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MicroPerformance+, new brand in the equestrian world

Added: (Sun Nov 12 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - MicroPerformance+ is an equestrian brand which was formed around two years ago. This Kent based company was born as the result of its foundersí vision, a Professional Engineer who wanted to combine the best of British Engineering and innovation with a passion for horses.

There are many brands and designers out there, who produce equestrian products, from Bridles to saddle pads to brushing boots, but they normally concentrate on the cosmetics and appearance of the products, rather than functionality and performance.

MicroPerformance+ is fundamentally different. At the earliest design stage, everything is centred around the comfort and performance of the horse and rider alike. This provides the basis on which the products are developed. After carefully outlining the shape and anatomic design, material consideration and selection plays a vital role in enhancing the prototypes, ready for testing. It is imperative that the products are vigorously tested by highly competent, experienced riders. Working closely with each rider, feedback from them, in correlation with further examination of the horsesí wellbeing gives MP+ another set of ideas to work with in order to finalise the design of a completely engineered product.

A new competition Dressage saddle pad is now launched by MicroPerformance+, based on the first product of this brand, which was the General Purpose full saddle pads. The cool dry mesh lining of the saddle cloths is breathable and has sweat absorbing properties. This ensures that the horse is kept dry and comfortable whilst in training or out competing. Furthermore, the advanced properties of this material provide a suitable grip, turning the cloth into a non-slip saddle pad, ensuring the tack stays securely in the right place.

Although MP+ designs are centred around the welfare of the horse, that hasnít resulted in neglecting presentation and appearance of these high-quality products. With a decorative cord and Octagon shaped quilting, the saddle cloths look sharp, just as they should for a serious, competitive horse and rider.

Incidentally, the launch of the new, purposely made dressage saddle pads, coincides with the launch of the new MP+ website. Interested customers in the UK and USA can now purchase their advanced Equestrian Products directly from www.microperformance.net

With future product developments, especially Advanced Show Jumping Saddle pads, MicroPerformance+ is engineered at Micro level for Maximum Performance, hence set to grow as a result of the need for better equestrian products that gives the horse and rider a competitive edge.

Submitted by:Arash Motesharei
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