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Camping Gear can make the ideal gift

Added: (Tue Feb 21 2012)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Our family has been camping for as long as any of us can remember. We are so into it that it is not at all uncommon for us to give one another Camping Gear as gifts for the holidays. And planning for big trips, and small alike make for great family time.

If you are not a camper you may be questioning what it is that our family likes so much about it, and why in the world we would cherish camping gear. For starters, it is very refreshing to extricate ourselves from the norms of our daily world. All the crazy running around, frantic routines, and hectic paces can truly wear you down. The best way we know how to combat this is to revisit nature, and step away from that daily grind business.

By changing our environment, our activities, and even the way we eat, drink and sleep we access an escape from all that weighs upon us. And, we enter into a rejuvenating experience by observing how the birds, squirrels, butterflies, and other creatures go about simple living. We see clearly how, though when we are at home we believe we are the epicentre of the whole universe, that is a blatant untruth. Perspectives such as this are regained.

We turn away from the microwaves, ovens, stoves, espresso machines, toasters and all forms of electricity and turn to the campfire. Just that beautiful flickering flame provides everything needed for heating, and cooking. Our meals consist of items that can withstand the elements, and are supplemented by the fish we catch, and the other edibles we forage for and gather. Our beds are made of little more than the earth and a mere sleeping bag. Our swimming pools need no maintenance whatsoever, as they are the rivers, lakes and streams of the natural environment.

And just like that we go from a holiday that could be expensive to one that is therapeutic and rewarding. There are no spats over which restaurant we will dine in, or when we should plan to meet up for our meals. We are already together, and are appreciative for that humbling time spent collecting wood for the fire, setting up tents, and listening to all the animals starting their day before even dawn has set in.

One other thing that we did not expect to gain from our camping expeditions are strong friendships. While out in the woods we have met some unbelievably kind, and interesting people. The kind of folks that you wish were your neighbours back home. They have shared inspirational stories, shown us how to get even more from the camping experience, and given us tips on where to go on our next trip.

And so having said all of that I think you might catch a glimpse of why we believe these trips are what make for the good life. When the time to exchange gifts rolls around, and our next camping trip is still a ways off, camping gear brings a small reminder of what we have to look forward to.

Submitted by:Fiona
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