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Single Parent Dating with success - how and where in the UK

If you are a single parent considering joining the dating scene then you have to face up to a couple of hard facts before starting out: - you don't have the same flexibility with your time as another single who is not a parent - prospective partners may lose interest once they discover you have ki(Added: Tue Feb 17 2004)

Create a stress free life

Stress is one of the major challenges of the modern world and yet with some straightforward tools and techniques, you can create a stress free life for yourself. Released by Futurecraft, ‘The Straightforward Guide to a Stress Free Life’ provides you with the tools and techniques to set yourself u(Added: Mon Feb 16 2004)

SOTC appoint Peter Maple for Major Campaign Development

The Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, a leading Anglican charity providing assistance and support to clergy and their families in times of need, has appointed Peter Maple as their first Director of Development. Maple’s first task will be to help the charity develop a campaign in order to broad(Added: Tue Feb 10 2004)

Bank Robs Man

Los Angeles, CA - The giant financial institution, Citibank, has allegedly robbed a financially handicapped, medically impaired and defenseless senior citizen in Los Angeles. As a matter of public record, Citibank filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, case number 03K19648, against Andre(Added: Sun Feb 08 2004)

Safer Driving Campaigner Gets Stoned

MOTORING CAMPAIGNER PAYS THE PENALTY FOR BEING STONED 44 year old man who was an Oyster Award finalist in 2002 for his campaign for Safer Driving has himself been fined for exceeding the speed limit. The website www.reportroadrage.co.uk which he set up is now in its fourth year and provides adv(Added: Sat Feb 07 2004)

Valentine’s Day Gifts Can Expose Cheating Husbands

Valentine’s Day holds special meaning for lovers. It’s customary for a man to give a token of affection to the special woman in his life. While a cheating husband may neglect his wife, he’s almost certain to buy his lover a gift. And this may prove to be his undoing. Ruth Houston, infidelity exp(Added: Sat Feb 07 2004)


According to statistics, 50% to 70% of men cheat on their mates. What type of man is most likely to cheat? Ruth Houston, infidelity expert and author of Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs says, “Some men are more likely to cheat than others. You can tell by looking at certain things in t(Added: Sat Feb 07 2004)


Kathleen Towns of Elm Court, East Grinstead, now aged 83, worked at Wealden House, then called Cuttens, from 1936 to 1939 when it was occupied by Lady Mabel Cayzer and her two daughters. As a direct result of the article in the East Grinstead Courier a few weeks ago about the house, Kathleen visite(Added: Sat Feb 07 2004)


We have all seen the recent domestic abuse campaigns which encourage us not to stand for domestic abuse. We see the contact organisations for getting out of an abusive relationship, but what about those who have left their abusive relationship, what then? It is estimated that 1 in 4 women will s(Added: Fri Feb 06 2004)

Valentine’s Day Gifts Can Expose a Cheating Husband

For Release during VALENTINE’S WEEK February 8 – 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts Can Expose a Cheating Husband Valentine’s Day holds special meaning for lovers. It’s customary for a man to give a token of affection to the special woman in his life. While a cheating husband may neglect his wife, h(Added: Tue Feb 03 2004)

Completely free dating agency popular

www.friendsormore.co.uk is currently offering 3 months completely free membership. Unlike all others which claim 'free membership' but don't mention until you try to contact another member that you have to pay for that privilege. Membership and contact is free on this site.(Added: Mon Feb 02 2004)

"Left Behind" - A Great Deception

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: "Left Behind" - A Great Deception With tens of millions of books, tapes and videos being sold in America and around the world, the "Left Behind" series has convinced multitudes of Christians into believing that they will be raptured away before the time of the "Great Tr(Added: Sat Jan 31 2004)

Labeling is Disabling: Achieving Congruent Communication (a smaple article from Hodu.com -Your Commu

A small town, somewhere in the world, was managed by a town council of seven or eight members. The council normally met once a week. One member - let's call him Bill - would invariably stroll into the council chamber exactly ten minutes after the time scheduled for the meeting. For Bill's fellow (Added: Wed Jan 28 2004)

National Coaching Week - Free Coaching Session

National Coaching Week As part of National Coaching Week (2 – 7 February), coaching firm Futurecraft are offering a free introductory Life Coaching session to anyone who contacts them before the end of February. If you are at a point where you want to make changes in your life or business, see(Added: Wed Jan 28 2004)

American Church in London to send 15 Youth to Portugal

Posted January 27, 2004 The American Church to send 15 Youth to Portugal The American Church in London is sending 15 youth on a spring break trip that will be like no other. Relaxing on sandy beaches? Touring Europe’s amazing cities? Not even close. The group will be giving up their break an(Added: Tue Jan 27 2004)

Young Designers Awards (YDA) Workshop popular

After a successful YDA ceremony and fashion show that took place on Saturday 8th November 2003 at the plush Mermaid theatre. Fashion Designers & Craftmakers Network, are on the search for an exceptional Young Designer for 2004. This Year sees the introduction of the Young Designers workshop. The (Added: Tue Jan 20 2004)

Learn to Read Write & Speak Arabic in London UK College popular

Do you want to learn Arabic in London? To study Arabic language you do not have to travel to the middle east Learn Arabic in London before you travel to the middle east www.arabic-school.co.uk London Arabic Language School offers beginners, intermediate and advanced Arabic language courses in (Added: Tue Jan 20 2004)

Ten More Commandments

It's been thousands of years since the ten commandments were handed down. It's now the 21st century - and the world is in dire need of some new and modern guidance. Like 10 more commandments ..... THOUGH SHALT HONOR THY ENVIRONMENT that means stoppeth polluting the planet, stoppeth overpopulat(Added: Mon Jan 19 2004)

Backup Direct™ joins with Lawyers Online Ltd to provide secure and hassle-free online data backup to popular

Backup Direct™ provides a data backup service that is simple, proven and automated. Users can specify what data they want to be protected on PCs, servers or across a network. The data is automatically encrypted, uploaded and stored at secure UK data centres. As the service is online, there is no(Added: Wed Jan 14 2004)

Rikki Lee Travolta Appears Makes Chicago Bulls Appearance

As the Chicago Bulls reinvent their on court image under new coach Scott Skiles and General Manager John Paxon, high profile entertainer Rikki Lee Travolta appears to endorse the team on behalf of the city's entertainment community. CHICAGO (January 12, 2004) - As a part of their "History i(Added: Mon Jan 12 2004)

Signature fragrance in a silk bag makes an exquisite Wedding favour popular

News Release Signature fragrance in silk bag an exquisite wedding favour PETERBOROUGH, U.K. (Jan./04) -- If you want to capture the spirit of your wedding in a bottle, the world’s favourite online perfumery has come up with a unique way to do just that. Fragrance for you Ltd will work with(Added: Mon Jan 12 2004)

New Book Examines the State of Multiculturalism in Modern Europe

20329 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Robyn Allen Xlibris Corporation (215) 923-4686 x. 150 Robyn.Allen@Xlibris.com Europe’s Multiracial Backyard New Book Examines the State of Multiculturalism in Modern Europe Los Angeles, CA– (January 7, 2003 – Hip-hop in England? Islam in Fr(Added: Thu Jan 08 2004)

searching for a better peace popular

Searching for the Perfect Peace Within One’s Soul Birmingham, Alabama 2004-01-04 New Book takes Artful Approach to Helping people on Their Spiritual Journeys BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Life is constant revision. As mankind grows, their souls and mind become more enriched. Their experiences bring them c(Added: Mon Jan 05 2004)

New Twist On Dating - Singles Events Go Back To School popular

A new website (www.MyFriendLikesYou.com) is hoping to make dating for singles in London not only more fun but a lot more productive by ignoring recent fads like speed dating and instead going back to basics and looking at what we used to do as kids and what works in Eastern cultures. After many m(Added: Wed Dec 31 2003)

Sacred Memory Announces Sacred Journey Bead Circlets popular

San Ramon, CA - Dec 22,2003 - Cynthia Long, creator of the "A Sacred Memory" keepsake memory folios (and the newest concept in greeting cards called "mini folios") announces "Sacred Journey Bead Circlets. The newest addition to the circlet collection is for weddings/brides. Infinite Love, part of th(Added: Mon Dec 22 2003)

Biryani King of India popular

The Biryani King of Bombay! Delhi Darbar’s JAFFERBHI MANSURI makes the best Biryani in Bombay. He is one restaurateur who can cook every item of food on the menus of his popular Mughlai eateries, ‘You must know and love food to be able to serve food, ‘he tells MARK MANUEL, recou(Added: Sat Dec 20 2003)

Cruising Cuisine: For Home Entertaining is an excellent source for dinner parties and get togethers!

Cruising Cuisine: For Home Entertaining is an excellent source for dinner parties and get togethers!! Cruising Cuisine For Home Entertaining By Elena Vakhrenova Publisher: Cruising Cuisine for Home Entertaining, Inc. Published: May 2003 Pages: 140 ISBN: 0972242201 Elena Vakhrenova is livi(Added: Thu Dec 18 2003)

New Year Resolutions and How to Achieve Them

At this time of year, people set New Year resolutions and often don’t succeed at what they were aiming for. The main reasons for this are:  That people feel that they should do something (or somebody else feels that they should!) but actually they don’t really want to do it  The(Added: Tue Dec 16 2003)

You are under arrest, for upsetting the councillors

As a respectable career Civil Servant for over 30 years, I never thought I would find myself on a one-man protest in the centre of my home town, Wolverhampton, demanding an investigation into the failings of Social Services. However, life holds many surprises, and there was one more in store for m(Added: Fri Dec 12 2003)

One Issue Islam's Koran and Christianity's Bible Agree popular

Erlanger, KY USA - The religion of Islam and Christianity disagree on many issues. For one, Islam does not believe in Christianity's Trinity. Then again, Christianity does not worship Islam's God (Allah). Despite their differences, they do agree on one thing. Both the Koran and the Bible agree that (Added: Thu Dec 11 2003)
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