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Easy USA Visa Renewal says Embassy

Added: (Fri Mar 02 2012)

Pressbox (Press Release) - For US visa renewal? Renew now your United States visa as USA visa renewals are now made much easier!
Renew now your US visa application with the help of National Visas and your USA visa application will be made quickly, simply, and with less hassle, employing the most appropriate custom-made approach in filing your American visa.
National Visas, known for delivering on-target Australian immigration advice and cost-effective services, now caters US Visa and ESTA Visa applications.
National Visas is constantly updated on the latest US visa info and reforms.
National Visas knows of the latest streamlining of the US visa renewals as part of the US government’s effort to ease the backlog of visa applicants across the world, making the United States more attractive to visit for foreign visitors.
As part of the White House’s new initiatives in promoting the United States as a premier destination for international travelers, US President Barrack Obama has ordered to improve and speed up visa renewals.
Under the new initiative, renewal applicants of US tourist visa or those under the category of B1/B2 type of visa, having an effectivity period of 5 or 10 years, may now qualify for the expedited process for visa renewal without undergoing another interview  provided that they were already interviewed and thoroughly screened in conjunction with a prior visa application, as well as the visa must also be renewed within 12 months from the date of the expiration.
Eliminating interviews for these applicants will save them time and money; thus, encouraging more visitors to choose the United States again as their tourism destination.
Moreover, the visa processing capacity in China and Brazil has been increased to 40% in the coming year. The President has also ordered to shorten the wait times for visa interviews around the world; thus, maximizing the number of visitors who have an opportunity to visit the United States. Visa applicants will now expect to be called for an interview within three weeks of requesting an appointment, as security and resource considerations permit.
With these knowledge and constant updating, National Visas is able to further expedite your visa renewal as National Visas will eliminate any obstacle that would reduce your chance of filing an accurate, properly thought-out US visa renewal application form.
National Visas knows the ins and outs and complexities of the US immigration and visa, removing the chance for mistakes and inaccuracies in your visa application and thus making sure that your visa application would be processed without a hitch, expediting your visa renewal.
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Submitted by:Katie Gillan
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