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EUROTECH: among the five companies representing �Made in Italy� in Tokyo

The Italian � Japan Investment Day, a forum organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Italy in Japan and the Banca d�Italia, will take place on June 12th in Tokyo. The forum aims to promote the best of Italian industry to Japanese investors. Borsa Italiana assisted by Nomur(Added: Fri Jun 15 2007)

PHP is an open source server side programming language & Scripts here?

PHP stands for PHP: Hyper Type Preprocessor. PHP is a very famous open source server side language. If has gained high popularity in few year. Besides no strong backing from big corporate, PHP has proved that it can deliver serious programming concepts and thereby can big web application can be buil(Added: Fri Jun 15 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces Industry�s First and Only Anti-MOG ELISA Kits

June 12, 2007 � San Jose, CA Drawing on its broad portfolio of MOG (35-55) and other multiple sclerosis (MS) experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)-related peptides, AnaSpec has just released its new line of SensoLyte� Anti - MOG ELISA Kits - the industry�s first and only anti-MOG (Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

The e-Learning Lingo Podcast #5: Minimalism

SyberWorks, Inc., a leader in custom e-Learning Solutions and the Learning Management System industry, today announces the next episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series about the term, Minimalism.

Dave Boggs, CEO of SyberWorks, states, �This week�s episode of the e-Learning Li(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

TfL Leads The UK In Travel Plan Monitoring Solutions

TfL Leads The UK In Travel Plan Monitoring Solutions. Web enabled version of successful iTRACE Travel Plan system goes live across London. Monitors and reports on performance of workplace and school travel plans. Promotes the use of sustainable travel methods and practices. At a time when glo(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Trakware�s Alliance with Xora Impacts ETO Mobile Workforce Management

Xora, a leading provider of location-based mobile workforce management solutions, and Trakware Systems Inc. (www.trakware.com), a leading provider of manufacturing and project execution solutions for complex engineer-to-order environments, announced an integrated release that enables advanced superv(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

ICTC Selects Process ERP Leader Escape Velocity Systems

Kim Olesen, B.Sc.,C.P.P., Distribution Manager of Innovative Chemical Technologies Canada Ltd. (ICTC), is the Project Manager for the selection of a Process Manufacturing ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and worked on three other implementations in previous positions from a very large corpo(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Solar Energy First for HelioDynamics, Cambs

PRESS RELEASE 12thJune 2007 Solar Energy First for Cambridgeshire company HelioDynamics Ltd, of Bourn, Cambridgeshire, UK has developed the HD7.c, the world�s first commercial solar energy CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system. What makes this system so different is that it will g(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Pencil unveils major new Anti-Poverty Technology

Pencil Technologies Ltd today signals the end for the much-headlined dilemma between �water or school� for girls in rural areas in the developing world with the launch of SecondVoice�, a new information and communication technology (ICT) for the world's rural poor. As Hilary Benn says, To (Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Huntsman introduces smart Araldite� adhesives for RFID company TAGSYS

Huntsman Advanced Materials has created two specialist Araldite� adhesives for use in the electronics industry which are resistant to water, heat and cleaning chemicals. The adhesives were developed for TAGSYS � the global supplier of item-level Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and rea(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

The Great Stabilizer

The engine may seem to be a labyrinth of wires, metals and pipes. It actually is very complicated. The vehicular engine houses parts and components that make up various systems that gives life to the engine. Your car engine's main purpose it to convert gasoline into energy causing the vehicle to mov(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Ignite the Spark

In the industrial revolution of automobile manufacture, the processes that involves the ignition of engines has been constantly modified and developed with the latest advancement in technology. The engine convert forms of energy into mechanical or motion force. This mechanism involves the controlled(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Disperse Unwanted Heat

Heat has always been a problem ever since the first use of the internal combustion engine. In automobiles, hot temperature has been proven to severely damage many of the components and systems that are responsible for engine performance. Many of the early technicians and specialists took enormous am(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

VW Headlights: Illumination in Function and Design

Contrary to the popular belief, headlights do not necessarily refer to the part that is attached on a vehicle like the ones made by VW. Rather, it more or less refers to the beam of light projected by a headlamp which is the more correct term. However, the term headlight is loosely interchangeable w(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

A closer look at an engine's �kidney�

When a Volkswagen spews large amounts of white smoke out of its exhaust, it could mean a problem right at VW engine's kidney � the VW head gasket. Basically, VW head gaskets seal the cylinder heads to the engine blocks and also seal the coolant passages. When a gasket fails, coolants can enter the(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

VW Grille: A Legacy of Greatness

Quality has never been stressed by German automobile manufacturer VW. Taking its roots from the progressive principles of the Nazi regime, VW has produced various lines of vehicles that embodied the high-standard and supremacy of old Germany. Today, in its quest for being the best, VW has endure(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Pumping fuel into the engine

Volkswagen thrives on its class, simplicity, and economy. These attributes are reflected on its vehicle designs. For example, basic VW automotive architecture involves having the fuel tank located in a car's opposite end off the engine. Because of this distance, a specially-designed, yet fundamental(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Great hydraulic pressure is just a step away with the Volvo Master Cylinder

Every car needs a provider of great hydraulic pressure in order to maintain the efficiency of the hydraulic system. Not every driver or car owner knows what his master cylinder does for him and his car, when in fact it should be well-known. The master cylinder contributes well to the safety of the d(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

For the best engine performance, use the Volvo Heater Core

At the heart of every car engine sits the heater core. This heater core is similar to a radiator, which is used in heating the cabin of a vehicle. Hot coolant from the car's engine is passed through a winding tube of the core, which is used as a heat exchanger between coolant and cabin air. Fins are(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Ready for the night: Volvo Headlights has you covered

Night driving is not always breezy and starry for a lot of people. Some have a lot of difficulty because of the dark. Lamp posts may be of help, but not all the highways are equipped with them. When one thinks of taking a long drive to visit Uncle Johnny in Kansas, one must be confident that his hea(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Entrust your car's maximum compression to the Volvo Head Gasket

Among the many complicated parts of a car, one should always be knowledgeable in managing and handling all of them. Who drives a car without knowing where his coil springs are located? And what is an oxygen sensor? How about the head gasket? Because most of the car's compression is caused by a good (Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)


Certified interoperability means customers can confidently pair the 3CX Phone System for Windows with Grandstream SIP-based products to provide a complete PBX replacement Miami, Florida and Stockholm, Sweden � 14 June 2007 � 3CX (www.3cx.com), developer of the leading windows based IP PBX 3CX(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

AviIT and Phantom Media join forces to launch Inflight Entertainment System joint venture � bluebo

AviIT and Phantom Media join forces to launch Inflight Entertainment System joint venture � bluebox Avionics Ltd AviIT, the aviation technology solutions company, and Phantom Media, the media production company that also specialises in captive media solutions, today announce the formal launch o(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Your Volvo Grille lets your car breathe

Every vehicle has many parts that contribute to the totality of its function. Every part or accessory is not useless---they all play important roles to achieve the premium performance of the car. Noted car makers such as Volvo have continually found ways to serve their patrons better by developing d(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Nokia N76: the future is yours

The Nokia N76 works on the compatible Symbian Operating system. Thus, you get the right backup to make the best of this reliable communication tool. On the other hand, this phone is also perfected with a clamshell design to achieve that enticing look. So, get your Nokia N76 and see things get(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Record and play back mouse clicks and keystrokes

GoldSolution Software announces the release of Easy Macro Recorder 3.65, a handy utility for the Windows operating system that Records and plays back mouse clicks and keystrokes automatically. Nowadays, more and more people use computers to do some tasks, and there are lots of duplicate works suc(Added: Thu Jun 14 2007)

Aardvark Polymers Announces New Roto Resins: FR Nylon � Aardalloy POM Alloys.

Lambertville, N.J. Aardvark Polymers is pleased to announce several new additions to their growing line of Next Generation Roto Resins. The new offerings include a FR nylon with UL94-V0 ratings and the first commercial Aardalloy thermoplastic alloy products. NEW Aarlon 4055FR- PA6/6 V0 Rated Aar(Added: Wed Jun 13 2007)


The humble residential telephone is expected to enjoy a remarkable renaissance thanks to an award winning technological make-over by Red Embedded Design, based in Yorkshire in the UK. Red Embedded are showing the new technology at the VON Trade Show in Stockholm during this week. The tech(Added: Wed Jun 13 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces 72 New Catalog Antibodies

San Jose, CA � June 11, 2007 Continuing in its commitment to rapidly expand its antibody offerings, AnaSpec, a leading provider of integrated proteomics solutions, added seventy-two (72) new antibodies to its growing collection of catalog antibodies. The targeted research area for these antib(Added: Wed Jun 13 2007)

Datalogic does Three Peaks for the NSPCC

12 June 2007, Watford, UK - Two teams from Datalogic, the world leading barcode technology manufacturer, successfully completed the gruelling Three Peaks Corporate Challenge 1st and 2nd June 2007 on behalf of UK based children�s charity NSPCC. The Three Peaks Corporate Challenge is a 24 hour ra(Added: Wed Jun 13 2007)
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