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Murals celebrate creative talents of homeless women

House of St. Barnabas in Soho PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 21 SEPTEMBER 2005 Murals celebrate creative talents of homeless women A collection of life-size murals created by homeless women will be unveiled Tuesday 27 September in the garden of the House of St. Barna(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

A new Wine Gift Basket Resouce Site is now Online

Wine Gift Basket Online recently activated its website. This one stop wine gift basket resource has news, articles, and even a blog. All of which is focused on wine gift baskets. Wine gift baskets have proven to be an excellent gift for any occasion. Whether you are interested in finding a che(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

Live D8 open your heart for poverty

Have you ever wondered what a difference 3 minutes can make? It can be the time it takes to immunise 2 children against the top 6 deadliest diseases, or the time it takes to meet someone special at a speed dating event. These things have the ability to change someone’s life forever - one of the ke(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

Indian Hairstylists are Shining

Hair dressing industy is a huge growth area all over the world, As with clothes, hair styles change with fashion and with more & more people taking an interest in the way they look, the hair dressing industry will be as popular as ever for a long time to come. Now who says that Indian lacks behind? (Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses-David vs Goliath lowdown on the showdown popular

Case of a lawsuit instigated by Jehovah's Witnesses through its Canadian branch of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society the story is "Man bites dog!" It is proverbial among journalism students that a story about "Dog bites Man" is not news. However, a story where "Man bites Dog" is the beg(Added: Tue Sep 20 2005)

e-MauiWedding.com Explains How to Plan a Maui Wedding

According to e-MauiWedding.com, so many people come to Maui to get married that the choices of wedding planners to take care of all the arrangements are as diverse as the choices of wedding.

If you are not all that familiar with the island or you are unsure of exactly what you’d like to (Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

E-LasVegasWeddings.com Explains the Benefits of Las Vegas Wedding Packages

According to E-LasVegasWeddings.com, one of the good things about Las Vegas Wedding Packages is that you can find a package to suit just about any budget. There are many wedding planning services in Las Vegas that specialize in creating a package for you no matter what your budget – from the no fril(Added: Mon Sep 19 2005)

Palo Alto's Cowper Inn Honored by BnBShark.com

BnBShark.com, the world’s most-trusted online bed and breakfast guide, has awarded a fin to the Cowper Inn, a bed and breakfast near Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto is located in between San Francisco and San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. BnBShark.com awards fins(Added: Sun Sep 18 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Libel Lawsuit popular

Intimidation by litigation-Watchtower leaders sue for control of the "truth" What would Jesus Do?Can any Christian imagine Jesus Christ taking the Pharisees to court and complaining to the Sanhedrin: "Stop these men from quoting me accurately--it is embarrassing!"? No. Why? The Phar(Added: Sun Sep 18 2005)

‘Refugee’ Tops ‘Desperation’ and ‘Camp Cupcake’ as Top Television Buzzword of the Year

Year of Desperate Images Reflecting Harshness of Real Life Dominate TeleWORDS List San Diego, California. September 15, 2005. ‘Refugee’ from the on-going coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina tops ‘Desperation’ from Desperate Housewives and ‘Camp Cupcake’ from the on-going Martha Stewa(Added: Fri Sep 16 2005)

Render Unto Caesar

One woman's struggle to rekindle her belief in freedom and liberty for her country and herself. (Added: Thu Sep 15 2005)

Church Tackles Ethnic Blood Donor Shortage in Birmingham

Over 35 volunteers gave blood at a special blood donation afternoon hosted by the Birmingham branch of UCKG HelpCentre last week. This followed a call to action by the National Blood Service (NBS), which is keen to encourage donations by members of ethnic minority groups. “Thanks to the generosi(Added: Wed Sep 14 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Bait & Switch Deception popular

Watchtower 1914 "generations" flip-flop mutation,same DNA smaller chromosomes The Watchtower society is up to its old tricks again with mealy-mouthing on their teachings when it suits their purpose! You may all remember that in the October 15, 1995 WT, the society official had "new l(Added: Tue Sep 13 2005)

I-WeddingInvitations.com Provides Advice on Wedding Invitation Wording

I-WeddingInvitations.com explains that, after choosing the design for your wedding invitations you can explore ways to express your relationship and wedding plans through creative wording. Some couples select a special quotation or poem; others write personal thoughts from the heart, while those pl(Added: Mon Sep 12 2005)

I-WeddingFavors.com Provides Advice on Buying Cheap Wedding Favors

According to I-WeddingFavors.com, planning a wedding of any size or budget can have numerous items that may be quite costly. In addition to planning for the dress and cake, a bride will want to spend thought considering the wedding favors for her guests. These small tokens of appreciation don't have(Added: Mon Sep 12 2005)

Humanity’s Team is Leading the Way to New Spirituality

Humanity’s Team is a growing body of individuals who have formed a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul. It is the vehicle, which uplifts and inspires people as it brings in New Spirituality and the Energy of Oneness to the World. Humanity’s Team is expanding our belief system about God and about li(Added: Mon Sep 12 2005)

Volunteering at Happy Home a Childcare house

My experience with INFO Nepal has been safe, enlightening, and very enjoyable. Nepal has a very rewarding cultural environment. The initial culture shock is quickly turned into a sense of belonging. I have never once felt anything but at home and completely welcomed. I was placed in the Kathman(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

INFO Nepal - Weekly newsletter - 11th Sept 2005

Last week we had 4 volunteers and there are 3 more volunteers coming this week. Anna and Mike are doing a great job in Dhulobharkhu with our new children's Library. Thanks to Jenny (Anna's Mum) who sent books for our children's library. We had given new T-shirts to the Singer group( lower cast) of M(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

E-TitaniumRings.com Explains the Benefits of Titanium Wedding Rings

According to E-TitaniumRings.com, wedding rings made of titanium are gaining in popularity. Titanium rings with inlays of other metals like gold, platinum or silver are beautiful and can be found for a good price. More men than women wear titanium wedding rings, but there are several models that ar(Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses revile the Red Cross popular

-Watchtower reviles the Red Cross their nemesis-Humanitarian Red Cross is everywhere saving lives,the Jehovah Witness have $200 billion in world wide assets.Where is their charity? Danny Haszard's testimony-In 1991 the Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was 'studying' (Added: Sun Sep 11 2005)

A Theory of Psychos (David and Fredric Rice)

September 8, 2005
From: Coalition of Jewish Freedom Acti(Added: Sat Sep 10 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Sue, Claim Their Widely Distributed Literature is "Secret" popular

The Canadian branch of the religious sect Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and leader of Jehovah's Witnesses, has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the creator of www.http://quotes.watchtower.ca/ web site, claiming their own Watchtower articles are "embarrassing" to the Watchtower itself. "As a re(Added: Sat Sep 10 2005)

i-relationships.com Highlights the Pros and Cons of Online Relationships

According to i-relationships.com, there are more and more people finding each other but, unfortunately, not many manage to stay together. While internet dating services may make it easier for people in one location to find people in a different location, it does absolutely nothing to give them the t(Added: Sat Sep 10 2005)

David Rice: Nutjob Nazi-ish Activist

September 8, 2005
From: Coalition of Jewish Freedom Activisits(Added: Fri Sep 09 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Katrina Disaster Relief Fund – Donation or Profits? popular

WATCHTOWER SHAKEDOWN -"Sweetheart deal" disaster relief is deception. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHERE THE MONEY WENT-A recent announcement was made to all congregations it was directed that donations to assist victims of the Katrina Hurricane was to be placed in the general contribution called (Added: Thu Sep 08 2005)

Jewish People Urge Religious Tolerance for All Religions

Religious Freedom is one of the most important Freedoms offered in the United States constitution - The First Amendment Right.
Individuals who are scrubbing up "evidence" to defame any religion, are truly degrading the society into what nazism tried to do. No single person or 'authority' e(Added: Wed Sep 07 2005)

EasyTel.Net and Global Crossing Donate 10,000 Toll-Free 800 Numbers to Provide Messaging Services to

For Immediate Release September 7, 2005 EasyTel.Net Address: 320 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite 204-221 Las Vegas, Nevada 89104-1015 Telephone: 800-850-5500 Email address: CorporateRelations@EasyTel.net ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Added: Wed Sep 07 2005)

"A New Wedding Reception at the Heart of Quezon City" popular

Want a different wedding reception?.. Try Stone House Bed & Breakfast with "Pearl Room" that can accommodate 120 persons (seated), 200 persons (standing), as your wedding reception. "The Top" that can accommodate up to 150 prersons. Should you have any queries you can reply on the professional ban(Added: Wed Sep 07 2005)

Issue #5 of The Enchanted Self e-Magazine is Now Available at www.ladybuglive.com

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF and nationally known Positive Psychologist is thrilled to announce the August-September 2005 issue of her inspirational new magazine, THE ENCHANTED SELF. This monthly e-magazine is available at http://www.ladybuglive.com/ bringing pleasu(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)

E-MensWeddingRings.com Explains the Benefits of Men's Diamond Wedding Rings

According to E-MensWeddingRings.com, diamond wedding rings are no longer just for women. Many grooms today choose to purchase a man's diamond wedding ring to match the bride's. Still others enjoy the social status that comes with wearing a diamond wedding band. Purchasing a diamond wedding ring mean(Added: Tue Sep 06 2005)
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