accomplish an overall objective in an effective manner is patent pending for applications comprising (Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

Climate Change Revisited

This week, Montreal (Canada) has witnessed the opening of the biggest meeting on climate change since the Kyoto Conference in 1997. The United Nations (UN) Climate Change conference in Montreal follows the entry into force of the Kyoto protocol earlier this year. Over 8000 participants from industri(Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

A Tight Skirt Can Make a Smart Manager Look Dumb

Past research has shown that physical attractiveness helps people get ahead. A study published in the latest issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly examines this issue further to find that a sexy self-presentation (i.e. high-heels, a tight skirt, and low-cut blouse) harmed businesswomen. But this (Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

New Model Protects Wetlands of the Future

Restoration methods can predict and protect potential aquatic habitats. In the latest issue of Restoration Ecology, researchers describe a new model for coastal development. Using survey data conducted in Lake Pontchartrain, LA, they created a Potential SAV (Submersed Aquatic Vegetation) model. (Added: Wed Nov 30 2005)

Nature Clinical Practice enters into strategic alliances popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 23 November 2005 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Peter Ashman Nature Publishing Group +44 (0)20 7843 4715 Nature Clinical Practice enters into strategic alliances Following on from the recent launch of the new Nature Clinical Practice j(Added: Thu Nov 24 2005)

Save the world of sharks

Did you know that Sharks never run out of teeth. If one is lost, another spins forward from the rows and rows of backup teeth. A shark may grow and use over 20,000 teeth in its lifetime! To read more of such interesting facts about sharks, just log on to http://www.worldofsharks.net Shark is(Added: Tue Nov 22 2005)

DVD Ripper software - DVD Rippe wizard

DVD Ripper software - DVD Rippe wizard. DVD Ripper Wizard is easy-to-use DVD ripping software which can help you rip DVD movie in smaller but quality video files. It can help you backup DVD movies to MPEG2 and MPEG4 files. DVD Ripper Wizard converts DVD to AVI, DVD to DIVX, DVD to Xvid with excelle(Added: Tue Nov 22 2005)

Studying Substitute Animals Will Not Save Endangered Species

The reasons behind endangerment of one species cannot easily be applied to another. An article in the latest issue of Conservation Biology examines the use of surrogate animals to predict or target what is endangering another species. Researchers often use similar, often called umbrella or flags(Added: Mon Nov 21 2005)

How the Great Pyramid Was Built - Finally Revealed

At long last it seems the search is over for the big question - how was the Great Pyramid built? In a new book, The Golden Thread of Time, Crichton Miller unravels the mystery with the artefacts that were themselves discovered in the pyramid by Waynman Dixon. For over 100 years these artefacts ha(Added: Fri Nov 18 2005)

Are Fish Stocks Overexploited? popular

Brussels, 16 November 2005 - The EU is currently adopting measures to recover hake and Norway lobster stocks to sustainable levels within a period of ten years. Many national and international initiatives are targeting a sustainable management of fish stocks all over the world. What is the state of (Added: Wed Nov 16 2005)

Genes Contribute to Patriotism and Group Loyalty popular

LONDON, Ontario -- Research showing the importance of genetic similarity to group loyalty and patriotism was published in the October issue of Nations and Nationalism, an academic journal of the London School of Economics. The paper, entitled “Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology, and gene(Added: Sat Nov 12 2005)

Net-weather.co.uk winter forecast 2005/2006 popular

FOR RELEASE FROM 00:01 MONDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 2005 ---BEGINS--- 2005 has been another very mild year for the UK, this summer was above average and following on from that, the Autumn is potentially heading toward being a record breaker as the mildest ever recorded. Even taking this into considera(Added: Sat Nov 12 2005)

Communicating Environmental Research popular

WHAT? Forum on the challenges of Communicating Environmental Research. The event will take place in the context of the Communicating European Research Conference 2005 (CER 2005). More information for journalists at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/conferences/2005/cer2005/press_corner_en.html (Added: Wed Nov 09 2005)

The New Rosetta Stone: The Isis Thesis

ThothWeb.com delves into the groundbreaking work contained in The Isis Thesis; research which offers clear evidence that Egyptian Hieroglyphs contained a hidden scientific code that has remained undiscovered until now. The discovery of the Rosetta Stone allowed mankind to finally understand the l(Added: Tue Nov 08 2005)

island of temperament of peace and the cloud of enchantment

Lagoon in the pacific- a lovely paradise on the island of Timor miracle- on the route to heaven The lagoon is my enchantment my miracle of being healthy- There are full of palm trees around my lagoon, the trees are full of scrumptious coconut all ready for eating. My lagoon in the pacific is (Added: Sun Nov 06 2005)

Blake Shield Trust

David Bellamy presents Blake Shield Awards to young people aged 5 to 16 for their work on nature and conservation projects during 2005. Presentation ceremony takes place at Northampton University Campus on 19th November. All enquiries to Mo Norrington PR Officer British Naturalists Association (Added: Thu Nov 03 2005)

New Quality Testing Machines Designed Especially for Use on Production Floor popular

Mecmesin has developed a new range of compact console-controlled compression and tension testing systems for quality control testing in manufacturing. MultiTest-x test frames assess quality of manufactured products, components and materials by measuring the ability of samples to sustain applied load(Added: Wed Nov 02 2005)

New version of the Nature Corners screen saver continues to hold "5 stars" and "editor's choice" awa

New version of the Nature Corners screen saver continues to hold "5 stars" and "editor's choice" awards on the popular download archives! This utility is a wonderful screen saver which shows your favorite nature pictures collections at the computer's idle time. When the Nature Cor(Added: Sun Oct 30 2005)

New Classification of Eukaryotes has implications for AIDS treatment, agriculture and beyond

The first major higher level classification of all organisms (with the exception of bacteria), coordinated by the International Society of Protistologists, overturns previously held scientific assumptions. 28 experts representing the fields of microbiology, mycology, parasitology, phycology, and pr(Added: Wed Oct 26 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses-Trinity Quandary & Quantum Theory popular

Our Broadband 'Trinity' Universe-Is Heaven Broadband or Dial up? We don't know Heaven-Jesus could be God because he is omnipresent? The Deity of Christ, created being Son of God, or God himself OR both? Jehovah's Witness say John 1:1 can't be reconciled and yes the Trinity is of paga(Added: Mon Oct 24 2005)

Plato's Atlantis. New Paleographical Evidences Demonstrates that Not Was 9000 Years Before Solon...

Plato's Atlantis. New Paleographical Evidences Demonstrates that Not Was 9000 Years Before Solon.

Source: Scientific Atlantology International Society (SAIS) http://www.laAtlantida.info Madrid, 08-01-2005

See pho(Added: Thu Oct 20 2005)

Federico Named Space Policy Advocate of the Year

-- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- October 17, 2005 The International Alliance for Space Policy Advocacy (IASPA) has announced that Jeffrey J. Federico is its 2005 Space Policy Advocate of the Year. Federico, founder of VastBeyond.com, one of the pioneering web sites for space advocacy, will be honore(Added: Mon Oct 17 2005)

New publisher for Cell Research: Nature Publishing Group partners with Shanghai Institutes for Biolo

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 17 October 2005 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: David Swinbanks Nature Publishing Group +81 3 3267 8751 New publisher for Cell Research: Nature Publishing Group partners with Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (Chinese Academy of (Added: Mon Oct 17 2005)

LabX generates over $4 million in Auction bids in a single day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 11th, 2005 LabX generates over $4 million in Auction bids in a single day The Scientific and Medical equipment online auction marketplace, LabX, received over $4 million in bids on September 30th, 2005. “This record day reflects our continuous efforts to gro(Added: Wed Oct 12 2005)

Cattle Grazing May Help Rather Than Hurt Endangered Species

The fight between cattle-grazing landowners and environmentalists may be a false dichotomy. An article published in the latest issue of Conservation Biology finds that cattle grazing plays an important role in maintaining wetland habitat necessary for some endangered species. Removing cattle fro(Added: Wed Oct 12 2005)

‘First on the moon’ Buzz Aldrin lands in London.

‘First on the moon’ Buzz Aldrin lands in London. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, first on the moon in 1969 aboard Apollo 11 will be flying in to the Radisson Edwardian Hotel at Heathrow to meet and talk with UK space fans and discuss the return to the moon recently announced by NASA. Colonel Aldrin wil(Added: Wed Oct 12 2005)

City Networks welcomed as a new exhibitor for the 2005 e-Financial WorldExpo

Toronto, Canada October 11, 2005 - The 2005 e-Financial WorldExpo being held during Oct. 27-28, 2005 in National Trade Center, Toronto, Canada (http://e-financial.wowgao.com) is pleased to welcome City Networks as an exhibitor for the upcoming event. Over 500 financial institutions in 40 countries r(Added: Tue Oct 11 2005)
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