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Falling in Love for the Last Time

Long gone are the days of old when parents and matchmakers decided who we would marry. Long gone are the days of old when divorce was out of the question. Why? Because we want to be happy in our marriages. We want them to be about more than just acquiring assets and offspring. Once we gave ours(Added: Sun Aug 28 2005)

International arts & human rights festival takes place in Cornwall

In response to London terror attacks - youth of different religions and countries stand united International arts & human rights festival takes place in Cornwall 26 August 2005: Youngsters from around Europe will this weekend take part in an international arts & human rights festival at Came(Added: Sun Aug 28 2005)

Soulmates Are Found By Logic, Not Luck

(Tampa, Florida USA) Kendall Smith-Sullivan, M.A. once promised herself that if she ever discovered the secret to finding her soulmate, she would write a book to share her love wisdom. After kissing more frogs than she cares to remember, she finally found her prince, and now sheís making good on he(Added: Sun Aug 28 2005)

I-WeddingInvitations.com Provides an Overview of Wedding Invitations

According to I-WeddingInvitations.com, wedding invitations are the first place your guests will actually get a sense of the wedding youíve planned. Whether your budget allows for custom made invitations ranging from sophisticated to artistic or do-it-yourself creations, there are plenty of options t(Added: Sun Aug 28 2005)

I-WeddingFavors.com Releases a Brief History of Wedding Favors

I-WeddingFavors.com tells us that, for many centuries wedding favors have been a part of traditional wedding ceremonies, across a wide range of cultures. Initially wedding favors were an extravagance at celebrations hosted by European upper classes, who had the wealth to provide elaborate gifts to g(Added: Sun Aug 28 2005)

Young People Tackle Kilburnís Drug Culture

Over 300 young people will take to the streets of Kilburn at 11.00am on Saturday 3 September to raise awareness of the dangers of drug use. A peaceful march from Mornington Crescent tube station until Kilburn High Road by 14-25 year olds from UCKGís Victory Youth Group (VYG) will be followed by a st(Added: Sun Aug 28 2005)

Help and advice with Neighbours From Hell popular

Neighbours From Hell, commonly shortened to NFH. For many people this term conjures up images of shaven-headed thugs, with tattoos on their tattoos, who play loud music day-and-night and have pit bull terriers on chains. Whilst it is true some NFH fit this stereotype, in truth, the reality of man(Added: Fri Aug 26 2005)

AYR 800 ploughs a historic furrow

A HORSE ploughing competition is to be held at Greenan Farm, Doonfoot, Ayrshire, as part of this yearís Ayr 800 celebrations. It will be held this Sunday, 28 August, beginning at 10am and ending around 4.30pm. Around 20 ploughmen from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales will compete for the c(Added: Fri Aug 26 2005)

i-relationships.com Releases an Introductory Guide to Relationships

According to i-relationships.com, since the beginning of time, themes of romantic relationships have dominated the stories we tell. The first and most well known Bible story is about the relationship between Adam and Eve. The story goes that Adam was alone in the garden and begged God for a compani(Added: Fri Aug 26 2005)

i-ChristianDating.com Provides an Overview of Christian Dating

According to i-ChristianDating.com, everyone wants companionship. Whether it is casual dating or the search for a soul mate, single people have historically looked for new ways to meet new people. Matchmakers and dating services have been around for decades to help facilitate this search. Christi(Added: Fri Aug 26 2005)

E-TitaniumRings.com Provides an Overview of Titanium Rings

According to According to E-TitaniumRings.com, titanium is an elemental metal with a wide variety of uses. Since its accidental discovery in 1791, titanium has been used to make aircraft, sporting goods such as golf clubs, automobile parts, watches, and rings. While titanium rings may not be as wi(Added: Fri Aug 26 2005)

e-jewishdating.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Jewish Dating

E-jewishdating.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-jewishdating.com, which provides comprehensive information about Jewish dating, Jewish dating service, Jewish online dating and related information.

According to e-jewishdating.com, in the beginning there wer(Added: Thu Aug 25 2005)

i-relationships.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Relationships

I-relationships.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.i-relationships.com, which provides comprehensive information about relationships, online relationships, relationship advice and related information.

According to i-relationships.com, America has a reluctance (Added: Thu Aug 25 2005)

i-Weddingfavors.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Wedding Favors

I-weddingfavors.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.i-weddingfavors.com, which provides comprehensive information about wedding favors, cheap wedding favors, unique wedding favors and related information.

According to i-Weddingfavors.com, Cookies as wedding fav(Added: Thu Aug 25 2005)

i-troubledteens.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Troubled Teens

I-troubledteens.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.i-troubledteens.com, which provides comprehensive information about troubled teens, teenagers, school for troubled teens and related information. According to i-troubledteens.com, for troubled teens who are struggling(Added: Thu Aug 25 2005)

i-christiandating.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Christian Dating

I-christiandating.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.i-christiandating.com, which provides comprehensive information about Christian dating, Christian dating services, Christian dating sites and related information.

According to i-christiandating.com, although(Added: Wed Aug 24 2005)

The Ali Johnson Trust Appeal popular

In September 2004 whilst playing rugby for Tynedale and Northumberland County, Alistair Johnson, a local 24 year old farmer, was left paralysed after a collapsed scrum. Ali returned home in April to his specially adapted cottage near Haltwhistle, Northumberland after a 7 month period of care at S(Added: Wed Aug 24 2005)

Ashtakvarga- The Crown jewel of Vedic astrology popular

The "Ashtakvarga" is recognized as an outstanding system of prediction among the several systems advocated in the standard works on Vedic astrology. It has been commended as the best and the most indispensable key, so that all predictions have to be made only after a consideration of the Ashtakvarga(Added: Wed Aug 24 2005)

E-MensWeddingRings.com Provides an Overview of Men's Wedding Rings

According to E-MensWeddingRings.com, wedding rings for men did not become common until the Second World War, when U.S. Soldiers began to wear them to publicize their marital status. Since that time, menís wedding rings have become ever more popular. Although not all men choose to wear wedding rings,(Added: Wed Aug 24 2005)

Parents can help their kids deal with the recent terrorists attacks by providing them a place of saf

BOSTON, August, 2005 -- In these days of terrorist activities children are increasingly bombarded with inescapable negative information and images. Parents can help their children deal with this negative information by communicating with them. By logging on to AmericanDad.com, parents can read newly(Added: Wed Aug 24 2005)

e-mensweddingrings.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Mens Wedding Rings

E-mensweddingrings.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-mensweddingrings.com, which provides comprehensive information about menís wedding rings, menís moissanite wedding rings, menís diamond wedding rings and related information.

According to e-mensweddingrin(Added: Mon Aug 22 2005)

e-JewishDating.com Releases a Guide to Jewish Dating

According to e-JewishDating.com, Jewish singles, by nature, tend to seek out other Jewish singles even if they arenít particularly religious. Thereís something about being Jewish, either genetically or as a society, that keeps Jews together as a group. Not completely, of course, as there are many Je(Added: Mon Aug 22 2005)

e-lasvegasweddings.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Las Vegas Weddings

E-lasvegasweddings.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.e-lasvegasweddings.com, which provides comprehensive information about Las Vegas weddings, Las Vegas weddings chapels, Las Vegas weddings packages and related information.

According to e-lasvegasweddings.co(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

e-MauiWedding.com Explains the Benefits of Getting Married in Maui

According to e-MauiWedding.com, most visitors to Hawaii would agree that Maui is the most beautiful of all the settled islands there. For your wedding ceremony, for that special day youíll remember for the rest of your lives, thereís no better location than Maui. When most people think of Maui, one (Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

E-LasVegasWeddings.com Provides an Overview of Las Vegas Weddings

E-LasVegasWeddings.com explains that only in Las Vegas can you find everything for your wedding from the most lavish, private accommodations in the world to down and dirty Elvis impersonators, drag queens and scantily clad serving wenches sharing your wedding day. Choose from a church, a golf course(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses Ghost of Watchtower Past popular

Rootin Tootin-Russel Meets Rutherford The night has come to Beth Sarim mansion as President Joe Rutherford (the "Judge") sits cleaning his pistol and sipping whiskey from a flask on the edge of his silk sheets at bedtime. There is a knock at the bedroom door. "Come!" the Judge(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

the age of modern delicatensens

It must be at least 25 years- if not more and at this particular place possibly 30- years not days and not months I canít really remember just when I was last in the sea in England Ė in fact now that I think about it back in 1979 when we spent a week at Bournemouth did I take a dip in the sea. S(Added: Tue Aug 16 2005)

Jesus A Revelation of God popular

Jesus A Revelation of God JESUS A REVELATION OF GOD is a comparative study of Jesusí words in The Bible and The Urantia Book. In JESUS A REVELATION OF GOD Laurence unlocks the truths contained in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Laurence started by cutting the words of Jesus from ea(Added: Tue Aug 16 2005)

Feel Safe Wherever You Go popular

Feel safe knowing that you are protected by the best close protection security in the business by hiring the protective services of Nearstar Security. Wherever you need to attend, taking these guys with you could be the best move you ever made. They offer a very professional and discreet protection (Added: Sun Aug 14 2005)

Abuse of Child Abuse Laws popular

Aug 12, 2005 by Susan Macafee This story mentioned one of the convictions over turned concerning Lorraine Harris, she had stated ďthe baby became ill and stopped breathing after a vaccinationĒ. Another case resulted in having the charges reduced to manslaughter and was not totally overturned; (Added: Sun Aug 14 2005)
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