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Club Med, the world leader in upscale, all-inclusive holidays is recruiting in the United Kingdom

Added: (Mon Feb 27 2012)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Club Med, the world leader in upscale, all-inclusive holidays is recruiting in the United Kingdom

Every year, Club Med welcomes 45,000 British people (5% of its customers) to its 75 resorts around the world. To meet the needs of this increasing number of customers, the group is seeking to step up its recruitment in the United Kingdom.
As a result, Club Med is launching its HR 2012 campaign, “Find the real you,” in this country to attract future English-speaking talent.

=> Club Med and its G.Os (Gentil Organisateur) are both unique concepts

Club Med, the inventor of “all-inclusive” holidays

Since 1950, Club Med has established itself the world over as the global specialist in upscale, multicultural tourism. Club Med is present in 40 countries and has 75 villages in 5 continents in addition to the cruise ship, Club Med 2.
The classification of accommodation in the resorts is represented by the trident symbol (three tridents for high quality service, four for upscale service and five for luxury service).

Since 2004, Club Med has undertaken significant qualitative upgrading in order to meet the new demands of its customers who are known as G.M (Gentil Membre).
This strategy has entailed a massive refurbishment of its resorts, the refocusing of its activity on four and five trident accommodation and the recruitment of international talent in line with the group’s new ambition.

Most of the resorts are in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region and so that is where recruitment is taking place

Key figures for 2011-2012
- 55 resorts
- Recruitment of 5,000 seasonal workers
- 100’s of types of jobs (hotels – restaurants, sports, leisure, spa, health, childcare, management and sales)
- Over 12,000 G.O and G.E (Gentil Employé) employed
- 23,000 appointments* per year

* placement & replacement of seasonal workers who stay for four seasons on average

The G.O: Club Med’s iconic figure

The position of G.O is a Club Med invention. Each G.O is unique and multi-lingual, and as an ambassador for the “Club Med Spirit,” he or she embodies the company’s five values, namely: kindness, freedom, pioneering spirit, responsibility and multiculturalism.
Their professionalism is just one aspect of their job. They also have a sense of service and give customers individual attention. Another highly appreciated quality is an artistic talent (singing, dance, theater, etc.).

=> 60 recruitments planned for the United Kingdom for the 2012 spring-summer season

A significant increase in British customers

Approximately 40% of Club Med’s resorts are “Smiley” resorts. This means that a large proportion of the customers are from the United Kingdom, Holland and Germany, etc.

Since 2007, Club Med has seen the number of British customers double in upscale resorts (four tridents) located in the Mediterranean basin (Portugal, Greece, Tunisia, Italy, France, Turkey and Egypt) and mountainous regions (Val Thorens, etc.) in winter.

In order to fully meet the needs of G.M from UK and provide them with a tailor-made welcome, Club Med integrates G.Os of the same nationality into its teams: the “Smiley” G.O.

Two types of priority employment areas for Smiley G.O recruitment

In accordance with Club Med positioning and as part of its qualitative upgrading, French-speaking British Smiley G.Os are a priority in these following sectors:
• Hotel and restaurant: receptionist, barman and public relations coordinator (preferred contact for British customers).
• Health and childcare: children’s club instructors for the petit-club (children aged 2 to 4) and instructors for the mini-club (activities for 4 to 17 year olds).

=> A life experience more than a job

Working at Club Med helps you develop professionally, personally and of course, your languages skills
• Doing your job differently
A Club Med experience offers all applicants an opportunity to develop their professional skills and expertise, discover themselves and work with others; they can also develop their employability or even forge a career within the company thanks to the supportive management of talents and skills. Independently of their past work experience, Smiley G.Os must have a good knowledge of French with excellent social and communication qualities (friendliness, dynamism, etc.).

• Proximity management
Smiley G.Os are thoroughly supported on a day-to-day basis by a dedicated HR manager (monitoring their integration, regular contact and meetings, career development, etc.).

• Facilitating career development and internal mobility
Smiley G.Os are talented individuals that the company wishes to retain and whose skills it wishes to develop. In order to do this, Club Med has put in place dedicated training for these people at its main global annual internal training meeting, the “Talent Campus”.
This work experience will also enable them to acquire solid professional and language skills that are recognized on the global employment market. For many G.Os, Club Med has been a real springboard for their career.

=> 15 recruitment sessions organized annually in the United Kingdom (London, Liverpool, Glasgow, etc.) and Ireland (Dublin)

Interested applicants are invited to apply via the Club Med HR site www.clubmedjobs.co.uk. If the applicant’s CV is selected, an initial interview by phone will be arranged. Applicants are then invited to attend a recruitment session held in the UK. Some recruitments may also be by video-conferencing (webcam).

On average, each session is attended by 6 to 12 applicants.
The morning involves a presentation of the company, its values, life in the resort, etc. and in the afternoon, recruiters interview the applicants individually. On average, Club Med hires 75% of the applicants met at recruitment sessions.

Upcoming recruitment sessions:
- 10/03/2012: Bilingual People Fair - Dublin, Ireland
- 28/03/2012: European Job Days, in partnership with EURES in Glasgow, Scotland
- October 2012 in London, England:
- Language Show
- Natives Ski Show
- Autumn Graduate Fair

Club Méditerranée is the inventor of the “holiday club” concept and the world leader in all-inclusive holidays. Club Med is present in 40 countries and has 75 resorts in five continents in addition to the cruise ship, Club Med 2.
Over 1,500 travel agencies via their direct and indirect distribution agencies distribute Club Med. The Europe-Africa Business Unit (the largest in the group, the others being North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific) numbers over 12,000 G.Os and G.Es, and manages some 23,000 seasonal employment assignments every year.
For further information, please go to www.clubmedjobs.co.uk or contact Pauline Richaud at 0033472591718 or at Pauline.richaud@tbwa-corporate-lyon.com.

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