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Q-Link named best new product at 2005 PGA Show in Las Vegas

For Immediate Release February 17th 2006 QLink named best new product at 2005 PGA Show in Las Vegas QLink, the performance-enhancing pendant that reduces stress while playing golf, has been rewarded for its quality and uniqueness by being named the “Best New Product” at the 2005 PGA Fall Expo(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

New Martial Art Book on "Tai Chi Chuan" - E-Book & Paperback Formats

Tai Chi is a truly graceful Martial Art. With this book as a guide, you can explore the complete set of Tai Chi Chuan in 24 Forms along with the many positive Health Benefits and Self-Defence Applications through easy to understand pictures and descriptions. Hong Kong, China, February 13, 2006 --(Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

The Seven Wonders of the Golfing World

Scotland’s Tiny Tiger Cub www.tinywoods.co.uk press release Busy year for Scotland’s golfing prodigy Reece Matthew Campbell Murphy is the five-year-old golfing prodigy from Scotland who has not only equalled but is surpassing Tiger Woods(Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

So-called Russian sportsman and traveler Fedor Konyukhov appears to be a fraud

For the attention of: Mass Media Editors Dear Editor: I have with great interest read an article published on website of so-called traveler and sportsman Fedor Konyukhov (www.konyukhov.ru), entitled "Mega-Yacht"; please see a copy of this article enclosed. American massmedia sometimes publi(Added: Sun Feb 12 2006)

The Important Elements When Training Your Shy Or Fearful Puppy Or Dog

With dogs as with people, some dogs and puppies are naturally more bold and daring than others. When you watch a group of puppies play, it will quickly become apparent which ones are bold and which ones are shy. Some of the puppies will hang back at the edge of the pack, perhaps fearful of angerin(Added: Sat Feb 11 2006)

Golf Schools

Even someone who has experienced golfing can benefit from attending one of many golf schools offered around the world, such as an Ireland golf vacation. Golf schools can teach new skills and techniques to people who already play golf and to those who have never held a golf club before. The underlyin(Added: Fri Feb 10 2006)

When To Give Your Dog The Freedom Off The Leash

Many dog owners are anxious to give their four legged companions the freedom of going off leash, but it is important not to rush that important step. Dogs should only be allowed off their leash after they have become masters of all the basic obedience commands, such as walking at heel, sitting and (Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

New All Terrain Paintball Vest

Real Action Paintball (online ww.rap4.com) is proud to introduce even more colors and accessories to the popular RAP4 line of Tactical Paintball Vest. The vest is designed with all the pouches in the front so that they are fully accessible at all times. This design follows the basic principle of "re(Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

Culture Shapes the Winner

Japanese and Americans don’t see eye-to-eye on how athletes achieve gold. What does it take to win an Olympic gold medal? All people have theories and explanations. An article published in the current issue of Psychological Science analyzes two studies that observe the different theories. When(Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

Launch of new GoKarting .co.uk website.

Gokarting.co.uk has launched a new website promoting the ultimate in both indoor and outdoor go karting in London. They provide corporate events and also events just for fun with friends. With a range of tracks to choose from gokarting.co.uk can cater for everyone when it comes to go karting. The(Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

The Technique To Test Whether Your Dog Is Ready To Train

Coming when called is a vital skill that every dog must learn, both for its own safety and that of those around it. A disobedient dog that refuses to come when called could easily be hit by a car, get into a fight with another dog, or suffer a variety of other bad experiences. (Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

South Africa First for new FITA archery rules

The 2006 56th South African National Archery Championships which will run concurrently with the 7th All African Championships will be the first internationally recognized tournament in the world running under the new Olympic and FITA rules. This will be the biggest internationally recognized arch(Added: Wed Feb 08 2006)

NASCAR collectibles now available through Wholesale Plus Closeouts.

A longtime private collector of NASCAR memorabilia has opened his vault to make many limited edition items available to the public via online sale at Wholesale Plus Closeouts. Included in these rarely seen items is a poster of 7-time Winston Cup champion Dale Earnhardt in mint condition. Taken from (Added: Tue Feb 07 2006)

SRU Selects Spider Networks to Manage and Deliver First SMS Competition

SRU Selects Spider Networks to Manage and Deliver First SMS Competition Up for grabs ... 2 tickets to all Calcutta Cup matches regardless of venue for the next 5 years Link to image - http://www.spider-networks.net/press-section/sru_sms_competition.html ### London, February 7, 2006 - I(Added: Tue Feb 07 2006)

The Easy Way To Avoid Discouragement And Confusion While Training A Dog

Rewards just may be the single most important motivator in dog training. Obedience training through the use of rewards and other positive reinforcements has long been recognized as the most effective method of reaching most dogs and getting the best possible results. (Added: Tue Feb 07 2006)


Date of Issue: 06/02/2006 STRONG START TO 2006 FOR TOP OF THE CUE With two impressive seven foot pool tables as prizes, Top of the Cue’s special New Year competitions attracted thousands of entries and developed into one of their most successful promotions ever. The Top of the Cue website, (Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

Why Obedience Training Determines Whether A Dog Is Happy And Productive Or Whether It Is Uncooperati

Obedience training is one of the most important and most effective things any owner can do for his or her dog. A properly obedience trained dog is a happy, productive and safe member of the family, while a untrained dog can be destructive and even dangerous. (Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

Pittsburgh Steelers Hypnotized To Win Super Bowl XL

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pittsburgh Steelers Hypnotized to Win Super Bowl XL Almost all athletes know the game begins in the mind…. but was it h(Added: Mon Feb 06 2006)

Uncover Ways To Prevent A Dog From Unwanted Urination

Problems with inappropriate urination are some of the most commonly encountered by dog owners. As a matter of fact, inappropriate urination and defecation is the most frequently cited reason that owners surrender their animals to shelters. Before t(Added: Sun Feb 05 2006)

You Can Change The Odds In PowerBall

Date line Minneapolis Minnesota: December 2005. A local data publishing and processing company has started up and can help you start your own lottery players pool with friends, co-workers or family to change the odds of winning the PowerBall lottery game. Many books have been written on ways to(Added: Sun Feb 05 2006)

Training Your Dog To Dealing With Separation Anxiety – The Misbehavior Of Your Dog While You’re Away

Separation anxiety, also known in the dog training world as owner absent misbehavior, is one of the most frequently encountered problems in the world of dog training. Separation anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways, including chewing, destroying the owner’s property, excessive barking(Added: Sat Feb 04 2006)

The 5 Important Considerations You Should Know When Using A Training Collar

The basic dog training collar goes by many names, including choke collar, choke chain, training collar, correction collar and slip collar. These training collars are among the most popular and most commonly used tools with both amateur and professional dog trainers. While a training collar is a(Added: Sat Feb 04 2006)

Pike magazine celebrates 100th issue

Pike and Predators, the monthly magazine for the pike and freshwater predator angler in the UK has just published its one hundredth issue. This particular milestone has proved to be especially meaningful for founding editor, James Holgate, who commented, “When we first hit the newsstands many in(Added: Fri Feb 03 2006)

Adam Wilcox Motorsport releases 2006 British GT Championship dates

Adam Wilcox Motorsport releases 2006 British GT Championship dates 2006 PROVISIONAL CALENDAR DATE VENUE F3 GT INFORMATION 15/16/17 APRIL OULTON PARK INT F3 GT 20/21 MAY DONINGTON PARK NAT F3 GT GT - 2 hours 3 /4 JUNE PAU F3 GT3/GTC FFSA 24 / 25 JUNE MONDELLO PARK (Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/2/2006 SONG WRITER TEACHES YOU HOW TO PLAY THE PONIES Tulsa, Oklahoma - February 2, 2006 - Jo Fulkerson is not your average gambler. Jo was born in a small coal-mining town in Illinois way back in 1933. Growing up she didn't even think of playing the ponies. Instead sh(Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)

Adventure Travel: Giant Squid Diving-“Red Demon” Encounters

For Immediate Release Information/images/interview: Patric Douglas CEO 415.235.9410 staff@sharkdiver.com www.sharkdiver.com www.sharkdivers.com Adventure Travel: Giant Squid Diving-“Red Demon” Encounters San Francisco, California- Imagine being surrounded by an undersea predator that (Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)

World Amateur Poker Championship to Start

The Small Town Poker Tour has made quite a name for itself in a very short time. In their first year of existence the STPT crisscrossed the United States, holding charity poker tournaments in every state and bringing poker back to the grassroots of the game. While most poker tournaments are glitzy a(Added: Thu Feb 02 2006)

Zippy for England?

ReplaceSven.com Press Release Manchester, UK, 1st February 2006 Zippy for England? What have Jose Mourinho, Osama Bin Laden and school dinnerlady Brenda Tintwistle got in common? The answer is that they are all among the candidates nominated by football fans to be the next England manager(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Superbowlpro.com Domain Name is up for auction at ebay.com

Arizona man sells www.superbowlpro.com domain name to take advantage of maybe one of the best superbowl seasons ever. At the same time he will donate 10% of the ending auction price to Childrens Cancer Research Institute. Domain Name sales have been on the rise and fastly growing. After all the year(Added: Wed Feb 01 2006)

Shark Diving-What’s New For 2006

Shark Diving-What’s New For 2006 For Immediate Release For more information/images/interview Patric Douglas CEO 415.235.9410 staff@sharkdiver.com www.sharkdiver.com www.sharkdivers.com Los Angles, CA, February 2, 2006 In the ever growing world of high adventure opportunities, one co(Added: Tue Jan 31 2006)
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