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Benefits Of Using RDX Cartridges

Added: (Fri May 12 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The demand for data storage media that have a high storage capacity and high speeds of storing and retrieving data has been on the increase. Many businesses need to comply with data storage regulations and they also need media that can store and transfer large amounts of data comfortably. It is important to use data storage media that is cost effective and one that will cater for your short term and long term data storage needs. You can opt to use the RDX cartridge as it offers you a wide range of suitable solutions for all your data storage needs.

RDX Technology

RDX is the Removable Disk Technology which uses one of the two types of hard drives that are commonly used in laptops and personal desktop computers. The technology makes use of a mobile 2.5” SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) drive or a Solid State Drive (SSD) that is placed on a removable cartridge. In order to access data, the cartridge is plugged into a dock which provides power.

RDX cartridges from different generations can use the same dock since the drive is located within the cartridge. This means that if you want to use newer generations of cartridges to enjoy higher data storage capacities, you do not have to purchase new hardware in the form of a new dock.

Features Of RDX cartridge

The RDX cartridge is protected from electrostatic discharge (ESD) which is the unexpected flow of electricity between two objects that are electrically charged. The cartridges are therefore resistant to shock. The cartridges are designed to handle harsh environments such as high heat, humidity and dust levels. They can handle a drop of one meter without getting damaged.

The cartridges have a capacity of up to 6 TB for compressed data and 3 TB for uncompressed data. The disk based transfer and retrieval of data can reach speeds of up to 360 GB/hr. The RDX cartridge provides protection for your data when accessing the data through a workstation, a desktop or a server.


The Solid State Drive is faster than a SATA disk because it does not have a spinning disk. Instead, it has an icon which you click and you can access your files. The boot up time of SSD is much faster than that of SATA and the SSD drive is lighter than the SATA drive. You will therefore have an easier time with an SSD drive if you have a laptop due to the lighter weight.

The SATA drive is however less costly than the SSD drive and it is available in various terabyte capacities. The SATA drive is more likely to break down faster than the SSD drive since it contains many moving parts that can malfunction.

Benefits Of RDX cartridges

The RDX cartridge is removable and the cartridges are available in various storage capacities. RDX media allow very fast access to data so that you can easily restore any data that is lost. When accessing your files, you can access the data as a full backup which means that all you need is to key in the relevant date and all your files will appear. You can use cartridges for several months before they fill up because of the data deduplication technology.

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