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Ex-Scottish Bank Robber Has Koestler Award Turned into Book

Added: (Thu Sep 09 2004)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Scotland’s Most Notorious Robber To Have His Autobiography Published
Publisher: Blake Publishing (London)
Title of book: It’s Criminal
Publication date: 22 September 2004
ISBN: 1844540596

Format: Hardback

Awards: 4 X Arthur Koestler winner

Amazon link page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1844540596/qid%3D1080775229/026-7309675-6446040

Crimebiz page: http://www.crimebiz.com/jamescrosbie.html

Contact name of James Crosbie’s Press Agent: Steve Richards

Bad Boy Steve Richards has pulled another big publishing deal off with the publication of Crosbie’s book, proving that crime does pay.

Acting for numerous underworld figures throughout the UK, Richards has been successful in acting as literary agent and, at times, ghost writer, for the most popular and feared collection of cons and ex cons you are ever likely to meet.

Having been lambasted by Anne Widdecombe for promoting ex criminals on his web site (www.crimebiz.com) and taken to the High Court by Jack Straw, Richards has not been deterred by what he sees as his moral duty to help put the most feared of criminals back on the straight and narrow.

Link to profile on Steve Richards: http://www.crimebiz.com/steve_richards_profile.html


Once classified as the most dangerous man in Scotland, notorious for his daring bank robberies and escaping from a robbery on a bicycle, James Crosbie was the criminal mastermind behind many successful crimes carried out throughout the UK.

Everything about James Crosbie oozed with gold plated panache; even his flying club membership number with the Glasgow Flying Club was akin to the James Bond image that he lived … 008. A flamboyant larger than life fun loving character, he loved guns, women and fast cars and was considered a lovable rogue by those in the media.

After marrying a former beauty queen, keep fit fanatic 008 Crosbie became a successful businessman and popular social figure. His business ventures took him around the world, where he had a string of girlfriends to match his jet-set lifestyle. His travels around the world took him to places like Germany, Yugoslavia, South America, France, Venice, California, Cyprus and Ghana.

As well as being a top businessman and serial bank robber, Crosbie was also a highly respected cycle racer and keen golfer. These two elements were to play a crucial role in Crosbie’s daring near perfect bank raids when he carried out a spate of robberies that netted a record breaking haul from various banks in Scotland and resulted in James Crosbie being branded the ‘most dangerous man in Scotland’.

Dubbed ‘Lucky Jim’, Crosbie stirred up a hornet’s nest in the Scottish justice system when he was accidentally given bail after he was charged with robbery and attempted murder. Glasgow Sheriff Court freed Crosbie from Barlinnie Prison in a fatal error of judgement and Crosbie was freed minutes before Scottish police zoomed in on Barlinnie Prison to arrest Crosbie on further bank robbery charges.

Whilst on bail and on the run, Crosbie carried out yet another near perfect solo bank raid in Edinburgh. The following day, in disguise, he made his way to buy some aspirins to clear a headache. Despite the disguise, Crosbie was spotted by Scottish Regional Crime officers and was eventually sentenced to 20 years behind bars for his part in these bank robberies.

The granting of bail to Crosbie in accidental circumstances prompted the Lord Advocate of Scotland to say that there was no need for a review of the bail system, but said that an unfortunate breakdown in communication led to the fiscal not knowing Crosbie was wanted on another bank robbery raid. The Lord Advocate said that the only other grounds for refusing bail would have been the magnitude of the crime! The Lord Advocate had maybe missed out on the fact that Crosbie had just pulled off Scotland’s biggest ever armed bank robbery!

Thereafter, in 1975, Crosbie became known as the ‘Bank Robber on a Bike’. Although Crosbie was charged with three bank robberies that netted £170,150, most of the money was never recovered and Crosbie remained tight lipped of its whereabouts. On today’s value, the robbery money would have totalled well over £1½m!

During the course of Crosbie’s biggest robberies, he carried out armed raids on two branches of the Clydesdale Bank and one branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The former crime correspondent of the News of the World, Ron Belbin, was so taken with the lifestyle and daring robberies of Crosbie that in 1966, when Crosbie became involved on the periphery of a very serious triple murder, he tried to get him to write his life story. Crosbie, at that time, was still very actively involved in crime and shunned the idea … now (2004), James Crosbie is serving an eight year sentence in a Scottish prison imposed upon him for trying to smuggle 5Kg of cannabis, which was strapped to his waist, out of Scotland and into Iceland. The only man in British history to be convicted of smuggling drugs out of this island!

And that’s just the rough-cut version of Crosbie’s life story! Crosbie has connections to all of the major blagging gangs throughout Britain; he even has connections to the infamous cop killer Harry Roberts.

The notorious Peterhead Prison is covered in various chapters, a real eye-opener!

As well as being a nationally known criminal figure in Scotland, James Crosbie has also been mentioned in hard man prisoner Charles Bronson’s book Legends Vol. 1 and contributed the Scottish chapter to the same book.

Crosbie has appeared in the video documentary about Bronson’s life, Sincerely Yours, and has had recent numerous mentions in the press as being a star of the Crimebiz web site www.crimebiz.com.

Crosbie had a mention on the BBC TV show Book Mark and received literary praise for a Koestler winning script relating to another title, Ashanti Gold.

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