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What is the True Winning Percentage

Added: (Wed Mar 08 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Soccer betting is a big thriving business prevalent throughout world by using statistics, experience and practice. For everything there is pros and cons involved in it, sometimes we lose sometimes we gain .if the bettor use the correct percentage of analytical and statistical data implementing in a positive result then the outcomes will more from the basic expectations soccer game is the master of all games.

If you are able to use it to your advantage it could become your full-time occupation or a second income. To get started on a successful betting carrier learning the basic of profitable betting is the best to be successful bettor you must continue to expand your experience and knowledge. Professional bettor uses its analytical skills that apply for selecting bets to perform unbiased account of own betting records. Some punters are specialize at picking long shots and win a disproportionate number of bets.

A true Professional punter continues applying a sound staking plan and betting bankroll as an investment. Punters use betting techniques that could offer a short cut to long term profit. Every professional punter are always aware of the current flow especially when the seasons are nearer. It very must necessary for the punters to know about the prevailing betting status.

Most people believe that a professional punter wins at least 60 percentages of their bets. It is not the fact of the professional punters there is an up and down with the winning percentage. Most professional punters rarely survive in a long term winning percentage higher than 54% or it comes lower to 51% even. To win 55% for professional punters it takes to double, triple quadruple for bankroll in one year. Anyone can expect a win 50% the bookmakers profit comes from the difference between must risk and what a bettor expect to win.

Successful percentage of bets won by the professional bettor and percentage lose by the chronic bettor is relatively small. The measure of success of the sports bettor is not only winning percentage but the amount of profit made over any given period of time. More professional level sports bettor win 100% or above it. Genuine professional level sports generally would never risk more than 2% of their working bankroll and usually risk much less then it.


The true winning percentage is unknown but there are certain number figures assure to be the winning percentile stated above. To be a professional bettor one must give a thought that why this result is in this way. Buoyantly it will make you a long run professional punter of to some extend.

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