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Efficient and Smooth Operations: Our Aspiration for New Product Developments at TELES AG

Added: (Thu Oct 05 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Berlin, 04.10.2017 – For TELES AG, consistent improvements and user friendliness represent the most important requirements in their development work. Two new products have now been released on this R&D basis: The Tracer 1.0 and the Element Management System 4.0.

"Efficiency has become one of the most important keywords in our time," Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO at TELES AG explains. "Distributed systems are utilised in our field, meaning that to date it has been both time and cost intensive identifying and rectifying any problems that arise. But with the TELES Tracer 1.0, we have now created a product capable of bundling together and processing all of the information from differing sources and producing a complete over-view from this in one go – which of course massively simplifies and facilitates the analysis work."

The TELES Tracer 1.0 works in a manner similar to a virtually organised network. It is linked to all of the TELES components being used, and collects relevant data there. These data are then correlated and analysed appropriately, and presented on a wed-based user interface. The real-time transparency achieved by this minimises the maintenance and service outlays significantly and permits the immediately rectification of any problems or errors that occur, which in turn leads to substantially increased customer satisfaction at lower outlays.

A further resource that now allows TELES customers to simplify and facilitate their technical solutions is the expanded Element Management System (or EMS in short). This has already been used successfully for years in the TELES Softswitch solutions field. In the new version 4.0, it has been expanded and now also supports the TELES Voice Application Server.
"We’ve been producing communication solutions for such a long time now that let people connect up with each other and organise their workplaces flexibly – so it really is time we took this exact same basis as well when it comes to the administration and management tools for our own products. And with both of these products, the Tracer 1.0 and the EMS 4.0, major progress has been achieved in terms of user friendliness and flexibility," Oliver Olbrich points out convincingly.

Clients wishing to have more detailed information about one of the products will get an op-portunity to do so on 18 and 19 October in Berlin at this year’s international TELES Lounge. Over the two-day event, the focus is on the Cloud and All-IP Service Solutions. During the Lounge, numerous specialist talks as well as an expert panel discussion will be held. Fur-thermore, there will be opportunities at the event for exchanges with international represen-tatives from the industry. Should you wish to register for the TELES Lounge or have questions about it, please send an email to marketing@teles.com. Further information about the programme for the event is also available at www.teles.com/teles-lounge-october-2017.

About TELES AG: Since 1983, TELES AG has been a permanent component in the German technology sector. This has accorded it many years of stability, together with the unique ability to tap into the decisive body of knowledge that has developed with the many advances achieved in technology. TELES AG has consistently released numerous groundbreaking products for the telecommunication industry, with a focus especially on business customers and carriers. Whether these concern the ISDN TELES.PC card launched in the mid-1990s or our latest voice application server – at TELES AG the overriding design and development aspiration is to facilitate a more open and especially user-friendly world of work. Of course, important security aspects also pay a role in achieving this, as they become increasingly essential in an era when cloud solutions are gaining widespread usage across the market. Globally, TELES AG works together with more than 300 key customers and partners – with the opportunities for communication solutions that arise from this just as wide-ranging yet individual as the lives of the customers who then use these products.

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