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E-MensWeddingRings.com Explains the Benefits of Men's Gold Wedding Rings

According to E-MensWeddingRings.com, gold wedding rings are the most traditional rings available. When men’s wedding rings first became popular during the Second World War, gold was the metal of choice. Over the years, other metals have been introduced into the market. Nevertheless, gold has continu(Added: Thu Oct 20 2005)

Volunteer at Orphanage home in Nepal

We spent 3 weeks in an orphanage in Sauraha. The first days after our arrival, the kids were very busy with studying for their exams. Seldom did I see children , that work so hard for school, as they did. The important Dassain festival and holidays should start soon and we could feel the excitemen(Added: Thu Oct 20 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Child Abuse PEDOPHILE Cover up

Jehovah's Witnesses REQUIRE that there be TWO WITNESSES to EVERY ACCUSATION of CHILD RAPE! Read about this travesty. What would Jesus do? Help the Police Drive the Jehovah Witness Pedophiles into Prison The tragic cases of child abuse we have all been hearing and reading about for(Added: Thu Oct 20 2005)

Tis the season to be merry!

Site: www.hootcarinsurance.co.uk Press release Release details: Immediate Date: 14 October 2005 Tis the season to be merry!!! We all understand the perils of drink driving. It kills innocent people, the drink driver will lose their licence, they may go to prison, they might lose their job(Added: Wed Oct 19 2005)

e-JewishDating.com Reveals Jewish Dating Traditions

According to e-JewishDating.com, Jewish dating traditions range from the rigid rules and regulations formulated in Biblical times to the modern, no holds barred attitude of today’s youth. In the olden days, men and women were pretty much kept apart until the matchmaker made an arrangement, introduce(Added: Wed Oct 19 2005)


VOLUNTEER MINISTERS' STORIES Washington State For immediate release For further information: Rev. Zoe Vineyard October, 2005 Ph: 206 284-0604 HELP IN KATRINA AFTERMATH VOLUNTEER MINISTERS' STORIES Scientology Volunteer Minister Disaster Response volunteers from around the country, depl(Added: Wed Oct 19 2005)

Unifying Black People through the Theory of “Six Degrees of Separation”

Washington, DC. (October 17, 2005) -- SixDegreesBlack.com is a "Black" oriented social networking website built on the concept of "Six Degrees of Separation" which is the theory that anyone on Earth can be connected to any other person on Earth through a chain of people that has no more than five li(Added: Mon Oct 17 2005)

Nepal Volunteer Experience

Rosie Teasdale, UK - August 2005 I'd like to thank INFO Nepal for giving me an amazing experience in this remarkable country. By volunteering I was able to see Nepal in a way that I would not otherwise have been able to, had I been simply traveling. The experience of being part of a Nepali fa(Added: Mon Oct 17 2005)

Love2flirt launches 100 per cent free fully featured UK Dating Service

On 17th October 2005 Love2flirt UK Dating relaunched its uk dating service on a 100 per cent free basis. Eliminating all charges and giving its users full access to all major features including chatrooms, forums and professional dating advice it hopes to become a major force in the UK online dating(Added: Mon Oct 17 2005)

Corra Opens Division for Dating Background Checks

Corra, a company specializing in pre-employment background checks and corporate research, has opened a new division addressing singles and online dating background checks. The new division is designed to protect women of means who are often targeted by con artists and online predators. "(Added: Mon Oct 17 2005)

Locate Missing Persons And Runaways Worldwide

Worldezbiz believes that to locate Missing Persons and Runaways you need 'Boots' on the ground. Our results have thus far shown a success rate of over 70 percent. See more at; www.missing-persons-search.com October 15, 2005 -- Worldezbiz a premium service provider of personal assistants worl(Added: Sun Oct 16 2005)

Moon mission spurs Web domain marketplace

NEW YORK — With three countries — the United States, China, and Malaysia — announcing their ambitious plans for manned missions to the moon by 2020, a burgeoning marketplace has sprouted on the Web to support that goal. Already, hundreds of Web domains are being offered, but clearly, three of tho(Added: Sun Oct 16 2005)

Youth for Human Rights Summit Celebrates Universal Declaration on Human Rights

Solving the Hunger Problem Key Issue for Summit Held at Portland Church of Scientology Portland, OR: Youth for Human Rights International Portland chapter Summit on Hunger addressed core issues affecting the disenfranchised and underprivileged population while utilizing the Universal Declaration (Added: Thu Oct 13 2005)

Local Campaigners Protest Outside the Peak District National Park Headquarters Over Their Support fo

Not for publication before 00.01hrs Friday Oct 14th On Friday 14th October, the Peak District National Park Authority members were greeted by local campaigners who are urging them to reconsider their support for the A628 bypass and support instead an HGV ban. A preliminary study into the poten(Added: Thu Oct 13 2005)

Best way to open a great bottle of champagne is to sabre it!!!

Yes its true, the only way to open a great bottle of champagne is to use a sword or sabre. The traditional French way of opening Champagne is slowly returning to the mordern world. More people are now opening bottles of Champagne at Births, Marriages and many other occassions. Poshprezzies.c(Added: Wed Oct 12 2005)

The Enchanted Self Has a Face Lift at www.enchantedself.com

One of the most poplular Positive Psychology sites for women has just undergone successfully a beautiful face lift! Come and see what the magic of Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein's creative thinking combined with the skills of a talented webmistress can achieve. Now it is easy to talk to Dr. Holstein (Added: Tue Oct 11 2005)

New rules spell bleak future for uninsured drivers

Site: www.hootcarinsurance.co.uk Press release Release date: Immediate Date: 07/10/05 New rules spell bleak future for uninsured drivers Recent measures will curb behaviour of the corrupt percentage of drivers who chose to drive without first insuring their vehicles. Uninsured drivers are(Added: Tue Oct 11 2005)

i-ChristianDating.com Explains Where to Find Free Christian Dating Services

According to i-ChristianDating.com, Christian dating services can fulfill different people’s needs. Some of these services require that members fill out in depth questionnaire so that they can be matched to other people with compatible profiles.

There are, however, many free Christian da(Added: Tue Oct 11 2005)

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Signs of Infidelity

Certain things about signs of infidelity come as a surprise to many people. Even people who consider themselves knowledgeable about extramarital affairs are unfamiliar with some of the little-known facts below. This information is taken from Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs.

Old drivers, more susceptible for a crash

Statistics is showing that old drivers are likely to encounter motorcycle fatalities. Experts are saying that these occurrences are brought about by the surrounding circumstances in both aging and riding. October 11, 2005 – According to Dr. Stephen W. Hargarten, Medical College of Wisconsin profe(Added: Mon Oct 10 2005)

Helmet Law greatly reduced Maryland’s motorcyclists’ fatality

According to the study conducted by Maryland physicians, motorcycle fatality rate dropped. The great reduction was traced from the implementation of the Motorcycle Helmet Law. October 11, 2005 – Recent study of selected Maryland physicians revealed that the implementation of Motorcycle Helmet Law(Added: Mon Oct 10 2005)

I-WeddingInvitations.com Gives Advice on Managing RSVPs

I-WeddingInvitations.com tells us that when it comes to response/RSVP cards, the goal is to get a response. Whether selecting a card with a self-addressed, either by hand or computer printed labels, and pre-stamped envelope or an economic post card with your address on one side and the guest respon(Added: Mon Oct 10 2005)

I-WeddingFavors.com Describes the Benefits of Personalized Wedding Favors

According to I-WeddingFavors.com, personalized wedding favors are among the most popular of gift selections made by brides and grooms to show appreciation to the guests sharing in their wedding day. Traditional ceremonies have made wedding favors a part of the celebration since the sixteenth century(Added: Mon Oct 10 2005)

A new and revolutionary approach in detection of birth time

Jaipur, RJ -- October 10, 2005 –Astrology House, a leading astrology company has come up with a joint venture with noted palmist and astrologer, Alok Jagawat. Mr. Jagawat has researched upon a new method of time detection (birth time) through thumb impressions. The company spokesperson Rakesh Sha(Added: Mon Oct 10 2005)


PARA PUBLICACION INMEDIATA Contactar a: DAVID VILLAFUERTE Telefono: solid8008@yahoo.com.mx Jovenes por los Derechos Humanos en Los Angeles. Segundo Dia Anual de Jovenes por los Derechos Humanos en la Escuela Secundaria Jordan. En el 2004, el entonces gobernador de Los Angeles Jim Hahn declar(Added: Mon Oct 10 2005)

i-relationships.com Explains the Unfortunate Tension with Interracial Relationships

According to i-relationships.com, there’s something about America, perhaps our history, that can still make interracial relationships a lot more difficult than others. Most relationships deal with mostly internal pressures with perhaps a little added tension from family or friends. Interracial rela(Added: Sun Oct 09 2005)

Low-cost weekend skiing now a reality

- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - -BEGINS - Low-cost weekend skiing now a reality For years it was only the rich who could take off on a Friday for a weekend's skiing in Gstaad or wherever. Mere mortals had to save up their pennies and their days off for a week's rental in an alpine high-rise. (Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

E-TitaniumRings.com Explains the Benefits of Black Titanium Rings

According to E-TitaniumRings.com, the most popular alternative to the standard metallic gray is black. Black titanium rings come in many different designs and can have inlays of other metals and precious stone settings. Black titanium is colored in such a way that it will not scratch, chip, or fa(Added: Fri Oct 07 2005)

Vouchers for Evicted Section Eight Tenants Not a Fair Trade

Federal vouchers are breaking up communities in order to provide affordable housing. An article published in the recent issue of WorkingUSA, The Journal of Labor and Society explores the relationships between labor, community, affordable housing, and federal practices by focusing on a housing coo(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)

Jóvenes delegados de más de 30 naciones del mundo se reúnen en celebración de la cumbre internaciona

Jóvenes delegados de más de 30 naciones del mundo se reúnen en celebración de la cumbre internacional de jóvenes por los derechos humanos con un solo objetivo en mente: hacer de los derechos humanos una realidad. Representante mexicano hace su declaración. Festival de Cine de Juventud por los Derec(Added: Thu Oct 06 2005)
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