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Ethical Hacking

Added: (Sun Mar 19 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - OAASA Technologys in Kolkata gives hands-on classroom preparing to Scanning, Foot Printing , Enumeration, Cryptography, Sniffing Data and Password, SQL Injection, Penetration Testing and secure frameworks and applications. So join our Licensed Ethical Hacking instructional class to learn web and versatile application security and growing the present information of recognizing dangers and vulnerabilities. After this course, various career avenues will open up as a Licensed ethical hacker.

Ethical hacking is a proactive form of information security and is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing and red teaming. An ethical hacker is sometimes called a legal or white hat hacker and its counterpart a black hat. The motivation behind ethical hacking and Cyber Security course is to assess the security of a system or framework's foundation. It involves finding and endeavoring to abuse any vulnerabilities to figure out if unapproved get to or different malevolent exercises are conceivable. Vulnerabilities have a tendency to be found in poor or shameful framework design, known and obscure equipment or programming defects, and operational shortcomings in process or specialized countermeasures. Our most prominent data security and hacking preparing goes inside and out into the systems utilized by pernicious, dark cap programmers with alluring addresses and hands-on lab works out. While these hacking abilities can be utilized for noxious purposes, this class shows you how to utilize the same hacking strategies to play out a white-cap, ethical hack, on your organization. You leave with the ability to quantitatively assess and measure threats to information assets and discover where your organization is most vulnerable to hacking in this network security training course. The goal of this course is to help you master a repeatable, documentable penetration testing methodology that can be used in an ethical penetration testing or hacking situation.

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