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Easy DIY Projector Screen Top in Geek Gifts List

Added: (Fri Mar 17 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - As an introduction of preparing this report on projector screens, this correspondent conducted a few interviews with random folks. The main question was whether the person remembers enjoying a movie on a projector screen. A significant percentage of respondents actually were at a loss at the mention of ‘projection’ and answered in negative. It was a rather interesting observation because anyone who has ever visited the theater even once has been privy to the projected audiovisuals. In fact, the history of these display mediums is as old as the first cinema ever made! Even today, they retain a certain elite exclusivity.

People normally see media on TVs, which is actually an innovation modeled on the basic principle of a rear projection film. Many customers are aware of the latest home theater LED or LCD products, but this is apparently not enough for many others. This second group of movie buffs strongly feels that if ever one must experience the HOME THEATER in all real sense, then it must be on a projected screen. For more details visit at http://elitescreens.com/products/rear-projection-screens

This is actually a rather traditional trend among celebrities and media critics to set up a full-fledged personal multiplex. If customers can provide the huge space one would need, top providers in this tech niche can deliver the best screens as per specific requirements. Following the feelings gathered on the series of interviews mentioned above, this correspondent followed it up with the support staff at a top US manufacturer of these products. The discussion was very revealing on why anyone should consider buying a projector screen instead of the latest TV in the market.

“You imagine something grand, and we make it happen. Our facility is equipped to develop screens as per any custom specs. We regularly handle a diverse range of orders from various establishments including military, corporate, seminars, conventions, hospitals, educational centers, and even churches and other places of worship. Our inventory includes hundreds of unique variants allowing for the rich exclusivity this segment demands. Apart from the conventional front projected applications, one can also buy rear projection screens. These are particularly popular for storefront promotions. Customers simply stick the screen on the front glass panel and project the rich visuals from the back. As per feedbacks, this particular street marketing method is carrying a fantastic elite appeal of minimalistic audiovisual technology.”

As it turns out, many first time customers visiting their inventory ask if setting up the screen would be a mess. In response, the support staff assured that they provide home based installation service if necessary. “We also provide valuable tips from here for a DIY projector screen installation. For instance, one should always place the front row as far away as the diagonal length of the screen in setting a big home theater. However, due to their sizes, these setups are typically one-time affairs. For more details visit at http://elitescreens.com/products/outdoor-projection-screens

Buyers can always consider a mobile auto setup screen. They are mounted on tripods, are lightweight, have case packaging for transport. These set right up in seconds at a flick of a switch.”

About Us: Elite Screens is a leading manufacturer of projection screens in the US. You can find further resources, including video tutorials, at our service website. Customer support is available on assigned shifts.

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