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The Quest...The King...The Menace...The Hero

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The Quest...The King...The Menace...The Hero
In the Grand Tradition of Tolkien's Frodo and C.S. Lewis's Children of Narnia....RUNT THE BRAVE Proves that Right is More Powerful than Might

OLATHE, KS: He doesn't have a lot of friends-even his brother scorns and hates him. But JaRed, the scrawny one they call Runt, is destined for greatness. He will deliver his people from evil, and if he can survive his enemies (including the current king), a seer has foretold that he will be the next king.

JaRed the field mouse discovers that a larger, stronger, fiercer, and more numerous army of rats is about to invade the underground city of Tira-Nor. But although he lacks the power, strength and experience of the other mice, JaRed is the only one brave enough to challenge the rat king, the biggest and meanest of them all, in solo combat.

With echoes of the great underdog (undermouse?) struggles of history, from David and Goliath and Joan of Arc to the brave partisans who resisted the Nazis-and of The Lord of the Rings and other epic quests in young adult literature-JaRed seeks his destiny even as larger forces threaten to crush his entire city.

JaRed hesitated a moment more, and then the words came out calmly, from some place inside him that he did not know existed. And they sounded like the words of someone else, as though he were a bystander listening in. "Tell LaRish." JaRed said, "that I am not looking. Tell him I am seeing. And what I see is that the earth is about to swallow up Tira-Nor." (pp. 122-123)

Filled with biblical allusions, allegory, and just plain good storytelling, RUNT THE BRAVE pits good against evil, right against might, and the struggles of a lonely young figure to find his place in the world against a society that barely knows he exists.

"The story of David and Goliath came alive to my children and me as we read this hair-raising adventure. Even my 7-year-old, who never can keep herself awake when I read, sat riveted as Runt overcame the giant snake with ElShua's help . Runt the Brave is a great tool to help our children recognize the value of, and develop for themselves, the treasure of their own personal relationship with our 'ElShua'-the One Who Whispers." -Tracy Fischer, Founder of Hide-It Club Ministries

This young adult book is the debut novel by Daniel Schwabauer, M.A., editor of Crosswind Comics and developer of educational materials for at-risk youth and prison inmates. He has written short stories, political columns, radio scripts, and a stage play.

Runt the Brave, by Daniel Schwabauer, M.A.
ISBN 0974297216, 224 pages, clothbound, $16.99
Publisher/Pub Date: Clear Water Press, October 2004
Distributed by FaithWorks/NBN
www.tiranor.com (July 4, 2004)

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