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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHRISTMAS CHARITY GIVEAWAY - FOR EVERY NEW USER THAT SIGNS UP FREE ONLINE GIVEASYOUGET.NET WILL GIVE UP TO £15 TO FIGHT AIDS 2nd December 2003 - GiveAsYouGet.net, the internet-based charity fundraising organisation today announced its plans to donate up to £15 to help fi(Added: Tue Dec 02 2003)

Inland Revenue permits SMS Aid to administer Gift Aid tax rebates popular

For immediate release SMS Aid Limited has been granted permission by the Inland Revenue to claim the tax rebates on donations made under the Gift Aid scheme on behalf of charities using their fundraising initiative. SMS Aid Limited (www.SMSaid.org) is a private company that owns a 100% opt-in(Added: Wed Dec 03 2003)

Future Nepal, Volunteer and Marketing organization of Nepal

Future Nepal Future Nepal is such non-governmental and non-profitable organization established with the objective of changing the status of the country. Especially now is the time to mobilize & harness different natural resources, Nepalese production and disseminate this task to the rest of the w(Added: Sun Nov 23 2003)

Give Thanks if You Have a Faithful Husband popular

If your husband is faithful, you have much to be thankful for. Faithful husbands are in short supply. While 3 out of 4 wives assume their husbands are faithful, only 1 wife in 4 can truthfully make that claim. According to statistics, 3 out of 4 men cheat on their wives. 2/3 of those wives ( app(Added: Sun Nov 23 2003)

"FIND THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY" Wolf-Whistle.com Launches Its Encounters Search and Match Website on 1 popular

Ever met someone and been so dazzled that you walked away without exchanging phone numbers or email addresses? Ever been given a phone number, carefully stowed it in your wallet or purse and then can't find it when you go to make that call? Ever caught someone's eye on the tube or in a bar and f(Added: Fri Nov 21 2003)

What's Cool

Los Angeles, CA November 18, 2003 - What's the coolest thing you can do on the internet? a) download music (and hope it's legal) b) chat with friends or predators c) play games 'til you're cross-eyed d) surf the web (and count the popups) e) find your purpose in life If you answered (Added: Tue Nov 18 2003)

NoTV Week November 21-27 2003

Millions of people don't watch TV and we're having a great time! What's So Great about NoTV Week? If you're like most people in Britain, you’re spending four hours every day staring at a piece of furniture. Television eats up half the time you are not working or sleeping - ten years for the aver(Added: Fri Nov 07 2003)


THE GREATEST DEPRESSION IN AMERICAN & BRITISH HISTORY IS NOW JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS AWAY A website has now been launched dedicated to the dire warning message of the "bombshell" book THE GREAT BUST AHEAD which continues to be in the TOP 1% of amazon.com's sales rankings month after month. http://(Added: Tue Nov 04 2003)

Simple Solutions for Smart Parents

Are you the parent you really want to be, or do you find yourself frequently ending the day feeling exhausted, confused and with a nagging sense of guilt? Are you trying to be super-mum and get everything ‘right’ but find the advice out there conflictory and confusing? Parenting coach(Added: Tue Nov 04 2003)

The British Asian Contribution to the UK Economy-an Update from Article 13

In the latest Article 13 website update, we focus on UK diversity and social cohesion, in particular, British Asian contribution to the UK economy. Article 13 works in the area of corporate responsibility to deliver competitive edge and a “new way of doing business”. We implement these opportuni(Added: Mon Nov 03 2003)

A new concept in free sustainable fundraising popular

For Immediate Release 5th November 2003 A new concept in free sustainable fundraising There’s a new and unique fundraising initiative that gives charities a sustainable monthly revenue stream, free of charge and gives 50+ million people in the UK the opportunity to support their charity(Added: Wed Nov 05 2003)

red headz lack of loving aint to do with hair colour popular

Recent revelations of redheads geting less loving is completely untrue!people!its not do with colour of the hair but the people we are and how we present ourselves!its to do with looks(facialy),attitude and self confidence!i urge all red heads to stop feeling sorry for themselves and how different w(Added: Thu Oct 30 2003)

restbite home for autistic children popular

!!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!! we are an autistic support group which is in URGENT NEED of sponsership,to help with the funding of the group. We run a support group for the parents and siblings of autisic children. At the moment we are holding fortnightly meetings for the siblings and children(Added: Mon Oct 20 2003)

PRESS RELEASE - *David Blaine* Sunday 20th - Statement for Peace - "Chalk4Peace"

PRESS RELEASE - *David Blaine* Sunday 20th - Statement for Peace - "Chalk4Peace" Press Contact Brian @ 44 (0) 7946595787 http://www.infinitepossibility.org/chalk/ As we did last sunday,bags of chalk will be distributed THIS SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER @ TOWER BRIDGE UNDER DAVID BLAINES glass box with(Added: Fri Oct 17 2003)

The 150th Anniversary of teh Atlas Fountain

The Atlas Fountain has dominated the South Front at Castle Howard since 1853 this October Castle Howard celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the first successful operation. On Wednesday 26th October 1853, Georgiana Dowager Countess of Carlisle and her two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth were in atte(Added: Mon Oct 13 2003)

Newsletter popular

INFO NEPAL – Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal Newsletter September 2003 Volunteer Reflection - by Aria Ash-Rafzadeh While initially planning to spend my time in Nepal at a health post in the Kathmandu Valley, due to an unforeseen stomach illness, I spent a bit more time than planned in (Added: Sun Oct 12 2003)

Lost and found register popular

A register for owners of missing cats or finders of lost cats in the city of Brighton and Hove and surroundings areas.(Added: Tue Oct 07 2003)

Indonesian and Malaysian Cooking popular

INDONESIAN AND MALAYSIAN COOKING (Authentic recipes with vivid color illustrations) The Malaysian and Indonesian islands are rich in agricultural produce, exotic spices and aromatic leaves. Apart from the original inhabitants, the islands' people are a mixture of Chinese, Hindus, Arabs and Dutc(Added: Mon Oct 06 2003)

HolisticJunction.com – based out of Grand Junction, Colorado is the popular

Marketing small and large businesses, HolisticJunction.com can globally advertise and promote your services and products at great, introductory rates! HolisticJunction.com offers inspirational writers and artists, introduces the global society of alternative thinkers to a higher realm of consci(Added: Mon Sep 29 2003)

JF Designs launches a new web site for Compassionate Hearts Serving Hands, Inc. (CH-SH), a non profi popular

BELLEVUE, WA — JF Designs was selected to design the web site for Compassionate Hearts Serving Hands, Inc., an outreach program located in Fort Lauderdale. As part of its non profit service program, JF Designs (www.jfdesigns.com) was proud to be selected to design the web site for the organizatio(Added: Thu Sep 25 2003)

Families Reunited teams up with One Great Family in its Bid to Find Missing Relatives from the past

Missing relative’s organisation Families Reunited has had a major web site over-hall in order to keep up with growth and demand for its services, as it is now working with American company, www.onegreatfamily.com whose aim is building the Human Family Tree online. This powerful combination of two o(Added: Tue Sep 23 2003)

Inspiration & Motivation To Go -- Best of "Daily Happiness" Released popular

CHESTERVILLE, September 20, 2003 – The "Top 60" happiness list has been released in the form of a free ebook. "Inspiration & Motivation to Go" is the collection of the 60 most-loved editions of "Your Daily Dose of Happiness", including the most inspiring and motivating passages. "We were rece(Added: Fri Sep 19 2003)

Mrs. Florida America 2003 to attend JAFRA Cosmetics 47th Anniversary Tour popular

Saturday, September 27th, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Courtyard by Marriott, Mrs. Jennifer Miller - Mrs. Florida America 2003 will be attending a welcome home celebration at the JAFRA Cosmetics 47th Anniversary Tour. Jafra Cosmetics celebrates 47 years of success in the making, and offers a special w(Added: Tue Sep 16 2003)

Response to recommendations by Laming popular

---BEGINS--- Reconstruct officially launch 'Fit for Practice in Child Protection' the Training Pack at The London Voluntary Resource Centre on Thursday 18th September 2003. The pack will be showcased & available for purchase at the conference 'Fit for Practice in Child Protection?' which has been s(Added: Mon Sep 15 2003)

REGDAY 2003 in ORANGE COUNTY, CA popular

The 2003 RegDay Brings Hope to those Dislocated in Orange County Location: Borders Bookstore 3333 Bear St., Costa Mesa, CA., 92626 Time: 12:00 Noon - 9:00 PM Hosts: Ray Buffer, Actor, Film Producer and Adoptee Activist Roberta McMillan, Film Producer and Writer (www.ratsandbullies.c(Added: Sun Sep 14 2003)

When Adversity Strikes, What Will You Do?

When adversity strikes, what will you do? Joshua Goodling is no stranger to adversity, being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and given only one week to live. This inspirational speaker leaves his audiences motivated and challenged to face life with a new determination. Here are just a few of the(Added: Fri Sep 12 2003)

Author and Life Coach to Speak on Spiritual Eastern Caribbean Cruise popular

Monique Rider, author, life coach, and founder of BodyLife Dynamics, has been invited to speak and hold a book signing in March on a 7-day spiritual Eastern Caribbean cruise. She will be part of a team of speakers, authors, wellness experts, and holistic practitioners who will deliver 16 hours of p(Added: Thu Sep 11 2003)



Bob Geldorf beats Prince Charles popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 4/9/2003 (CONTACT DETAILS BELOW) " Bob Geldorf beats Prince Charles as "Top Of The Pops" " Prince Charles has been pipped to the 'Top of the Pops' number one slot by Bob Geldorf as the most popular single father. This is according to the results of a survey cond(Added: Thu Sep 04 2003)

Does The Marketing Industry Really Deliver? popular

The marketing industry is starting to be perceived as a self-complicating, self-serving, glory-seeking encumbrance; protecting its interests by hiding behind a barricade of buzzwords, acronyms, jargon and pseudo-science. Worse still, the very people responsible for this sad state of affairs are n(Added: Wed Sep 03 2003)
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