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Birmingham UCKG Branch Helps Meet the Need for Rare Blood Types

Over 40 volunteers gave blood at a special donation afternoon hosted by the Birmingham branch of UCKG HelpCentre last week. The National Blood Service (NBS) was delighted to return to the Christian church in Lozells Road after collecting quantities of particularly rare blood types at the previous do(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Church totally cleared of witchcraft and

A judgment issued by the High Court in Zambia confirms that the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has been totally exonerated with regard to recent allegations of un-Christian behaviour, witchcraft or Satanism. Most importantly UCKG is once again recognised as a bona fide Christian churc(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Unlock Reality Manuscript Karma Experiment

We often hear the saying "What goes around comes around" and we have been taught that "you reap what you sow", but whoever thought of scientifically testing this theory which Eastern Faiths call Karma? The members of the Prepare to Unlock Reality Care 2 Group, that's who. The Group, which is host(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

EBE vs. Humanity

Rather it can be classified as a true event or not, Andreá Millon unfolds a short story “2 B Human” on her website about a friend’s visitation with an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, also known as an EBE. The EBE’s curiosity is clear, “in search of Biological Residence. Information on Human is n(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Looking for Love in London?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 2006 Looking for Love in London? SnogLondon (www.snoglondon.com) is a unique internet dating site created specifically for all those single Londoners out there. Whether you’re looking for friendship, flirty fun, looking for love or searching for that soul m(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

Keeping it safe

PRESS RELEASE ---BEGINS--- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Keeping it safe. (24/01/2006) www.JapaneseCondoms.co.uk have launched an online service importing and selling Japanese condoms in an attempt to make them more readily accessible in the UK. This means that, for the first time, high quality con(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

A leading High Society Wedding Planning Consultancy discusses the introduction of gay weddings

Miranda Lewis, Director of Orchid, one of the UK’s leading high society wedding planning consultancies, is available for comment on Gay Weddings which became legal in the UK as from 5th December 2005. Orchid is actively planning a gay wedding for 2006. Following Miranda Lewis' recent live appea(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2006: An Interview with Designer Carl Blackburn

With the New Year now upon us, would-be brides and grooms have been making resolutions to find the most enchanting engagement rings and wedding bands. Popular jewellery designer Carl Blackburn recently sat down with the media to talk about what's best and brightest in today's bridal jewellery trends(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for Jehovahs Witnesses are Losing their Battle Against Embarressi

Cult News from Rick Ross (www.cultnews.com) A news perspective with analysis from cult expert Rick Ross 01.21.06 Jehovah’s Witnesses successfully shut down a Canadian Web site that featured often-embarrassing quotes from their previously published materials, but now a new English Web site has (Added: Sun Jan 22 2006)

New Book: Embrace Her Christian Soul

Embrace Her Christian Soul is a passionate charge to the Christian Husband to love his wife the way that Christ loves the Church. Tyrone Short announces publication of Embrace Her Christian Soul in conjunction with Lulu (www.lulu.com), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand b(Added: Sun Jan 22 2006)

Oscar Qualifying Human Rights Video ¡°UNITED¡± wins the ¡°International Film Festival for Humanitari

¡°UNITED,¡± the international phenomenon music video with a strong human rights message, has been awarded as winner at the ¡°International Film Festival for Humanitarianism in the Global World¡± at the Europe-Bulgaria Centre in Sofia. The prestigious award was accepted on behalf of UNITED¡¯s directo(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)

Etiquette and the Principles of Wealth

Etiquette and the Principles of Wealth From the scientific point of view… Mathematics is an exact science and achieving wealth is an exact science as well. The elements of the formula to achieve wealth are available to everybody. The etiquette principles are part of this formula that, if fol(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)

Online & Technical Partnership Between iridiumInteractive & NASSCOM Foundation to Drive Social Devel

Iridium Interactive proudly launched NASSCOM Foundation’s website. We are the Online and Technical Partners to an organisation which is working for social causes & development. We had to resist the temptation of making NASSCOM Foundation’s website a showpiece. Instead the creative team decided (Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)

Families Thru International Adoption Now Licensed For Adoptions in Vietnam

( EMAILWIRE.COM, January 18, 2006 ) Evansville, IN -- Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA) today received their much-anticipated license to officially begin adoption work in Vietnam. FTIA is one of only a handful of U.S. agencies nationwide awarded a license to complete adoptions from the S(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Hotel on Rivington Earns Fin On HotelShark.com

HotelShark.com, the world's most-trusted online lodging guide, bestowed the Fin Award for Service Quality on the Hotel on Rivington earlier this week. Last May, the New York Times advised travelers to consult HotelShark.com to “learn as much as you can about the accommodations.” A recent guest o(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Church of Scientology calls for all Sectors of society to Unite in the Fight Against Drugs

18 January 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Carina Wilson Phone: 07749 939 578 E-mail: carinajoanne@tiscali.co.uk In response to the latest debate ongoing about whether or not to re-upgrade marijuana to the Class A drug category, the UK Church of Scientology has called upon all s(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Bentley Pink Pinkeon Church New Headquarters in USA.

News from the pinkeon free evangelical church website at http://pinkeon.com is that Bentley Pink and his followers and supporters have recently started a fund to build their new church facility and headquarters in the USA – the location has yet to be decided. Bentley has said that a vote of all Fol(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Grooms Go online with Personal Interavtive invitations

Grooms Go Online With Personal Interactive Invitations Press Release Release Date: 14 January 2006 Grooms are being encouraged to take a more active role in preparing for their big day by logging onto an exciting new interactive online stag invitation service . Yorkshire based online invi(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Incredible was images falling off a candle.

Press Release Jan 17, 2006 San Ramon, Ca Incredible wax images falling off a candle. Six years ago, something remarkable happened when Cynthia Long traveled with family members to Fatima, Portugal to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. While sitting on the steps of the Fatima sh(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Hundreds Pledge to Lead a Drug Free Life at Community Day in Inglewood

January 17, 2006 -- Hundreds of new Drug-Free Marshals raised their right hands and pledged to be drug-free this Saturday in Inglewood. This made the Drug-Free Marshals booth one of the hottest attractions for young people at the 11th Annual Community Day, co-sponsored by the Los Angeles County S(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Celebrate Friendship Month and Valentine’s Day in Playgroups Across the Country

Cypress, CA, January 17, 2006 – Moms with babies or young children at home often feel isolated and removed from life. The playgroup directory at www.ChildAvenue.com is a resource for moms in the United States searching for friendship with other moms in the same situation. Just in time for February(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Simon Hughes MP, Patron of Urban Youth Charity

Simon Hughes MP celebrated with the tenth anniversary of the urban youth charity XLP at the House of Commons last night. Hughes, the Patron of XLP, said “XLP has done fantastic work with thousands of young people in South East London for 10 years now. The potential for good is huge; the potential to(Added: Wed Jan 18 2006)

Cornwalltoday looks forward to successful second year

Cornwalltoday looks forward to successful second year

On the 20th January Cornwalltoday will have been live for 1 year. There are now 270 Cornish properties on the site, providing users with the best choice of accommodation for their holiday in Cornwall. Alongside the array of (Added: Tue Jan 17 2006)

Notice to All Humanity

Limitlesssmile--- A Festival of Notions of Self reflection, Life Engineering, Common Law, Human Sovereignty, popular philosophy and psychology. A practical, pragmatic pondering of the organic mechanics of enlightenment; an objective pondering of the hazards we all as living souls must negotiate as w(Added: Sat Jan 14 2006)

How A Company Logo Design, Logo Design Company, Company Logo Designers Promote Your Brand

A recent report indicates that to obtain a quality and value-for-money graphic design service you need to follow three essential steps: Choose the right designer – look at examples of their work, make sure you like their portfolio, don’t be afraid to call them up with any questions so that you ar(Added: Sat Jan 14 2006)

A Mother’s Grief – Older Women Abuse of Minor Boys

Margate, FL, January 10, 2006. A few years ago one mom painstakingly sat back and watched as her son, age 14, start dating an older woman, age 19. In today’s society had the roles been reversed the 19-year-old would have been charged with rape. However, this was a woman dating a younger man so th(Added: Sat Jan 14 2006)

Tips to prevent your car insurance rising after winter

Duck2water Car Insurance warns of a rise in car insurance for many drivers following announcements by the Meteorological Office that the UK is facing the coldest winter in 10 years. If drivers are not prepared for the cold weather, it could cause thousands of accidents. The likelihood of skiddin(Added: Sat Jan 14 2006)

Drink driving - the morning after

Duck2water Car Insurance warns of the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol. Most drivers realise that they are going to be over the limit if they drive their car soon after having alcoholic drinks, but many do not consider how long it takes for alcohol to stop affecting their bod(Added: Sat Jan 14 2006)

Catholic Movement promoting Mary worship Third Secret of Fatima : Mary Is God?

This current development is a dangerous reminder of how fragile the Catholic Church is. Just recently another self-proclaimed visionary who claims to be in touch with the Virgin Mary advertised his claim of Marian divinity as the real third secret of Fatima. This is a serious claim and one that bo(Added: Thu Jan 12 2006)

"Have you ever wanted to explore your inner most desires and fantasies?"

www.mate1dating.net is the fastest growing dating site on the internet, We offer a free to join service that allows you to search for and meet others from your own country or meet pen pals from all over the world joining couldn’t be easier, Join free today!! Then set up your profile and that's it! (Added: Thu Jan 12 2006)
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