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Our Two months volunteer work in Nepal - Joost en Karin

Our Two months volunteer work in Nepal - Joost en Karin After two months in Nepal, working for INFO Nepal, we had like many other volunteers, an unforgettable experience. We took four months of from our jobs to go traveling and working abroad. Through internet we found INFO-Nepal. After a few e(Added: Fri Jul 08 2005)

Blind Campaigners In Silent Tribute To London Bomb Victims popular

Commuters in St Peter's Square Manchester were to be treated to a noisy display in a most unexpected place this morning - the usually quiet Manchester Central Library. Blind and partially sighted people, musicians, librarians and book lovers had planned to gather at the Library to take part in th(Added: Fri Jul 08 2005)

Sustainability website offers alternative for UK households

Release for immediate use and throughout July 2005. ********START************ grownupgreen, sustainability website, celebrates its first birthday this month pledging to step up outreach to offer UK households, tired of polarised debate and being preached at, the bigger picture. The charity(Added: Thu Jul 07 2005)

Volunteer Ministers Are Visiting The Town Of Roskilde

Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology in Denmark are visiting the historical town of Roskilde. Until Friday 8 July they will visibly present on the Hestetorv with a big yellow tent. Why all this? "People want to know what Scientology is and what it can do. As it is a very practical relig(Added: Tue Jul 05 2005)

Six Million Jehvoah's Witnesses Held Captive

Niagara Falls, New York - The new book “Captives of a Concept” by Dr. Don Cameron explains the illusionary concept that holds millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses captive by molding their thinking and actions without them realizing it. The author narrows the matter down to just one thing that needs to(Added: Tue Jul 05 2005)

Psychiatry- A Pseudoscience that Destroys Lives: Tom Cruise Has it Right

The recent media on Tom Cruise exposing psychiatric pseudo-science has been great! I have seen firsthand how psychiatry damages people. My wife was once a poster woman of good health and vitality. In fact she was running to the mailbox at the end of our very steep driveway when she took a fall w(Added: Mon Jul 04 2005)

Thank You Tom Cruise for Warning of the Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs

When my husband was diagnosed as needing heart bypass surgery, I wasn’t too scared. He was strong and the doctors said it would go well. That was January 2005. Today, more than six months later, he is still in the hospital-not because of the unexpectedly rough recovery from the surgery (once h(Added: Mon Jul 04 2005)

Scientologists Complete 4th AnnualMarathon for a Drug-Free Hungary

July 4, 2005 - Scientologists in Hungary have completed the 4th annual “Marathon for a Drug-Free Hungary,” running 2,086 kilometers through 30 cities and villages and giving drug awareness lectures to 6,559 individuals in 102 schools. This marathon has become an annual tradition for the Church of(Added: Mon Jul 04 2005)

Website Owner Claims Garden Decor Can Offset Daily Negative News Events!

Denny Soinski, owner of the highly successful website entitled “Water Fountains and Garden Decor,” claims that one way to counterbalance the negative events going on in the world such as the war in Iraq, high gas prices, and terrorism is to make or purchase decor for your garden. According to h(Added: Sun Jul 03 2005)

Adriana Eysler won the Postindustrial Design Competition popular

The task was to submit your own interpretation about "What does a Postindustrial Designer do?". Out of 83 entries a jury selected the two most accurate interpretations. We are very proud to publish as follows: 1st jury prize: Adriana Eysler http://competition.hyperwerk.ch/eng/winners_1.php 2n(Added: Sat Jul 02 2005)

Tom Cruise Attacks on Psychiatric Drugs Creates Freedom of Speech Subplot

“Brooke Shields Knows where She Stands on the Issue” Los Angeles, California, July 1st, 2005 – As the American Psychiatric Association joined the fray over Tom Cruise’s earlier comments on psychiatric drugs being unnecessary, lines have been drawn over the veracity of his statements and his righ(Added: Fri Jul 01 2005)

ChicanoForums.com | Chicano Powered Forums popular

"During the 1960s, a new Chicano movement suddenly burst into politics. Young activists adopted the term Chicano--previously a term of derision that came from the Spanish word meaning "the poorest of the poor"--to express a militant ethnic nationalism." Source: DigitalHistory.com; Mexican American (Added: Fri Jul 01 2005)

If no Witness paradise then what is in store for Mankind?

I understand T R Reid has a new book out called: The New Superpower and the End of American Supremacy. He asks a poignant question of our society. Does it make any difference in our daily lives whether we do or do not believe in God or go to church? I've often wondered if as many anti-witness gro(Added: Thu Jun 30 2005)

Watchtower 'creed of greed' Jehovah Witnesses fleece the flock. popular

Cave Of Robbers-Properties owned by the Watchtower Society are massive, yet more and more contributions are expected from Jehovah's Witnesses, no matter what kind of financial strains they may be experiencing themselves. by Towerwatcher The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses likes to pri(Added: Thu Jun 30 2005)

Charity wedding list service introduces ‘Make a Difference in Africa’ gift list popular

More and more marrying couples have been signing up to The Alternative Wedding List, the UK’s first on-line charitable wedding list service, and couples and guests will now have even more choice with the introduction of a number of ‘themed’ gift lists. Andy Hickey, who heads the operation says, “(Added: Wed Jun 29 2005)

eOneNet.com donated funds to Tsunami victims

(Kuala Lumpur) June 28, 2005 – eOneNet.com, Malaysia’s leading Internet marketing company, donated RM3,500 (USD920) to Tsunami victims through Malaysian Red Crescent Society today. Fione Tan, CEO & President of eOneNet.com Sdn. Bhd. presented the cheque to Dato’ HJ Abu Hasan Salleh, Secretary-Gener(Added: Tue Jun 28 2005)

Other ways that the Ten Commandments are under attack

In this day and age when there are attacks on the Ten Commandments in the courts, there are many who attack them by means of their teachings and writings. I am not referring to atheists and their dislike for God or agnostics or the liberals. The people to whom I refer as attacking the Ten Comman(Added: Mon Jun 27 2005)

War Of The Worlds Hoax and Jehovah Witnesses Paradise Hoax! popular

How Were So Many Fooled in 1938? And How Are So Many Being Fooled Today? 'War of the Worlds': Behind the 1938 Radio Show Panic! When you compare the events of the 1938 radio broadcast by Orson Wells and the practices of the Watchtower Society, you will see corresponding similarities! Why a(Added: Mon Jun 27 2005)

Minimoto popular

http://www.itchi-tech.co.uk Check this bike out! http://www.itchi-tech.co.uk/39cc-Water-Cooled-Minimoto-Blue/ New! This bike is not for the faint hearted. Amazing power to weight ratio with its 6.2 Horse Power 39cc water cooled engine and its lightweight aluminium frame. To cope with 65(Added: Mon Jun 27 2005)

Religious Terrorism

Religious Terrorism: Since 9/11/2001 many have been focusing on terrorism, it's evil, what's behind it and how to stop it. Does anyone know what is behind it? What is the objective of Al Quieda? No one knows. That is because they don't have an objective. Attackers of the USA may not like(Added: Sun Jun 26 2005)

Six Million Jehovah's Witnesses Held Captive

Six Million Jehovah’s Witnesses Held Captive Niagara Falls, New York (06/24/05) – The new book “Captives of a Concept” by Dr. Don Cameron explains the illusionary concept that holds millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses captive by molding their thinking and actions without them realizing it. The a(Added: Sun Jun 26 2005)

President Urged to Regulate Blunt Objects

President Urged to Regulate Blunt Objects "Blunt Objects" require proof of training at Farm & Field ATLANTA, June 28, 2005 -- President George Bush should regulate blunt objects that could cause severe injuries or even death, according to a leading outdoors auction website. "There has long (Added: Fri Jun 24 2005)

Innovative Radio Station wins Local Government Oscar popular

INNOVATIVE RADIO STATION WINS LOCAL GOVERNMENT OSCAR 'VIP ON AIR', Europe's only radio station serving blind and partially sighted people, has been awarded a COSLA Excellence Award 2005 in the category of Innovative Use of Technology. The award, one of only eight handed over at a special cer(Added: Fri Jun 24 2005)

new stallion SS SMOKIN JESSE aka SAILOR

CELTIC QUARTER HORSES SS SMOKIN JESSE 2002 Bay Colt a.k.a Sailor AQHA Incentive Fund Nominated Own son of Sailing Smart AQHA World Champion and USET Gold medallist, out of money earning and producing daughter of Cutter Freckles. Smart Chic O(Added: Wed Jun 22 2005)

Psychology and Spirituality: Enneagram Experts and Enthusiasts from Around popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For: International Enneagram Association, 4100 Executive Park Drive, Suite 16, Cincinatti, OH 45241 Contact: Beatrice Chestnut, 415 255-2659, or beatrice@rcn.com Psychology and Spirituality: Enneagram Experts and Enthusiasts from Around the World Converging on San Fr(Added: Tue Jun 21 2005)

London Waste leads the way on waste integration

In a keynote speech delivered at the Chartered Institute of Waste Management conference on 16 June 2005, Councillor Brian Haley, Chairman of London Waste, issued a challenge to interest groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to work together with waste management companies on the way for(Added: Tue Jun 21 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Slandered Unjustly Yet Again popular

I would like to respond to your biblically uneducated Tim Gibbon On his article about Jehovah's witnesses and Blood Transfusions He indicates that they are solely along in their percepts of giving devotion to God in the way that they see as his commands. But Mr. Gibbon neglects to (Added: Tue Jun 21 2005)

New UK Dating Service Launched

The past few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of online dating. By 2006 it is expected to be a $1.4bn industry. With so much choice in the online dating market it can be difficult to find a site that works for you. Our advice is to try as many as possible - most offer free signup (Added: Mon Jun 20 2005)

catch the wave

PRESS RELEASE WORLDWIDEWAVEDAY WorldWideWaveDay.org is calling for people all around the world to participate in a ‘world wide wave’ on July the 6th, In order to influence the G8 summit to help ‘make poverty history’. The event consists of a ‘Mexican wave’ starting in Edinburgh at 12 noon a(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)

Minimoto Pocket Bikes

These fantastic Mini Motorbikes are taking the country by storm, and you've come to the best place to find out more, and even buy a new bike from the UK's leading supplier. Supplier of the latest minimoto bikes, moto fun bikes and pocket racing bikes in the UK.(Added: Fri Jun 17 2005)
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