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ENJOY YOUR AGE: The Key to Growing Older Disgracefully!

In a recent online survey it was revealed that 45% of people fear ageing. Considering that there are 25 million people over 45 in the UK, there is an awful lot of anxious people going around worrying about their age! Worse still, 58% of young people (aged 21-30) fear getting older. Cripes! What do (Added: Thu Nov 16 2006)

Gordon Brown Backs Great Britons Website

On behalf of Morgan Stanley, Model Interaction, user interface design specialists, have created a permanent home for the Morgan Stanley Great Britons website (http://www.greatbritons.org) which celebrates outstanding British achievement by asking the public to nominate their greatest Britons in 2006(Added: Thu Nov 16 2006)

Is It Time for the People to Have Their Say on the UFO Pheonomena?

There are hundreds of documentaries and DVD's, thousands of books and millions of articles and websites in the world all chasing the UFO enigma. Recently Nick Pope resigned from the MOD to pursue his career in the realm of the UFO and alien hunting world. He gave the British a shock and said tha(Added: Tue Nov 14 2006)

Zune Player Weds Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning will now take an even bigger jump into the ears of future brides planning for they're special day, with the introduction of Microsoft’s new Zune player. Podcasts that can currently be downloaded into ipods or mp3 players, can now be downloaded into Microsoft’s new Zune Player. (Added: Sun Nov 12 2006)

Gentle Wind Project Drops Lawsuit Against Whistle Blowers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 11, 2006 Contact: Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey 207-374-2437 / 374-3608 / bluehill.me@prexar.com For additional info: www.windofchanges.org Gentle Wind Project Permanently ‘Becalmed’ by Lawsuit Settlement Former GWP Followers’ Freedom of Speech Insured Joh(Added: Sat Nov 11 2006)

23 UK Airports at the click of the mouse. Find it now and find it quick on this great new website.

AirportsInformation.co.uk is a new user friendly web site launched to give easy access to 23 Airport Information sites from one interactive map of the UK. Simply mouse over the map and click the airport you want to know about. Flight arrivals information, airport parking, airport hotels, airport(Added: Sat Nov 11 2006)

A Destination Wedding In Scotland

Destination Wedding Planner, Aileen Boyle, challenges you to be adventurous and create your lasting vows in Scotland which can only be described as one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world. Each season brings its own individuality allowing couples to visit at any time of the year (Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

London Wedding Organiser Is A Busy Bride's Bestfriend

If you are a bride thinking of using a London Wedding Organiser, Anne-Mie Brock is the Wedding Fairy Godmother of your dreams! Her organisational skills and artistic sensibilities are a product of her experience in global management and sales for a fine stationery company. Born in Belgium, Anne-M(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Ladies can now increase their circle of friends with FriendshipUK.

We know that some friendships are for life, while we loss some as our circumstances changes. Women who have moved to London or have fallen out of touch with their friends can all too easily find themselves lacking close female company and that vital girlie chat! FriendshipUK (http://www.friendshipu(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Wedding Invitation Trends By London Wedding Calligrapher, Kathy Luff

London wedding calligrapher, Kathy Luff, is the calligrapher of choice for the most stylish weddings from London to New York and beyond. What turns “a” wedding into “your” wedding? Answer: your style, your colours, your images, your design – in short your signature. Kathy Luff recommends bringin(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

The Business Journal of Phoenix Hosts Its First Literacy Charity Event at the Phoenix Convention Cen

The Business Journal of Phoenix invites local authors to participate in a special charity event for the benefit of promoting literacy. PHOENIX, AZ – Business Journal of Phoenix, is the new media division of American City Business Journals, the nation's largest publisher of metropolitan business(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Churches expand without limit using new web system !!

LONDON, UK -- November 11, 2006 -- With almost 10 years of web site development and programming experience, WebSesame.co.uk is pleased to announce the launch of their Church Web System geared to assist evangelical churches expand in an unprecedented fashion. Timi Ogunjobi, Project Director of (Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Do Yourself a Favor with The Universal Pyschic Guild's Psychic Advice

What's sadder is that most of the time, we create our own gutters, effectively shutting out the rest of the world. Few of us would admit we need help. Because we mistakenly think that to ask help is to surrender, to admit defeat, and to be a weakling. But people will listen to your call for help.(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Affirmative Action Undermined With New Evidence of Race IQ Gap

Despite widespread claims that the gap is closing between Blacks and Whites in educational achievement and intelligence test scores, new research shows the 15-point IQ difference is as large today as it was 100 years ago. A study published in the October 2006 issue of Psychological Science showe(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Western Australian Technology Measures Up Against Climate Change --

10 November 2006 PRESS RELEASE: Western Australian Technology Measures Up Against Climate Change Representatives from the worlds largest manufacturer of solar hot water systems, Solahart, met last week with the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at the Western Australian Government,(Added: Fri Nov 10 2006)

Get Text messages from God

Get Text messages from God Exciting new service sends daily bible verses to your mobile phone Pray4u.co.uk have launched a new cutting edge service which lets UK subscribers receive daily text messages from the bible. This is a brand new service and a brand new way to read the word of God. (Added: Thu Nov 09 2006)

Face à l'anorexie, le visible et l'invisible

Samedi 25 novembre 2006 15 heures Rencontre autour du livre de Virginie Megglé Face à l'anorexie Le visible et l'invisible paru aux Éditions Eyrolles Centre de Psychothérapie 53, rue de Chabrol 75010 Paris code 4362A Tel: 06 62 91 21 68 - 06 16 70 88 01 Ac(Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

Psychanalyse en mouvement ... Une psychanalyse pour qui ? Pour quoi?

Paris est une fête invite Psychanalyse en mouvement "Psychanalyse en mouvement: Pour qui? Pour quoi? Une approche contemporaine de la psychanalyse? Vendredi 24 novembre 2006 à 18h30 au café Au Bon Cep 30 rue Bézout 75014 Paris Métro Alésia Réunion conviviale Venez(Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

Australian Working Visa Still Strong in Face of the Country's Ongoing Skills Shortage

Victoria, Australia, 7 November 2006---Senator Amanda Vanstone, speaking for the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, still admits the fact: Australia is still riddled with skills shortage. And as such, temporary skilled migrants remain as heroes rescuing the Land Down Under. Even (Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

What You Should Know About Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important aspects of any kitchen. Quality cabinets can increase a the selling value of a home, while poorly constructed ones can detract from not only the value of a home but also the beauty and efficiency of a kitchen. In this article you'll learn more about the differe(Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

No Need to rush for the post this Christmas!

No need to rush for the post this Christmas if you use Benevolus.com, a high quality eCard website which donates a whopping 60% of card costs to your chosen charity. Individual eCards cost as little as 30p each if bought in bulk and are only £1 if bought individually and 60% goes to your chosen (Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)


On November 2nd the Larry King show on CNN was focused on the topic, “Beyond Positive Thinking.” Mr. King’s guests were John Assaraf, the Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini J.Z. Knight and Bob Proctor. The basic premise of the show was that people have the power to control and to create thei(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

A poem for Remembrance Day - Heroes who saved us..

Heroes who saved us... Here is a tribute to the veterans of the world wars, written for Armistice Day by ninety year old poet, Kathleen Ross. She is making it available for publication, to be included in any tributes to be made in the media, to coincide with Armistice Day, this Saturday, 11th No(Added: Tue Nov 07 2006)

Finsbury Park Single Mums Extend a Helping Hand

While the government is planning to address the needs of socially excluded families, the UCKG HelpCentre in Finsbury Park is delivering results. And its support group for teenage single mothers in Finsbury Park has just launched a new initiative. Members of the Victory Youth Group’s Single Mums (Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

UCKG Launches Diversity Programme

The new UCKG HelpCentre on Suffolk Street, Queensway, has launched a wide reaching diversity programme for autumn 2006, with events for young and old from all of Birmingham’s ethnic groups. This Pentecostal church, which believes that people are entitled to a good life here and now, has scheduled(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Armistice Day and Heroes who saved us

Heroes who saved us... Here is a tribute to the veterans of the world wars, written for Armistice Day by ninety year old poet, Kathleen Ross. She is making it available for publication, to be included in any tributes to be made in the media, to coincide with Armistice Day, this Saturday, 11th Nov(Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Indianetzone Launches The Most Useful and Informative Site religion.indianetzone.com

Indianetzone.com, the numero-uno educative and descriptive web portal of India, launches a site on Religion. Mumbai, November 4, 2006: Indianetzone.com, India’s most informative and illustrative web portal, launches http://religion.indianetzone.com http://religion.indianetzone.com is the only (Added: Mon Nov 06 2006)

Dr. Neder Teaches Alpha Dogs New Relationship Tricks

Los Angeles, CA --October 27, 2006--Men who are considered Alpha Males have traits that make them highly desired and at the same time difficult to get along with in a personal relationship. Dr. Neder specializes in teaching men how to navigate the world of women and get into the deeper levels of cre(Added: Fri Nov 03 2006)

GardenLend is launched

GardenLend Press Release 31.10.06 http://www.GardenLend.co.uk info@GardenLend.co.uk GardenLend is launched. A revolutionary approach to gardening that brings people together. GardenLend matches up neglected gardens and frustrated gardeners. Look around you when you walk down the stre(Added: Fri Nov 03 2006)
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