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Various Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal popular

What is INFO Nepal? INFO Nepal is a non-governmental organization established in 2000. It is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council and is run by Nepali volunteers all of whom have previous experience working for various voluntary organizations. INFO makes arrangements to place trained vol(Added: Mon Aug 04 2003)

Are people looking for things to say online? popular

Are people looking for things to say online? The answer is yes, says things-to-say.com. things-to-say.com is a greeting card site that offers various things to say in life situations such as... Things to say when we don't get along Things to say to your parents Things to say (Added: Sat Jul 26 2003)

Mothers and Daughters in Transition popular

Monique Rider, life coach and contributor to Ophelia's Mom, is scheduled for a book signing in Phoenix, Arizona on August 14th. The signing will take place at the Barnes & Noble in Desert Ridge Mall. Ophelia's Mom is an anthology written by moms struggling with the challenges of adolescent dau(Added: Fri Jul 25 2003)

Britchops Drum Tuition Website Launch popular

Britchops Drum Tuition is pleased to announce that the multimedia Britchops Foundation Drum Course is now available @ www.britchops.co.uk The Britchops Foundation Drum Course is a new interactive MIDI eBook drum course in Adobe PDF format. This course provides all the information you need to beg(Added: Wed Jul 23 2003)

SURVEY: Family, Altruism and Faith Define Happiness popular

CHESTERVILLE, July 28, 2003 – Family and altruism head popular definitions of happiness, according to a recent survey sponsored by "Your Daily Dose of Happiness". "Surprisingly, just 4% of respondents mentioned health as part of their definition of happiness," says the newsletter's publisher, Da(Added: Wed Jul 23 2003)

Discover your dream date and find your ultimate Frisco single men and women only on www. friscosingl popular

www.friscosingles.com offers online Frisco Dating Services to help you find ultimate Frisco Singles. This Meeting Service is devoted to give you a perfect platform where you can meet your dream date and thus fill the void left in your life. So, get ready to meet your compatible singles men and women(Added: Mon Jul 14 2003)

Meet your perfect Denton singles on www.dentonsingles.com , online now! popular

www.dentonsingles.com is a Denton Singles Dating Agency site offering online Christian dating services for Denton singles men & Women.(Added: Mon Jul 14 2003)

Winners of the Asian Jewel Awards (Southern Region) 2003

Winners of the Prestigious Asian Jewel Awards (Southern Region) 2003 London’s Grosvenor House Hotel hosted the prestigious Southern Region Asian Jewel Awards, recognizing and celebrating the endeavour and achievements of individuals from the UK Asian community in various walks of life. More th(Added: Fri Jul 11 2003)

Meet your perfect Addison singles on www.addisonsingles.com , online now popular

www.addisonsingles.com is a premium matchmaking service to find just the right Addison singles for you. We are dedicated to give you the most idyllic dating experience with our Addison singles dating services(Added: Fri Jul 11 2003)

Discover your dream date and find your ultimate Houston single men and women only on www.houston-per popular

www.houston-personals.com offers online Houston Dating Services to help you find ultimate Houston Singles. This Meeting Service is devoted to give you a perfect platform where you can meet your dream date and thus fill the void left in your life. So, get ready to meet your compatible singles men and(Added: Fri Jul 11 2003)

Townstogether.com acquired by 1st Locate popular

Townstogether.com Townstogether.com was developed almost 12 months ago with the aim to reunite old friends from each and every single city, town and village in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. After a successful 12 months, the original site developers have sold to 1st Locate ((Added: Wed Jul 09 2003)

Announcing the first web site for couples who want to build and keep a happy relationship for life popular

www.HappyRelationships.com “A Happy Couple In Every Home” For Immediate Release… Contact: Kate Tyler, (415) 381-7123 President: Tyler, Holt Publishing KateMTyler@aol.com Finally, Help For Unhappy Relationships · Announcing www.HappyRelationships.com, the very first web site dedicate(Added: Wed Jul 02 2003)

gay!evolution - connect. create. celebrate! popular

Welcome to gay!evolution! FREE membership, Connect, Create and Celebrate Personal Growth, Diaries, Submit Writing, Post Events and Solutions. Interactive site for professionals. (Added: Thu Jun 26 2003)

Cumbria - the Lake District opens for virtual visits popular

Would you like to sit back in the comfort of your own home and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in England? With VirtualCumbria.net, the pioneering 360 x 360-degree Virtual Tour Guide to the county, you can now take an interactive trip through the landscapes of Cumbria and the English Lake D(Added: Thu Jun 26 2003)

The Original America’s Most Unwanted Cards popular

During the recent conflict with Iraq, many public figures chose to exercise their constitutionally protected right to free speech to criticize President Bush and his decision to rid the world of an individual who was clearly a threat to the well being of this country. Many of those who chose t(Added: Tue Jun 24 2003)

Divorce service nominated for New Statesman New Media Award popular

The New Statesman, Britain’s leading political magazine, announces the short listing of Divorce-Online (www.divorce-online.co.uk) in their New Media Awards in the category of Civic Society. Since 1999, these awards have promoted projects that embrace new technology, fresh thinking and creative ma(Added: Tue Jun 10 2003)

How Do You Define Happiness? Enter the Contest popular

Twenty-five top definitions of happiness will be published at www.TheHappyGuy.com, which is holding a contest to collect the definitions. "We already have plenty of definitions from sage and famous luminaries," says David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy. "Now we are looking for a new wave of definition(Added: Fri May 30 2003)

Not Just A Touch- Released popular

Imagine, if you will, a baby girl born in 1959. During the early toddler years the child was sexually abused and entered into the world of pornography by those she loved and trusted. By the age of three, she had been damaged physically and emotionally, and then placed in foster care with her brother(Added: Fri May 30 2003)

Soy Wax Candles Are COOL! popular

Essence of Ahurani manufactures a complete line of soy wax candles and bath & body products. (May 2003) Soy Wax Candles Are COOL! Essence of Ahurani was established by Connecticut natives; Allison DeBiase and MeChell Jabri. The founders value high quality, unique products that are ‘eco-friend(Added: Fri May 23 2003)

Discovering the simple secrets to making your dream wedding a theme wedding. New guide simplifies th popular

Calgary, AB — According to Bride Magazine (Sept 2001), “Theme Weddings are one of the hottest trends in the wedding industry”. The main reason that people are so infatuated with theme weddings is the strong desire to be different, be highly memorable, and to create a completely unique wedding exper(Added: Tue May 20 2003)


PIONEERING PROJECTS REACH NATIONAL AWARD SHORTLIST An anti-bullying network for schoolchildren and parents, a health-monitoring device for remote communities, and an advice portal for small businesses are among the projects short-listed for a national award for their innovative use of technology.(Added: Thu May 15 2003)

Calcioli Field Practice announces "The East Grinstead Happier Families Club" popular

Parental Problem-Solving Evenings The Calcioli Field Practice, a Life Improvement Centre, today announced the launch of The East Grinstead Happier Families Club. On Monday evenings, parents will have the opportunity to hear vital tips on how to live with children, especially their own!, helpi(Added: Wed May 14 2003)

Formaer Marines Yomp for Charities popular

YOMP 30 MILES IN 12 HOURS, WHY? It’s for charity and because ‘IT’S A MARINE THING!’ It was a word that came to symbolise the efforts of the gallant men who won back the Falklands in 1982. YOMP, a word the Royal Marines adopted many years ago as slang for a ‘Force march with a full kit’(Added: Tue May 13 2003)

Gina, The Woman Within - a truly remarkable story. popular

'Gina: The Woman Within' tells the truly remarkable story of the writer's traumatic and reluctant, but inevitable, transgender journey of discovery, after a lifetime spent running away from herself. Gina explains: 'I decided to self-publish because I want my story to be told to the world in the hop(Added: Sat May 10 2003)

I'm A Celebrity Dog , Get Me In There! popular

~~Begins~~ It seems Daniella Westbrook is not the only Eastenders celebrity who prefers the comfort of a 5-star hotel to fleabites and smelly sleeping bags. One of her former co-stars has also decided to book in for some luxury relaxation therapy of his own. He may never have been addicted to (Added: Fri May 09 2003)

Happy Class is Now Online popular

CHESTERVILLE, May 8, 2003 – The one subject not taught in school is how to live a happy life. The free Happy Class is now available to complete the education of anyone with access to a computer. Happy Class has been delivered free by email for several months. It is still free but it has been up(Added: Mon May 05 2003)

Child Suicide – A Supportive Resource For Families popular

Child Suicide (http://www.childsuicide.homestead.com) is a supportive resource for parents, grandparents and siblings who have lost a child, grandchild, brother or sister to the tragedy of suicide. The website was launched on 29 April 2003 by Swindon writer Jan Andersen, after her 20-year-old son di(Added: Sat May 03 2003)

Gaiacomm: Regime change in the United States of America? popular

Regime Change in the United States of America? “Strange times are those in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool” Plato And those who perform jihad for US, We shall certainly gui(Added: Sat May 03 2003)

Women Image Day June 7th 2003 popular

Make-over Day Saturday June 7th Do you remember those shoulder-pads of the eighties....and the big hair…..and the sharp suits? Thank goodness things have changed and women don’t have to dress in some outdated power uniform to prove they are powerful and successful in their own right. We’re l(Added: Fri May 02 2003)

“Between Heaven and Hell: To some life is a journey, to others life is a trip” popular

“Between Heaven and Hell: To some life is a journey, to others life is a trip” is a wonderful collection of poems, prayers, and short stories by W. Delores Barron, Ph.D. Dr. Barron is a Christian Minister and her belief in God plays an important part within the book. Although, there is a religious (Added: Tue Apr 15 2003)
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