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Ecosmob Announces Class 5 Softswitch Development for Residential VoIP Provider

Added: (Wed Jan 31 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - VoIP is big business and service providers are seemingly more interested in bulk business and to serve larger companies while ignoring the huge volume of individuals and residential users. Ecosmob helps VoIP residential service providers to tap into this lucrative segment with class 5 softswitch development.

Ecosmob, the Ahmedabad based world leader in VoIP development as well as class 4 and class 5 softswitch development services, announced the launch of class 5 softswitch development for residential VoIP service providers.

Talking on the occasion, a representative of Ecosmob said, “Ecosmob does serve top carriers and bulk VoIP service providers with class 4 and class 5 softswitch developments with the primary focus on bulk business. However, for us, the residential VoIP service provider is of equal importance and we have made special efforts to leverage the power and features of class 5 softswitch to bring ease of use, flexibility and lots of functionalities that will surely be appreciated.”

Home users, he continued, number in millions. They are realizing the advantages of internet based VoIP calling in comparison to mobile or standard landline technologies where international call rates can be quite high. As such we expect demand to grow. VoIP service providers serving residential segment can now benefit from our softswitch that address specific needs of this segment such as individual billing and tracking, PINless cards and lots more to give service providers control and end users extreme ease of use.

The residential VoIP use scenario varies in that the provider may offer his own equipment in the form of a route and Ethernet hub while the end user can use a telephone adapter and VoIP phone device. The best thing about Ecosmob class 5 softswitch for residential VoIP service providers is that it is plug and play and presents the least hassles at both ends. Another thing to note that development has taken care of making sure that the audio quality does not suffer due to bandwidth limitations or issues as happens in home internet lines. Cost of operation is reduced with this implementation, which means service providers can pass on benefits to residential users and become more competitive for local and international calls. There are various metering options such as monthly, pay as you go, contract and metered.

Security is another high point of Ecosmob softswitch for residential VoIP Service providers for whom the highest levels of protection are offered against any fraudulent use. It also protects their customers.

Ecosmob is committed, he said, to innovate and present radical solutions in VoIP segments in the coming future.

Submitted by:Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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