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Chinese Horoscopes a Big Hit as the Chinese New Year Approaches

Hawthorn, Australia, 1 February 2007--- For the Chinese, this 2007 is the Year of the Pig, which effectively starts on the Sunday of February 18. This is the time when millions of overseas Chinese will go back home to their families to spend the holiday and have a wonderful dinner together. Thi(Added: Thu Feb 01 2007)

EasyDate proves to be an active mobile dating player

Edinburgh, UK (PRWeb) January 25, 2007 EasyDate continues to add value to their current mobile dating (link to Date the UK) services throughout their portfolio of dating sites. Members of the EasyDate sites can now upload pictures to their profiles via MMS; all they have to do is send their pict(Added: Wed Jan 31 2007)

EasyDate is treating the ladies to free dating

Edinburgh, UK (PRWEB) January 31, 2007 EasyDate is making dating more accessible for women by allowing them to make full use of DatetheUK.com and MyUKdate.com at no cost at all. Sites such as www.datetheuk.com and www.myukdate.com offer a wide variety of free dating features for women, such a(Added: Wed Jan 31 2007)

AfrikBoutik.com Brings One Of A Kind and Hard To Find African Art To Europe and North America

As news headlines continue to report on events in Africa while more Africa-produced items are appearing in Western homes, public awareness of the continent's capabilities is growing. "There was a time just a few years ago when only CNN had a reporter in Africa. Today everyone from tourists fr(Added: Wed Jan 31 2007)

What is the Real Impact in the Rise in the Housing Market on First Time Buyers?

There has been no secret made of the fact that UK house prices have risen over recent years, and many home owners have benefited significantly from this. The rise in home values has meant many people have been able to free up cash tied up in their properties whilst sill owning a significant amount (Added: Wed Jan 31 2007)


With the launch of www.muddymatches.co.uk - a new online community for country-minded people - on March 1st, it’s not so much love but mud that’s in the air this Valentine’s Day, and doesn’t it make a refreshing change? Mŭ´dd|ў adj. any person who loves the countryside and is not afrai(Added: Tue Jan 30 2007)

Separation Agreement UK

Couples opting for separation need not upset their life too much, or worry about how to go about formalizing the separation; everything is made simpler with the help of Separation Agreements UK. Yes, when married couples are considering separation and they decide to go in for a Separation agreement,(Added: Tue Jan 30 2007)

How To Save Our Marriage - We Were Seaching For Answers

Susan Wise is the exclusive author for thebestinmarriage.com She has helped many people when they asked the question "how to save our marriage". Here is an excerpt for her article. After several months of consciously working out how to save our marriage via this method, we discovered something. (Added: Mon Jan 29 2007)

Ralph Lauren and his family visit Argentina and Uruguay

Punta del Este, Uruguay, January 22, 2007. Curiocity custom-designed the first journey to Argentina and Uruguay for Mr. Ralph Lauren’s family and exclusive guests. The travelling party, which included Mr. Ralph Lauren and wife Ricky, his two sons Andrew and David, Miss Lauren Bush (model a(Added: Sun Jan 28 2007)

How to pop the question ?

A new online company is selling marriage proposals that put traditions to shame. ApoteoSurprise is catering to the most hopeless romantics by orchestrating love-story settings in Paris for declarations of love. They'll project "Will you marry me ?" under the Eiffel Tower while you cruise by on a din(Added: Sun Jan 28 2007)

Miami Airport Parking- Airport Area Parking

Are you trying to figure out more about Miami Airport Parking Options? There are deals nearby for airport area parking often much less expensive than at the facility itself which offer a free shuttle to and from the airport. If you need to find Miami Airport Parking, stop by to learn more and avoid (Added: Sat Jan 27 2007)

Begforit.co uk offers a ray of hope for the financially distressed!!

LONDON, UK -- January 27, 2007-- What do you do when you have a financial emergency, and you can't find the money elsewhere ? The obvious is to look for someone to give it to you. The method by which you decide to achieve this could determine where the expedition will land you - either in hock or i(Added: Sat Jan 27 2007)

In the ‘I’ of the Storm facilitates good writing & speaking in all languages

Press Release For immediate release Contact: see bottom of page In the ‘I’ of the Storm facilitates good writing & speaking in all languages In December 2004, the United States National Commission on Writing reported that businesses were spending $3.1 billion a year to teach employees(Added: Sat Jan 27 2007)

Marc and Kelly Accetta – Newest Members of the Board to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas

Margaret Mitchell, Vice President of Business Development for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas, welcomes Marc and Kelly Accetta as new Collin County Regional Board Members. Marc Accetta and his wife Kelly, of Leading Edge Inc. and more recently, Marc Accetta Online, have a love for teachin(Added: Sat Jan 27 2007)

One of the UK's Leading Importers pledges to reduce their carbon footprint

One of the UK's largest American Car Importers is trying to do their bit in reducing the carbon footprint that the vehicles they import leave behind. For every single vehicle that they import into the UK they pledge to invest in The Carbon Neutral Company who invest in environmental projects arou(Added: Fri Jan 26 2007)

A Call for Celebrities to Donate their Hair to make and auction Diamonds to Support African Charitie

Heart-In Diamond is calling the Blood Diamond producers and Hollywood to participate in its charitable action. The company proposes creating diamonds from celebrities' hair to auction for a charitable cause. The issue of blood or so called conflict diamonds is one of the most sensitive problems in (Added: Fri Jan 26 2007)

Fascinating New Book Provides Insider’s Look at Iraq and its People

One of the major mistakes of the American campaign in Iraq was their policy makers’ failure to understand the complexities of Iraq. That led to much unnecessary loss of life and suffering. You cannot “fix” what you don’t understand. Iraq is constantly in the news, yet most Americans know virtual(Added: Fri Jan 26 2007)

Scientology: La religión de más rápido crecimiento del Siglo XXI

Cifras de expansión de la religión de Cienciología del 2006 La Iglesia de Scientology Internacional revela sus cifras de expansion para al año 2006 esta semana y anuncia el lanzamiento los programas de alcance comunitario para el 2007 que sobrepasarán los de cualquier año en la historia de Igles(Added: Thu Jan 25 2007)

Leeds newest online resource talkleeds.co.uk provides the people of Leeds with a new voice to share

Leeds Gets a New On-line Voice (www.talkleeds.co.uk) With street crime on a steady increase, and ASBO’s being handed out like sweets, the local community in the UK is suffering. The Internet is fast replacing local communities, providing a safer environment for people to chat and become part of(Added: Thu Jan 25 2007)

How To Get Your Ex Back popular

Relationship break-ups are one of the most stressful things that we have to go through in our lives. Often we don't want to lose the relationship and the partner we love so much, but we are seemingly powerless to stop it. This brings so much sadness and regret into our lives and often we would love (Added: Thu Jan 25 2007)

Pimple Cure - Pimple Scar

Pimple Cure with a 60 day money back guarantee. Find out how to remove pimple scar, clear acne and get rid of blackheads. A lot of people use benzoyl peroxide but overdry their skin and then instead of a pimple cure, they produce more oil to compensate and actually break out more. This can even leav(Added: Thu Jan 25 2007)

Shilpa, Jade, Big Brother and the need for Intercultural Skills

London, January 24th, 2007: The recent debate and media frenzy over the racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty in the Celebrity Big Brother TV show illustrates the importance of educating future generations to be culturally-savvy. This is the opinion of Kwintessential's Managing Director Neil Payne, a con(Added: Wed Jan 24 2007)

Is Bolton in Lancashire?

For Immediate Release 22/01/07 Website: www.rewindlancs.com Contact: suz@rewindlancs.com Is Bolton in Lancashire? ...it is now!! RewindLancs.com - Rewinding Lancashire back 37 years via the Internet! RewindLancs.com was established in response to a news item regarding the 'removal' o(Added: Tue Jan 23 2007)

London Life Coach Gives it Away

London, UK, January 23rd 2007 A leading life coach in the UK is giving away free coaching sessions to anyone on the planet to mark International Coaching Week 2007, which runs from February 4th to February 10th. Launched by the International Coaching Federation, International Coaching Week is (Added: Tue Jan 23 2007)

A Matter of Destiny

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Joanne B Parrotta 604-434-4087 http://www.amatterofdestiny.com Email: mail@amatterofdestiny.com Author launches her newly released website http://www.amatterofdestiny.com and introduces her just released book to the web audience. (Added: Sun Jan 21 2007)

Rome Shore Excursion: going from Civitavecchia to Rome

The Vatican city as a must see when arriving in Rome from its port People today to have more chances at disposal and can quicly organize their cruise to Rome in order to see more. To make an example, when you are just arrived at the port of Civitavecchia, you can visit the samllest countr(Added: Sat Jan 20 2007)

Weight Loss Industry Deliberately Mystifies the Public

Weight Loss Industry Deliberately Mystifies the Public “Many of the weight loss supplements and diets being promoted are designed to make the public believe it is a complicated and mystical process” stated Emma James, Leading NLP Therapist and World Champion. We now have so many companies selli(Added: Sat Jan 20 2007)

“Voodoo or Voodon’t?” The Amazing Experiences of a Novice

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Of interest to editors and journalists covering: - - - - - - - - - - - - - Books, Publishing, Libraries, Metaphysical and New Age, Spirituality DOVER, N.J. New Book Deciphers the Voodoo Religion and clarifies the practice of New Orleans Voodoo What does (Added: Sat Jan 20 2007)

New Online Tool for Church Websites

"Does your church's website communicate to outsiders as well as to the members?" asks a new web resource. A church site is the congregation's 'shop window' to its community. To fulfil this function well, it must be enticing, people-centred and easily understandable by outsiders. Unfortunately, many (Added: Fri Jan 19 2007)

KissCafe.com launched the Video Contest: Lust 4 Life

Leading online dating company, KissCafe.com, has launched the video contest, titled as ‘Lust 4 Life’. The WINNER will be awarded with $1000. Vancouver, Canada, January 18, 2007 – With so many online dating sites around, offering variety of services to the visitors, KissCafe.com is standing out fr(Added: Fri Jan 19 2007)
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