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Teenager and Serious Relationships

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Pressbox (Press Release) - When growing up, most people dream of finding their ideal partners who they would establish a relationship that may last a lifetime. The journey to finding the right partner is long and consists of heartbreaks and disappointment. The search for an ideal partner can be emotionally distressing thus the need for individuals to postpone any serious relationship until they are mature enough. Specifically, teenagers should avoid any serious relationships, at their tender age. Teenagers are too young to seek a serious relationship and thus the continued disappointment when their partners fail them can distort their life.
Teenagers are emotionally unstable thus the likelihood that they may be adversely affected if they perceive that their relationship is not turning out to be as good as they expected. Teenagers may also hold high expectations over a relationship and may be devastated if the relationship fails to meet their expectations. My sixteen years old son, for instance, was at the brink of suicide when his relationship with a girl four years his senior failed. My son was sexually involved with his girlfriend and thus was emotionally attached and vulnerable in his relationship. Teenagers such as my son feel the need to assert themselves in a relationship especially if they feel threatened. My son, for instance, was uncomfortable with the fact that his girlfriend lived alone. He was constantly worried that the girlfriend may cheat on him when he is away. Teenagers invest too much in any relationship they from thus the tendency to be jealous and mistrust their partners. A serious relationship can also result to academic failure.
Teenagers who emphasize on having a serious relationship at their tender age invest a lot of time in a relationship. Unfortunately, the teenager may forget or lack time for his studies thus leading to dismal academic performance. My son, for instance, began to perform poorly in school. He lacked time for his studies as every free time was spent with his girlfriend. Additionally, his concentration, in school, reduced as he spent most time day dreaming about his girlfriend.
A serious relationship is not ideal for teenagers as the failure of a relationship can affect them. When my sonís relationship failed, he turned to drugs for solace. He had high expectations for the relationship, but the girlfriend was not committed. The breakup devastated my son, and he spent days confined to his room. When he began experimenting with drugs, he became aggressive and mentally abusive. He took time off his studies to receive counseling and rehabilitation. He eventually recovered and chose not to enter into another relationship until he was old enough. Teenagers who establish platonic relationship can make more friends of the opposite sex. The friends can offer support in personal and academic matters.
Additionally, the teenager is not emotionally attached to any of his friend thus issues of mistrust and jealous do not arise. When my son ended the relationship, he was able to concentrate and complete his studies. He later joined college, and he is about to graduate. Teenagers should avoid getting into serious relationships until they are old enough. Serious relationships burden teenagers yet they are expected to focus on their studies and their future. Teenager should aim to establish lifelong friends from both genders and wait till they are mature to begin romantic relationships.

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