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www.turkey-realestates.net TURKEY REAL ESTATE TEAM REQUESTS BALCOVA WOMEN SHOULD BE SUPPORTED "SUPPORT WOMEN TO GAIN THEIR SELF-CONFIDENCE" Y&K TEM Consulting is willing to participate in the social projects. As the first step, we decided to contribute to the “ Semt Evi Project ” ( Neighb(Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)

Gardeners Join the Blogging Frenzy

In January 2006, MYeFlora.com set out to prove that gardeners can blog too, by launching a free blogging service. The Blog service includes an easy set up of a personal blog for members, which now comes as an optional part of the free community membership offered by the website. Now, members can ben(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

'Say No to Drugs' Football Team kicks off in Camden

‘SAY NO TO DRUGS’ FOOTBALL TEAM KICKS OFF IN CAMDEN The first ‘Say No to Drugs - Say Yes to Life’ football team has just been launched in London. The team brings the message of ‘Saying NO to street drugs and Saying YES to life. The team is a mix of players from across London including Camden, a(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Scientist and Christian Theologians are both correct about Evolution

One Manifest To Many And Evolves To One The oneness of everything in pure consciousness manifest itself into many in matter and then returns back again to the unity of pure consciousness to complete the cycle of evolution. The scientists and the Christian theologians are both correct in their state(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Jews and Gentiles United as One New Man

House of David Ministries is a ministry as well as a congregation of Jewish and Gentile believers that are a living example of the Gospel ideal: both Jew and Gentile united as One New Man in Yeshua, according to Ephesians 2:15. It is in this union of Jew and Gentile that this ministry reaches out an(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Online Dating Services - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Online dating is becoming incredibly popular now. An estimated 1 in 5 Americans are signed up to an online dating service meaning that, theoretically, if you're after a new date or just making new friends, you can have the pick of the bunch! In practice, despite what many dating related sites would (Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)


For Immediate Release Contact: articles@gaynatter.co.uk Surrey, UK – Wednesday 1st February 2006 GAYnatter.co.uk questions leading UK banks about the policy on changing details after a civil partnership but receives little response. GAYnatter (http://www.gaynatter.co.uk) sent out enquiries(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Should Saturday or Sunday be the Sabbath? The sixty-four thousand dollar question

Egyptian businessman Galal Doss officially offers $64,000 to any individual who can prove the Bible shows that Christ or any one of his disciples sanctioned the transfer of the holy Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Mr Doss is determined to show the world that major religious figures, including many (Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Weddings in Paris, Marriage in Paris, Honeymoons in Paris

Paris, the capital city of Romance and also known as the city of lights, is considered to be one of the world’s most passionate destinations and hundreds of thousands of couples are found to be proposing marriage at the top of Eiffel Tower every year. Could there possibly be a more romantic locatio(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Google Me This Click Man

Google Me This Click Man By Alex S. Gabor Google, owner of the most-used Internet search engine, posted fourth-quarter profit that missed many analysts’ best estimates, snapping a six quarter winning streak that has propelled the stock since it first went public in 2004. The shares plunged(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Aging Population Can Get Relief From Soaring Gas Prices

United States (PressBox.co.uk) February 1, 2006 -- An 80-year old mother who works at Wal-Mart as a cashier could barely afford gas for her car, until now. Doris Daetwyler of West Palm Beach, Florida has to work to keep up with taxes and other daily cost to stay afloat financially. One of her bigges(Added: Tue Jan 31 2006)

Rural Life Isn’t Just Little House on the Prairie

Women in rural communities have their own specific obstacles to face. A study published in the latest issue of Family Relations finds that rural women are particularly disadvantaged—with what the authors call the “conundrum of rural communities.” For rural working women, this conundrum involves (Added: Tue Jan 31 2006)



A reliable and comfortable way to discover the "eternal city" .

Rome, Italy January 31, 2006  -- Public Transportation in Rome is to crowded and often too late.

We(Added: Tue Jan 31 2006)

Valentines Day Love Letter Writing Guide

Galloway, NJ—January 29, 2006 – According to a recent U.S. survey by Passion Marketing Research Associates, 62% of the female respondents say “their most cherished gift on Valentines Day would be a letter in the handwriting of their beloved.” But what are the chances they’ll receive one? To help(Added: Mon Jan 30 2006)

Positive Psychologist, Quoted in Positive Thinking Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006

Nationally known Positive Psychologist, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF, is quoted in the latest issue of the Positive Thinking Magazine, on page 43. She states, "Review your life for times when you absolutely had a ball. Maybe your were four and rolling down a hill. Or(Added: Sun Jan 29 2006)

Martha Peace Seeks to Change Attitudes

Fairview Heights, IL/Jan. 20, 2006 -- Accomplished author and speaker, Martha Peace, will be traveling to southern Illinois this fall to be the featured speaker at a ladies conference. The conference is being hosted by Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center located in Fairview Heights, Ill(Added: Sun Jan 29 2006)

Asking someone for a date doesn't get any easier than this

A mother and daughter team from “Down Under” have devised a novel dating concept that works anywhere in the world and makes dating a breeze. Sydney Australia – A mother and daughter team from Sydney Australia have invented a portable introduction agency that fits into your pocket or purse, work(Added: Sun Jan 29 2006)

UCKG Opens Its Plaistow HelpCentre

The former Anglican church of St Barnabas in St Andrew’s Road, Plaistow, London E13 is about to become the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG)’s 11th HelpCentre in London and its 13th the UK. The formal opening is scheduled for Saturday, February 4, when special services of prayer wi(Added: Thu Jan 26 2006)

Birmingham UCKG Branch Helps Meet the Need for Rare Blood Types

Over 40 volunteers gave blood at a special donation afternoon hosted by the Birmingham branch of UCKG HelpCentre last week. The National Blood Service (NBS) was delighted to return to the Christian church in Lozells Road after collecting quantities of particularly rare blood types at the previous do(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Church totally cleared of witchcraft and

A judgment issued by the High Court in Zambia confirms that the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) has been totally exonerated with regard to recent allegations of un-Christian behaviour, witchcraft or Satanism. Most importantly UCKG is once again recognised as a bona fide Christian churc(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Unlock Reality Manuscript Karma Experiment

We often hear the saying "What goes around comes around" and we have been taught that "you reap what you sow", but whoever thought of scientifically testing this theory which Eastern Faiths call Karma? The members of the Prepare to Unlock Reality Care 2 Group, that's who. The Group, which is host(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

EBE vs. Humanity

Rather it can be classified as a true event or not, Andreá Millon unfolds a short story “2 B Human” on her website about a friend’s visitation with an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, also known as an EBE. The EBE’s curiosity is clear, “in search of Biological Residence. Information on Human is n(Added: Wed Jan 25 2006)

Looking for Love in London? popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 2006 Looking for Love in London? SnogLondon (www.snoglondon.com) is a unique internet dating site created specifically for all those single Londoners out there. Whether you’re looking for friendship, flirty fun, looking for love or searching for that soul m(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

Keeping it safe

PRESS RELEASE ---BEGINS--- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Keeping it safe. (24/01/2006) www.JapaneseCondoms.co.uk have launched an online service importing and selling Japanese condoms in an attempt to make them more readily accessible in the UK. This means that, for the first time, high quality con(Added: Tue Jan 24 2006)

A leading High Society Wedding Planning Consultancy discusses the introduction of gay weddings popular

Miranda Lewis, Director of Orchid, one of the UK’s leading high society wedding planning consultancies, is available for comment on Gay Weddings which became legal in the UK as from 5th December 2005. Orchid is actively planning a gay wedding for 2006. Following Miranda Lewis' recent live appea(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2006: An Interview with Designer Carl Blackburn

With the New Year now upon us, would-be brides and grooms have been making resolutions to find the most enchanting engagement rings and wedding bands. Popular jewellery designer Carl Blackburn recently sat down with the media to talk about what's best and brightest in today's bridal jewellery trends(Added: Mon Jan 23 2006)

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for Jehovahs Witnesses are Losing their Battle Against Embarressi

Cult News from Rick Ross (www.cultnews.com) A news perspective with analysis from cult expert Rick Ross 01.21.06 Jehovah’s Witnesses successfully shut down a Canadian Web site that featured often-embarrassing quotes from their previously published materials, but now a new English Web site has (Added: Sun Jan 22 2006)

New Book: Embrace Her Christian Soul

Embrace Her Christian Soul is a passionate charge to the Christian Husband to love his wife the way that Christ loves the Church. Tyrone Short announces publication of Embrace Her Christian Soul in conjunction with Lulu (www.lulu.com), the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand b(Added: Sun Jan 22 2006)

Oscar Qualifying Human Rights Video ¡°UNITED¡± wins the ¡°International Film Festival for Humanitari

¡°UNITED,¡± the international phenomenon music video with a strong human rights message, has been awarded as winner at the ¡°International Film Festival for Humanitarianism in the Global World¡± at the Europe-Bulgaria Centre in Sofia. The prestigious award was accepted on behalf of UNITED¡¯s directo(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)

Etiquette and the Principles of Wealth

Etiquette and the Principles of Wealth From the scientific point of view… Mathematics is an exact science and achieving wealth is an exact science as well. The elements of the formula to achieve wealth are available to everybody. The etiquette principles are part of this formula that, if fol(Added: Thu Jan 19 2006)
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